Names and Meaning – First Names for Boys & Girls with UVW

First names with the letters U, V, W. Names such as Udo, Umberto and Ulani (cheerful – Polynesian), Valentijn and Valda, Veronica, Varsha (Indian), Ward, Wesley or Wessel. Names of various origins and origins, in all kinds of variants plus meaning or name explanation. Do you want to know what your first name means or are you looking for a beautiful or nice baby name, a popular boy’s name or girl’s name? Here you can find old, classic and modern, special or nice first names and derivatives with a U, V or W.




























First Names and Meaning – Girl Names and Boy Names – Names with a U – V and W


Ubele – Beautiful wolf, Resplendent by its inheritance

Udine, Udo – Heritage (derivation from Ode)

Uginia – Wise (derivation, see Hugo)

Ulani – Cheerful (Polynesian)

Ulima – Shrewd, wise (Arabic)

Ulinda, Olinda – From the city of Olinthos (Greek)

Ulrich, Uli, Ulrica, Ulrika, Ulrike – Powerful through inheritance (derivation from Oldrik)

Umberto – Shining through his mind

Ukyssa, Ulysses – Greek hero (Latin name for the Greek hero Odysseus)

Uljana – The youth, Dedicated to Jupiter (Slavic derivation, see Julius)

Undine – Wave, Water Spirit (German)

Unice – Good Victory (English derivation of Eunice)


Urania – Heaven (Greek)

Uria – My light is Yahweh (Hebrew)

Uriel, Urielle – Fire of God (French)

Urika – Usable for everyone (Native American, Omaha)

Ursul, Ursula, Ursule, Ursina, Ursola, Ursuline, Ula, Ule , Ulla, Uschi – Bear ( Latin ursus: bear)

Uta – Beautiful Poem (Japanese)

Ute, Utske – Heritage, wealth possession (Frisian derivation Germanic Od)

Utina – Woman of my country (Indian)


First Names and Meaning – Boy Names and Girl Names – Names with the letter V


Vail, Vayle – Vallei (English)

Valentinus, Valentius, Valentijn, Valentin, Valentine, Velten, Valentina, Valentine, Valee, Valena, Valene, Velora – The Healthy, powerful or strong (Latin valens: strong and influential)

Valerius, Val, Valeer, Valere, Valera, Valeri, Valerie, Valerien, Valérienne, Valery, Valerian, Valérie, Valarie, Waleri, Valeria, Valesca, Valeska, Valisha, Vally, Valora, Valory – To be strong, to have influence (Latin valere: to be strong, influence)

Valda, Velda – The Renowned Ruler (derivation , see Waldemar)

Valonia, Valona – Shadowed Valley (Latin)

Valkyra – Servant of Odin (Germanic mythological God)

Vana, Vanuela – Rose (Spanish)

Vandita – The Slav (derivation , see Wanda)

Vanessa, Vanesha, Vanisa, Vanissa, Vanna, Vannie, Venn essa – Invented name (Jonathan Swift ‘Cadenus and Vanessa’)

Vania, Vanina, Vanja, Vanya – Yahweh is gracious (derivation, see Ivan, Jeanne, Johannes)

Vanity – The Vain, vanity (English)

Vanora – White wave (Welsh)

Varsha – Rain or year (Indian)

Varv ara, Varenka, Varinka – Stranger (derivation, see Barbara)


Veerle – Traveling warrior (derivation of Farahilde)

Velika – Miraculous (Slavic)

Velta – Falcon (Frisian derivation of Felt)

Venance, Venanca – Huntress (English)

Venne, Venna – With a courageous spirit, Daredevil

Vera, Vera, Veria, Weram Verla – Truth, Faith, trust (Latin veritas: truth, Russian wjera: trust)

Vere – The peace-loving

Verena, Verine, Verina, Verinka, Vreni – She who is in awe, The Shrinking (Latin )

Veria – New house (derivation from Xavier )

Verlene – Distraction, see Veronica and Lena Veronica

, Veroni, Veronika, Verinica, Verna, Verona, Veroni, Veronia, Veronik, Veronika, Veronique, Veronka, Vonnie, Fronika, Vroon, Vroni, Vronica, Vronie – The victor, the victor , The true image (of Christ) (Greek pherenike)

Veruschka – Faith, trust (Slavic derivation, see Vera)

Veva, Viefke – Woman of noble lineage (derivation, see Genoveva)


Vianca – White, White (Spanish derivation , see Bianca)

Vianney, Vianette, Vianna, Vianne – Place name, Road (French)

Vica, Vicka – Victory (derivation, see Victoria)

Victor, Victorinus, Vick, Viktor, Vittorio, Victorien, Victoria, Victorina, Vicky, Victoire, Victorine, Viki, Vita – The Victor , victory (Latin vincere)

Viene – Yahweh grant increase (derivation, see Joseph)

Vienna – From Vienna (city of Vienna)

Vieve – Woman of noble family (derivation van Genoveva)

Vigelmina, Vilema, Vilma – Strong-willed protector (Slavic derivation , see Wilhelm)

Vina, Vinique, Vinisha – Derivation, shortened pet name of Davina, Lavina, Alvina

