High sensitivity

An HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) is someone who is more sensitive to impressions than most people. These people are often very caring but also often live in their own world. HSPs are often sensitive to environmental factors such as moods, smells, tastes, bright lights and loud sounds. 15 to 20% of people are highly sensitive … Read more

How do I survive a nuclear disaster?

Although nuclear power stations in the Low Countries are very safe, calamities can always occur that result in a nuclear disaster. Floods, earthquakes or terrorist attacks can cause the release of radioactive material. In such a case, we as citizens must be able to act quickly to ensure that we and our families are not … Read more

Moral decisions are made by our brain

Moral decisions involving dilemmas present us with difficult choices. The choices are determined by processes in our brain. Emotion and thinking areas in the brain influence each other. The processes between these areas are highly dependent on the way we are programmed. Once a choice has been made, we explain afterwards, in words, why we … Read more

What do Anglican Church Christians believe?

The Anglican Church is a world church. It originated in England in the sixteenth century and from there spread to much of the world. The Church of England is the mother church within the Anglican Communion. The Anglican Church sees itself as a church that stands between the Roman Catholic Church and Protestantism in terms … Read more

Immanuel Kant: Philosopher

Kant tried to find a middle ground between rationalism, i.e. using human reason and reasoning to gain knowledge, and empiricism, i.e. using experiences to gain knowledge. Kant caused a revolution with his philosophy, before Kant philosophers talked about either objects or our perception of them. Kant said that it is precisely the point where these … Read more