Stay-at-home mom

There is still a fierce battle going on between working mothers and stay-at-home mothers. Why? Why does one person want to make things so difficult for the other? Why do women want to work? Why do women want to stay home?

Working mothers and stay at home mothers

In the Netherlands, many families consist of one and a half earners. Dad works 5 days and mom 3. The children go to the babysitter, after-school care, and are therefore ,under roof,. Well organised! Or not? A growing group of women are consciously choosing to stay at home with their children. They are usually highly educated women who put their careers on hold. They want to stay at home for a few years and then move back in. Why would you choose to stay home?

Why home?

  • You give your children peace and regularity.
  • You are always there.
  • You can develop yourself in completely different areas.
  • You can do volunteer work, for example at school.
  • You can build another social network.
  • You teach your children that the household is also an organization.
  • You teach your children that as a person you always have a choice: whether or not to work outside the home.

Many women do not want or cannot do this. Stop! There is no one who says you have to stay home for your children. In fact, it has been shown that children are happy when their parents are happy too. So do the things that make you happy! So also pursue a career if that makes you happy!

Before you stay home

If you are considering staying home with your children, you will need to consider a few things:

  • Financial. Are we going to survive on 1 salary?
  • Is this the right decision for me personally?
  • Can my partner support it?


Saving tips

When you are at home with your children, you usually have to survive on 1 salary in the beginning. Maybe these tips will help you:

  • Make as much yourself as possible. That saves a lot of money.
  • Take everything people give you.
  • Take a look at sites where you can pick up everything for free.
  • Read the supermarket offers carefully.
  • Plan a weekly menu according to those offers.
  • Go to the market for fruit and vegetables, but also for clothes.
  • Cook for several times at a time.
  • Make your own gifts for Santa Claus, but also for birthdays.


And then?

Then comes the day when you are officially a stay-at-home mom! Hurrah! A new phase is dawning. It takes on average a year before you are completely at home in your new role. And whether you decide to go back to work after that year or not: enjoy it! Enjoy helping your children with anything and everything. Do fun things with them! Take good care of yourself and your partner. Book a weekend away together. Enjoy this phase while you can.

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