Vinanda, Vinande – Brilliant in battle (derivation, see Wijnand)

Vincent , Cent, Centinus, Vincentius, Vinzenz, Vinny, Centa, Vincentia, Vinciana, Vinc iane – The Victorious (Latin vincere: victor)

Viola, Violet, Violetta, Violette, Vilette, Violaine – Violet, plant name (Latin viola: violet)

Vira – derived from Vera, Elvira

Virgilius, Vergilius, Virgil, Virgile, Virge – Youthful man ( Latin virga: green twig)

Virginia, Vir, Virge, Virgine, Ginny, Virginie, Virna – Virgin, girl, damsel (Latin virgo: girl or virgin)

Viviana, Viviane, Bibiana, Bibiane, Vivian, Vita, Viva, Vivanna, Vivanne, Vivette, Vivi, Vivien, Vivy, Viv, V if – Lively (Latin vivus: alive)

Voline – Derivation of Veronica and Caroline


First Names and Meaning – Boy Names and Girl Names – Names with the letter W


Waldemar, Wald, Wladimir, Woldemar, Valdemar, Valde, Valda – The Famous Ruler (Germa anse wald: rule and mar: renowned, famous)

Walter, Walther, Walt, Wally, Wolter, Wouter, Waldo, Gaultier, Gauthier, Valter – Ruler of the army, Army Commander (Germanic wald: rule and re: army)

Wanda – The Slavic

Ward – Protector or guardian of the heritage (Germanic wart: watchman)


Wenceslaus, Wenzel, Vencylar – The Glory-winning (Slavic vence: wreath and slava: fame)

Wendel, Wendela, Wendeline, Wendeltsje, Guendelina – Germanic folk name (the People of the Vandals)

Wendy – Fantasy name, probably derived from Wendela (Peter Pan : Friendy-Wendy)

Werner, Warnar, Warner, Werner, Verner, Vernier, Werna – The Protector, guardian of the army, The Watcher (Germanic war: guard, guardian and her: eger)

Wessel – Protector of the army

Wesley, Wesly – Western meadow


Wibe, Wiebe – Warrior (Short name Germanic wîg: battle)

Wichard, Wiard, Wichert, Wieger – Hardened warrior (wedge: battle and hard: strong, hardened)

Wick, Wiek, Wieke – Warrior for loot

Widekind, Wedekind , Wittekind – Child of the forest (Germanic wide: forest and child: child)

Wieneke – Friend, Dove (Germanic win: friend)

Wies, Wiesje, Wieske – Wise in all respects, Glorious warrior, Warrior for loot

Wietse, Wietske – Warrior in the wide forest (Germanic wîg: battle, widu: forest and wîdha: wide, far)

Wigbold, Wibald, Wibolt, Wigbolt, Wiebout – Brave warrior (Germanic wedge: battle and bald: brave)

Wijnand – Brave in battle (Germanic)

Wil, Wilja – The Strong-willed protector (Germanic wilja: will , wish)

Wilbert, Wilbertus, Willibert, Wilbertina – Shining through willpower (Germanic will: will and brecht: beautiful, radiant)

Wilco, Wilko – The Will, wish (Pet’s name, Germanic wilja: will, wish)

Wilfried, Wilfred, Wilfrid, Wilfreda, Wilfrieda – He who wants peace, wishes (Germanic wil: will and fried: peace)

Wilhar – Combination of Willem (the strong-willed protector) and Harry (the mighty of the place of residence, of high descent) (Germanic)

Wilhelm, Pim, Wiel, Wil, Wilhelmus, Willem, Willy, Wim, Wilhe lm, Bill, William, Guillaume, Guglielmo, Wilhelmina, Wil, Helma, Willemien, Willemijn, Willie, Willeke, Wilma, Wilna, Guillaumette – The strong-willed protector (Germanic will: will and helmet: protector, coverer)

Willibrord, Brord, Wilbert, Willebrord, Wil librordus – The strong-willed Spear Warrior (Germanic will: will and brord: spearhead)

Wimer – The man in the battle, The famous, powerful in battle, The fighting man

Winand, Wienand, Wijnand, Nanda, Nans, Winanda, Win – Friend, Courageous Friend (Germanic e win/wini: friend and nand: dare, dare)

Winfried, Winfred , Winfried, Winnifred, Fred, Freda – Friend of Peace (Germanic win: friend and fred: peace)

Winona, Winone, Wanona – The firstborn (Germanic)

Winston, Winnie – Stone of Wine or Friend ( composition win: friend and stone : stone. Stone of Wine, Old English wine: friend)

Wisse, Wis, Wisje, Wiske – The Good (Germanic wisu: good)

Wladimir, Vladimir – The famous ruler (Slavic derivation Germanic wald: rule and mar: renowned, famous )


Wolfgang, Wolf – Going to battle like a wolf (Germanic vulf: wolf and gang: going to battle)

Wolfram, Wolfran, Wulfram – Brave as a wolf and Wise as a ram (Germanic vulf: wolf and raven: raven)

Wolter, Wout , Wouter – Ruler of the empty r

Wybren – Warrior like a bear, Battle sword

Wytske – Warrior in the wide forest (see Wietse, Wietske)


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