Names and Meaning – First Names for Boys & Girls with XYZ

First names and meaning. Names with an X, Y and Z. Old, classic names, fun, beautiful and original first names. Names such as Xander, Many boys’ names and also girls’ names of various origins, in different variants, derivations and languages. An extensive list of names plus their meanings. Name explanations of first names with the X, Y and Z can be found in this article.




























First Names and Meaning – Girl Names and Boy Names – Names with X – Y and Z



Xandrine – Protector

(derivation, see Alexandra )

, Xaverine – The Splendid (Arabic geafar) or New Home, house


( Indian)

Xena, Xenia,

Xenos – The Stranger (Greek


of the forest (derivation, see Sylvia)

Xynthia – see Cynthia


First Names and Meaning – Boy Names and Girl Names – Names with the letter Y


Yael, Y aël, Yaëlle – God’s strength, Capricorn (Hebrew)

Yakima – He who took hold of the heel, he repressed (Arabic derivation, see Jacob)

Yalanda – Violet, flower (derivation, see Yolande)

Yalena, Yalenka – Torch, The shining one , beautiful (Slavic derivation, see Helena)

Yamelia – Eagerly struggling (American derivation, see Amelia)

Yamila, Yamal, Jamal – Beautiful, Beauty (Arabic)

Yamina – Jasmine, flower (see Jasmina)

Yamka – Beautiful Flower (Indian, Hopi)

Yana, Yanaika, Yanko, Yanic, Yanica, Yanick, Yanis, Yanisha, Yannica, Yannick, Yann, Yanna, Yannai, Yanniek, Yannina, Yannique – Yahweh is gracious (Slavic derivation, see John)

Yara – Seagull (Aboriginal)

Yaramir, Yara, Yaromir, Jaromir – Impetuous character, Famous for courage (Slavic)

Yas mina, Yasmine, Yasemin, Yasmin, Yasminda, Yasminde, Yasmien, Yasmieneke – Jasmine (Persian)

Yazhi, Yashi – The Little One (Indian, Navajo)

Yda – Of noble descent (derivation, see Adelheid)


Yela, Yelena – Torch, The Shining One (derivation, see Helena)

Yenna, Yenne – Yahweh is gracious

Yentl – Kind, Of Good Birth

Yepa – The Woman of the Snow (Native American, Cherokee)

Yera – Basque derivation, see Maria

Yesenia – The Flower (Arabic)

Yessica – She who looks for God (diversion, see Jessica)


Yf, Yfke – Yew (Christian symbol for eternal life) (Celtic), see Yvo

Yinthe – Yahweh is gracious

Yke – Cutting Sword, The famous (Germanic)

Ylana, Ylanda – Violet, flower (derivation, see Yolanda)

Ylona – Torch, the radiant (a diversion, see Ilona)

Ylva, Ilva – Noble commodity (Slavic)

Yme, Ymke – Great, great, Honey bee or bee swarm


Yoanique, Yoann, Yoanna, Yohana, Yohanka – Yahweh is merciful (derivation, see John)

Yoica – Warrior with arrows (derivation from Jodocus)

Yoka – Yahweh is merciful

Yoki – Rain, shower (Indian, Hopi)

Yola, Yolan – Violet, flower (derivation, see Yolanda)

Yolanda, Yolande, Yolantha, Yolanthe, Yolinde, Jolande, Jolantha, Jolanthe – Violet (Latin viola)

Yoni, Yonina, Yonit, Yonita – Derivation, see Johannes, Jonathan

Yong – Courageous, brave

Yora – Editor of the earth (derivation, see George)

Yoran – Yahweh is exalted (see also Joran)

Yordi, Youri, Yuri, Yora – Cultivator of the earth (see George)

Yori – Reliable (Japanese)

Yorick – Friend of the wild boar (Germanic)

Yoshi – Venerable, Venerable, Good (Japanese)


Yrsa – Berin (Iceland)

Ysbrand – Iron sword (Germanic)

Yteke – Derivation, see Ida

Ytske – Of noble descent (Frisian derivation of Ide: worker)

Yudit, Yudita – Woman from Judea (derivation, see Judith)

Yulene The youth, Sacred to Jupiter – (Basque derivation, see Julia)

Yvanca, Yvanka – Yahweh is gracious (Hungarian derivation, see Johannes)

Yves, Yvette, Yve, Yveline, Yvo, Yvon, Yvonne – Arch of Taxusho ut


First Names and Meaning – Boy Names and Girl Names – Names with the letter Z


Zabrina, Zabrine – Dropper (derivation, see Sabrina)

Zacharias, Zacharias, Zachary, Zachy – Yahweh Remembers (Hebrew)

Zafirah – Sapphire (derivation, see Sapphira)

Zahra – Beautiful, radiant (Arabic)

Zainab – Beautiful, handsome or Fragrant tree ( Arabic)

Zala, Zale, Zalia – Rose, thorn bush (derivation, see Rosalie)

Zalika – Of Royal descent (Swahili)

Zaltana, Zaltane – High mountain (Indian)

Zander, Zandra – Protector (derivation, see Sander and Sandra)

Zanna – Yahweh is gracious (Spanish derivation, see John)

Zannie, Zanne, Zanny – Lily (derivation, see Suzanne)

Zantha, Zanthe – Blonde (derivation, see Xanthe)

Zara, Zarah, Zarita – Princess (derivation, see Sara)

Zasha – Protector (Russian derivation, see Sacha)


Zef, Zep, Zefys, Zjef, Zeva – Distraction, see Joseph

Zephaniah, Zefanya – God Protects (Hebrew)

Zefyrina, Zefyrinus, Zephier, Zephyrina – Storm or wind (Greek )

Zeger, Zegher, Zegerdina, Zegerina – Distraction, see Sieger

Zelda – Gray-haired warrior (English derivation, see Griselda)

Zelena, Zelene, Zelina – Moon, shining like the moon (derivation, see Selena)

Zelia – Sunshine, the sunny one (Spanish)

Zel la – The little warrior (derivation, see Marcellus, Marcus)

Zena, Zenah, Zenia, Zeno, Zenon, Zino, Zinon – Gift of Zeus (Greek)

Zenobius, Zenobia, Zenovia – Life of Zeus (Greek)

Zerina – Calm, cheerful, bright (distraction, see Serena)

Zerli na – Beautiful dew (drop) (Spanish)

Zeva – Yahweh grant increase (derivation, see Joseph)


Ziena, Ziene – Queen (derivation, see Regina)

Ziggy – Victory, peace (Germanic)

Zihna – Weaving, woven (Indian, Hopi)

Zina – The powerful one with the spear , Victor of the people (Germanic)

Zippora – Little bird (Hebrew )

Ziska, Zisca – Frenchman (German derivation, see Franciscus)

Zita, Zitta – Happy state, Girl, Fast (Italian, French)

Ziva – Bright (Hebrew)

Zlata, Zlatan, Zlatka – Gold ( Slavic)


Zoe, Zoë, Zoé – Life (Greek zooé: life)

Zofia – Wisdom of life (Slavic derivation, see Sofia)

Zondra – Protector (derivation, see Sandra)

Zora, Zohra, Zorya – Morning, Splendor (Arabic)

Zorana, Zoran, Zori, Zorina, Zorine, Zorn a – Sultan (Slavic)

Zosimus, Zosima – The Vigorous (Greek)

Sister, Zuske – Sister (Frisian)

Zwanie, Zwaan, Zwaantje – Singing, Giving Tone (Germanic)


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