How strong are you?

Many people will say that that is okay, but practice often shows otherwise. Many people pretend or appear to be on solid ground, but mentally collapse at the slightest thing. How can you boost your self-confidence?

Men and women are different

Men and women who are both on solid ground are often judged differently and although we all know that this is not good, it is the reality. Many women who are on their feet are often labeled as bitches or kenaus, especially in a business setting. While a man with the same qualities is looked up to and is known by many as a real guy and leader.

Woman wrongly assessed negatively

Unjustly? That’s for sure, but in practice. The woman who is on her feet would do well to simply remain a woman. Because many women who are going to make a career slowly become one of the boys and it doesn’t matter whether she wears a pencil skirt or a three-piece suit. The trick for a woman who is on her feet is to simply remain a woman. To make good use of a woman’s qualities and, above all, not to exhibit masculine behavior. Not only men do not like this, women also find it unpleasant and the bitch or kenau is quickly born. Moreover, as a woman you were not born as a man and therefore it is never natural behavior that you exhibit. The balance is not easy, but THE art of the confident woman.

Low self esteem?

But if you don’t have the self-confidence you would like to have, there are some things you can work on to give it a boost. Start by asking yourself whether you think you should be there. Answer honestly, because if you really think you can be there, the next question may be what you want to get out of life and what you want to bring. A third question is whether you are actively working on your life or whether things happen to you. If you feel you should not be there, it is a good idea to speak to a professional. There may be several issues going on that a professional can help you with.

Or elseā€¦

Assuming you think you can be there. Then look at the answers carefully, because it is important for the future. After all, how far have you come with what you as a person want to get and bring out of life. The people who report that things happen to them generally do not take control over their own lives. As a human being you always have one thing and that is to make a choice in life.

You choose something and you go in that direction, which also means that if you think everything is happening to you, you do not take control. You don’t choose, but let it happen, let it happen to you. Choosing can be about physical processes, but here it is about mental processes. You choose life and to do what you want or not. This does not mean that everything is always a success, but you do go in a certain direction that you have chosen. And there may be some bumps in the road, but bumps are there to overcome them and then come out stronger. And that is an important start to feeling more confident.

Physical process

What can help in this process is how your body behaves, which often helps considerably to the outside world. A few tips:

  • Do not make jerky movements, but always move calmly and smoothly and do not act unexpectedly. Adopt the same rhythm when you say something and, on balance, give yourself plenty of time for whatever you do.
  • Take up more space than your body needs. Sit nice and wide, take that seat. Move the chair a bit, etc. Some people even remain standing when others sit down, but this is not always convenient.
  • If you choose to stand, stand wide and firm on your legs, with your legs slightly apart. Pay attention, especially to men, who stand with their legs slightly apart.
  • Laugh along heartily, but only if there is something really amusing going on. The nervous laughs are very recognizable in most people.



If you are not too confident, the physical process can certainly help, but start with the mental process. This has nothing to do with being an extrovert or introvert, but purely how you see yourself. If you are allowed to be there, if you stand by what you say, then act accordingly. Also think less in advance whether people are interested in your opinion. If you want to give your opinion about something, do so. Speak calmly, with flowing movements and thoughtfully.
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