The major consequences of bullying

When people hear the word ‘bullying’ they often think of swearing or making fun of them on the schoolyard, but nowadays bullying goes much further than that. Bullying is no longer a game where someone is the loser and it no longer only occurs among children at school, but also among adults, neighbors and family members. Bullying is not an innocent way to pass the time, but it leaves its mark in an ‘annoying’ way, to say the least. Bullying has major consequences! Do you know those people who sometimes point at you, laugh at you or play an annoying joke on you? Everyone has to deal with this kind of ‘harmless nonsense’ sometimes. But what would happen to you if this happened to you day in and day out? How would you feel? What would it do to your self-esteem? This article is not only for people who are bullied, but also for people who bully themselves, perhaps to keep their own heads above water, out of boredom or to maintain their reputation. Always remember that others are different, just like you. Bullying is not a game, but a sick way of hurting.

Children are bullied at every school, in every class. Bullying is not just laughing or swearing. Bullying today goes further than that. Bicycles are destroyed, school supplies are stolen and hidden, there is kicking and hitting and everything is done to keep the self-esteem of certain people as low as possible. Children with glasses, braces or red hair already have a greater chance of being bullied and that chance increases ten times more if they are also shy and do not dare to stand up for themselves. It is far too often claimed that these children are the ones to blame for bullying, but this is of course nonsense. Glasses are not a choice, but a tool to see better. Red hair is not a choice unless you want to change yourself and dye it to avoid bullying. In most cases, the red freckles reveal the color of your hair. Braces provide a better calling card for later, when you have straight and shiny teeth in your mouth and you are shy, oh well, that’s how you are, you can’t do anything about that, right?

Ask a bully why he bullies. They often stand with their mouths full of teeth, their hands in their pockets and staring at the ceiling. Or you get an empty answer like: ‘because everyone bullies that person.’
But what if everyone used that excuse, purely bullying because someone else is doing it too. Isn’t it true that if one person stops, the rest will too? Precisely because that one person doesn’t do it either?
Bullying is not fun and certainly not funny, it is nothing more than an idle pastime. They have nothing better to do and want to keep their popularity high. Put them in the shoes of the person who is screwed every day for a day and they will immediately collapse. They can’t have anything without the group of bullies behind them.

A child who is bullied a lot and comes home from school crying every day is transferred to another class or even another school, but unfortunately this makes no sense at all. The bullying immediately starts again, not because the new children know that it has always been bullied, but because the child is already vulnerable and shy for fear of being bullied again. It never makes sense to go to another school or sports club. Work on the child who has been bullied first, have him or her take an assertiveness course and only place him or her in another group when you are sure that the child is also sure about it.
People who were bullied a lot as children often suffer from this for the rest of their lives. Difficulty applying for jobs, difficulty with conversations in larger groups and difficulty with new situations. They remain vulnerable for the rest of their lives and will always carry the pain of youth with them. Many of these types of people end up in therapy or treatment with a social worker, where they are taught nothing other than to simply put the past behind them and deal with it. a clean slate to move on. Throw the baggage off your back and shoulders, shake it loose and walk into the future with your head held high… Yes, yes…

Adults often laugh when they tell who they bullied in the past and why that might have been the case . They have no idea what they did to the victim and that after so many years these people still can’t laugh about it. Sometimes bullying has such a major impact on the victim’s life that at a certain point he/she wants revenge. How often do we see on the news that there has been a massacre in schools? And how many of these perpetrators were victims of years of bullying? They first kill their enemies (at that time) and then kill themselves to prevent them from being bullied further in prison. Isn’t it too ridiculous for words that someone is so emotionally destroyed that they are able to do something like this, which often also affects innocent victims?

Bullying is no longer just a game for children. In the workplace, for example, it is also happening more and more often. Are these people afraid that the colleague will be promoted before them? Or that they have to give up their place to this person? What is the point of bullying? Bullying often happens because everyone else does it too and not because people simply don’t like the victim. In fact, in most cases we know nothing at all about the character of the victim. They have no idea who this person is, what this person does in life and what this person might mean to them. Car tires are punctured, or the paint is scratched with the most terrible statements. What did the car do to them? The damage is paid out by the insurance anyway, so it costs the victim nothing in most cases.
It is more about the fact that in that case this person will have to take the trouble to take the car to the garage and have the car repaired, while this would not have been necessary.

Among adults, it is sometimes enough to know that someone is homosexual, has an illegitimate child or was born in another country. But does this also give you the right to attack someone for that? They think so, the victims think not. There is a lack of respect for each other, people can no longer empathize with the feelings of others because that may take some effort or time. When will it dawn on us that bullying produces absolutely nothing positive, for either the victim or the perpetrators? When do we start thinking: ‘what are we doing?’ and when will it end?
Bullying will always exist, but the more respect we try to show for someone who is ‘different’, the better we will understand that everyone is different. Not just him or her, but you too! Would you like to be bullied because you are not homosexual? Because you don’t have red hair, glasses or braces? What if everyone had that except you? Wouldn’t you be proud if you did have braces? Therefore, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT SOMEONE ELSE IS DIFFERENT! ! !

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