Tired from work? Clutter and chaos in the workplace?

Do you come home exhausted after a day of work? Is your work environment so chaotic that it causes stress? Do you get tired of all the mess? Due to the unworkable chaos at work, do you no longer know what to start with? Are there huge unread piles of files and papers on your desk or workplace? Do you never get anything done? Does the thought of having to go to work make you tired? How can we work smarter without becoming too busy?


How can we create order in a work environment that is so chaotic that it is no longer clear? By cleaning up! Cleaning up may take a day, but working through clutter takes longer. Clutter makes your workplace cluttered and you become exhausted from all that clutter. You spend a lot of time looking up things and things. Cleaning up is the only solution!


Don’t know how to clean up that huge pile of paper and files? By organizing them: put all those piles of paper and files in neat piles with a label like:

  • Urgent: deal now,
  • Read through!
  • Save and the most important:
  • Unimportant: throw it away or hand it over to a colleague.

By placing files directly in the correct stack, you no longer have to pass them through your hands 6 times. Your workplace is clear and you know where you stand.

Annoying jobs

Do you have to do a lot of jobs that you dread? Do these annoying jobs first thing in the morning: you will then be fresh and you can devote the rest of the day to the more fun jobs. You will feel more satisfied when you have completed the difficult and difficult jobs: that will give you courage for the rest of the working day!


Do you have a sedentary job? Do you have to spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer? Keep moving to combat exhaustion at the end of the workday! Walk to the printer, stretch your legs! Your blood circulation is better if you regularly (at least every hour and a half) step away from your computer. It also prevents back pain and mouse arm. Exercise really benefits your concentration!

To do list

Do you regularly find that at the end of the working day you remember that you still have important matters to deal with? Not smart and it costs you energy! Make a to-do list for yourself every day. Always put the important and urgent tasks at the top, with the difficult and difficult tasks below them, and save the most enjoyable tasks for last. Cross the tasks off the list so you can see how your work is progressing! This creates peace in your mind, so you will be less tired.

To start early

Do you regularly arrive late for work? Do you have the feeling that you are actually chasing the facts? Arrive earlier, better yet: arrive early for work (if possible!) because: an early start is half the battle. If it is still quiet at work early in the morning, you can draw up your to-do list in peace and get started on the difficult and urgent matters. Being late for work often makes you feel frustrated and that is a negative emotion that makes you tired. By starting on time (early!), you will not suffer from negative emotions!

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