Typical relationship tests

We love each other, but do we really belong together? Do we dare to enter into a relationship and can we enter into a relationship? In a relationship you sometimes ask each other these questions and you want answers before you take an important step together. Typical relationship tests that arise in daily life are described in this article.

To do odd jobs

Doing odd jobs is the ideal way to test the relationship. While doing odd jobs, you can see how handy the other person is, whether the other person can work together and, above all, whether the other person ‘can handle a lot’. Small problems when doing odd jobs often occur and experiencing how the other person reacts to them lays the foundation for a future together.

Doing errands or shopping

A simple activity such as going grocery shopping or shopping together can say a lot about the other person and you together. What choices do you make, what does the other person make, what do you want to spend a lot of money on and does the other person agree with this? These are all things about which you may have a completely different opinion than your partner. If you come out of this together, this says something about your agreements, your empathy and your love for each other.

Bad luck on the way

When you have a breakdown on the road together, you find yourself in an exciting and unwanted situation. The reaction of both of you and the combination of different solution strategies will say a lot about the further course of your relationship.

Go on holiday

On holiday you can relax, be yourself and enjoy yourself. But this is also possible, and your other person gives you the opportunity to do so. Do you feel comfortable and experience the fun things you had in mind together? Travel together, even if it’s just for a weekend. Getting away together is really the way to get a good picture of the other person and you together.


Camping is also going on holiday, but it should really be mentioned separately. When camping, space is much more limited and the weather, environment and other circumstances determine the atmosphere of the time together. Especially if one is an avid enthusiast, it is a huge relationship test for the other.

Living together on a trial basis

Living together is a step that is so important that people start thinking about the love between each other. Try living together, as many do at the weekend, is the way to test real life together. How does the other person behave when you are around 24 hours a day, what qualities are you very happy with and what would you rather see? How do you feel about the other person and what does the other person bring out in you? Ask these questions to yourself and each other to experience the relationship more consciously and enjoy what you have more . Or not…

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