Tanning beds and sunbathing dangerous?

During the dark winter days or after a holiday to maintain our tan, we like to use the sunbed. We get a beautiful tan from the tanning bed, but do we pay a high price for it in terms of health? It is common knowledge that sitting in the sun for too long is not good for us. In addition to simply burning, too much sun can also have long-term negative consequences for the human body. More and more people are developing breast cancer due to too much sun. In addition to the real sun, the tanning bed also has the same negative consequences without everyone being aware of it.

To burn

The cause of the biggest problems with sunbathing and the tanning bed lies in the fact that we burn. In itself, sunbathing or using a sunbed is not dangerous or unhealthy, but you must ensure that you do not damage your skin by exposing yourself to the sun for as long as you burn.


Sunscreen ensures that you burn less quickly, but does not prevent it completely. Despite using sunscreen, you must remain alert to the strength of the sun.

Good advice

A good tanning salon that offers tanning beds will always provide advice and explanation about the use of the tanning bed. If you use a sunbed for the first time, it is wise not to stay under it for too long. As you get used to the sunbed, you can stay under the sunbed longer. Nevertheless, make sure you are well informed before using the sunbed.

Advantages of tanning bed above the sun

A major advantage of the tanning bed above the sun is that you can better control the amount and time. If you are sunbathing outside on the beach you have much less control.

Holiday preparation

Another important advantage of the tanning bed is that it can be a perfect preparation for your holiday. If you are going on holiday to a sunny country and you have not been able to sit in the sun in the Netherlands for a while, it is smart to visit a tanning salon. Using a sunbed not only tans your skin, but also ensures that you are less likely to burn while on holiday.

Sunbathing healthy

It should not be forgotten that sunbathing is not only unhealthy. Sunbathing can also be healthy if done correctly. Sunlight not only ensures the production of the well-known vitamin D, but is also a good remedy for eczema, pimples and psoriasis. Sun is not only good for the body, but also for the mind. Research has shown that sunlight removes depressive feelings by triggering the production of hormones.

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