Barack Obama quotes: famous and comical sayings, quotes

American President Barack Obama, born in 1961, became the American presidential candidate of the Democratic Party on June 3, 2008. ‘The black Kennedy’, as the former senator is also called because of his charisma, successfully competed against party colleague Hillary Clinton and the Republican John McCain. Obama managed to distinguish himself – also as president … Read more

Why are so many people afraid of spiders and snakes?

Many people are afraid of spiders. We are not talking about large hairy tarantulas here, but about common cross spiders or even harvestmen. These spiders are completely harmless and these people usually know that themselves. Yet they cannot control their fear when they see a spider walking. Fear of snakes is also common, although most … Read more

The Secret: Your wish is my command

You will find the book on all bestseller lists in the world and even in the most average bookstore the beautiful cover of ,The Secret, smiles invitingly at you. Your wish is my command ,The Secret,, the book by author Rhonda Byrne with several American success gurus as co-authors, has now been bought and, we … Read more

Social and cultural anthropology

Social and cultural anthropology: what does this branch of the social sciences entail? What exactly does an anthropologist do and what sets him apart from other social scientists? In this article you will find information about, among other things, the different disciplines within anthropology and the possibilities and perspectives on the labor market. Social and … Read more

Emoticons or Smileys

Everyone knows them, the small smiling faces that are often used in, among other things, MSN conversations, text messages and emails. These faces are called smileys or emoticons and consist of a picture or a series of punctuation marks or letters. An article about the history, usefulness, and different types of smileys and emoticons. History … Read more

Compulsive disorders

Everyone checks themselves sometimes. Did you really turn off that light? Is that door really locked? It is very normal to walk back to check, even though you actually know that you have done it. Things become different when it becomes compulsive, you walk back not once but 5 times and, for example, you open … Read more

Psychopathy and the Hare Checklist (PCL-R)

When we hear the word psychopath, we usually think of the cold murderer who kills his victim in a gruesome manner with visible pleasure. Nothing could be further from the truth, not every cold killer is a psychopath and not every psychopath kills. General In psychiatry, opinions are divided about the terms psychopath and antisocial … Read more

Burnout & Burnout test

Burnout means burned out. Burnout is a response to both physical and psychological exhaustion, mainly due to long-term stress. This is often accompanied by tension, vulnerability, sensitivity, irritability or sadness. Burnout patients often formulate it as: ‘a battery that is really empty’, ‘a rubber band that has been stretched further and further until the stretch … Read more

Passive-Aggressive Personality

Everyone sometimes has to do something against their will and no one does it willingly and with great pleasure. However, if a person always complains and claims to be the victim of malicious intent, has problems with authority, and is unreasonable in his or her ever-changing wishes or demands, he or she may have a … Read more

Depressive Personality

Self-criticism is never a bad thing and when you have done something wrong you need to know your responsibilities. However, if someone suffers from an extremely negative self-image and blames themselves for everything, they may have a depressive personality. General People with a depressive personality are extremely pessimistic and have an overly critical attitude towards … Read more