Tips for your first date or appointment

The time has finally come. You feel nervous and excited. It is not important who comes to who, or whether you have agreed to meet on neutral ground, the question is how to act during a first date or appointment.

The most important thing at a first meeting is to get to know each other better

Therefore, a successful first meeting will usually involve a good conversation and not take place during adventurous or extreme activities. If the weather is nice you can buy an ice cream and take a walk in a park or on the beach or even sit on a bench in the moonlight and talk to each other in a romantic setting.

If the weather does not permit, you will probably stay indoors. A first meeting at one of you can be unpleasant for the other because the guest does not know the other yet and will therefore not be completely at ease. The receiving party may also feel uncomfortable with the visit and the release of his or her privacy. That’s why the most obvious places for a first date are a bar, café or a restaurant. Here are some suggestions and ideas to help you find the best place for your first date:


On your first date you want to get to know the person you are meeting better, the best way is to talk to each other. Places with loud music or places that are crowded may require you to speak loudly or even shout so you risk not hearing each other, which could ruin your date.


When you have your first appointment, make sure there is sufficient lighting so that you can observe your partner’s expressions and gestures. A dark environment can ruin the atmosphere you’re trying to create.


Even if you can afford to choose a fancy location and plan to pay for your date, your date may not feel comfortable in an atmosphere that is too luxurious. First dates can be stressful enough, don’t give your date yet another reason to worry about it.


Don’t visit a very trendy place. These locations are generally too crowded, and can spoil the intimacy of your first date.

The best location for a first meeting is probably a café, it is usually quiet, pleasant and allows you to stay as long as you want without having to spend a huge amount of money.

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