How do you know if a woman likes you?

Finding a partner, a life companion with whom you are happy and can start a family can be difficult. Millions of men and women are single because their careers are too busy or simply because they haven’t met the right person yet. But as a man you should also pay attention to whether there may be an interested woman nearby. How can you, as a man, recognize whether a woman sees something in you?

Does a woman like you?

  • The preparation
  • Relational growth
  • Need to recognize feminine non-verbal communication
  • When is a woman not interested?
  • When does a woman see something in you?
  • What if contact has been made?


The preparation

Before you go out you must of course have made some preparations. If you meet the right partner, you must be prepared for a number of circumstances. First of all, you have to look good. It doesn’t have to be overdone, but paying some attention to how you look is important. You should feel good and be comfortable in your outfit. In other words, you have to be confident of yourself. It also depends on what type of man you are. Some men want to go to bed after a first meeting. If you fall into that category, always make sure you have protection with you. However, many women will not share a bed with you during the first meeting. For men who want to build a lasting relationship, this preparation will be unnecessary, because additional dates will follow after the first successful contact. In other words, you don’t have to take any protection with you the first time. Appropriate humor and pleasant conversation are normally important to make a positive impression during the first contact.

Relational growth

If you have been able to make good contact with a woman, the next dates will often follow automatically. In that case, contact will gradually improve and you will trust each other more and more. You are completely open to each other and are one hundred percent honest. This allows bridges to be built, which increases the close relationship. The bond between the two grows, which also increases intimacy. The spark of love can spread, after which everything is shared with each other. This also means that the sexual relationship is entered into with it. Of course, everything depends on whether you as a man can receive the right signals from the woman. Why is this so important if you are really looking for a lasting relationship?

Need to recognize feminine non-verbal communication

The woman has subtle body movements, which you can catch in advance to make a good estimate of what the woman actually wants. So you have to stay alert and attentive when you are searching. The woman of your dreams can just pass you by when you’re not looking. But there is also a problem. You should also not be too conspicuous by looking around you all the time. Subtlety is therefore of great importance. Secretly peering or running your hand through your hair, so that you have the opportunity to check. If there is indeed a click at a distance, you will notice it quickly. The woman’s body movements speak volumes and is also called non-verbal communication. This form of communication already tells eighty percent or more about what people want and what the expectations are. How can you recognize from a distance whether a woman likes you or not? Below is an explanation of what you can pay attention to in a woman before a conversation starts.

When is a woman not interested?

Before we discuss whether a woman sees something in you, it is also important to know how to recognize a disinterested woman. The woman sees nothing in you if:

  • she turns her hair away from you or she shows you her shoulder;
  • she has her arms crossed – to close or shield herself from you;
  • she seems distant and may not make eye contact with you;
  • she talks to her friends more than to you. It seems like she doesn’t notice you;
  • you come to her, she shows little emotion and may hold on to her friend;
  • her legs are slightly crossed or she is sitting with her legs crossed;
  • she does not smile back and her head remains in the same position. The shoulders also do not change position;
  • she pays more attention to the music and the environment than to you.


When does a woman see something in you?

If a woman sees something in you, you will certainly notice it. The most important thing is that she sincerely listens to you and answers your comments. In addition, as a novice walker you can pay attention to the following external characteristics:

  • when she is near you she blushes a little and possibly plays with her hair;
  • she can’t take her eyes off you and may reveal a little more of herself;
  • she passes you more than once and is clearly trying to get your attention;
  • the distance between the two decreases and it is mainly directed towards you. She stays close to you all the time;
  • when she laughs it is not suppressed and so she smiles broadly. She laughs at what you say;
  • the shoulders are slightly raised when she talks to you and the head is slightly tilted, especially when she blushes;
  • hands and feet are not crossed and she is therefore open to talking to you;
  • the pupils in the eyes enlarge slightly, because she gets excited when there is eye contact;
  • she may bite her lower lip or lick her lip slightly with her tongue when you look;
  • she tries to get to you and will no longer stand with her group of friends;
  • she talks to you more than the rest of the group of friends and asks specific questions about you;
  • she will want to tell something personal about herself to get your attention;
  • she compliments you on your appearance or other seemingly unimportant matters;
  • she asks about the time or whether you have a fire to light a cigarette;
  • she talks to you before you talk to her;
  • she touches you. This concerns any form of touch. Touch is the ultimate form of rapprochement.

You see that you have to pay attention to many little things. Non-verbal communication often says volumes and you should pay attention to this before verbal contact is actually made.

What if contact has been made?

If you have contacted a woman, you should be as open as possible. A woman knows when you are deceiving her or not telling the truth. If you have nothing to hide, you have the best chance of coming across well to the woman. Sincerity and honesty always score best in a woman. If you go out, don’t go overdressed. Look plain, but possibly with trendy trousers. Make sure you look neat and healthy. It is important that you appear normal and do not behave better than you actually are. If you have a follow-up date, it is not a problem to share the costs. However, avoid coming across as mean-spirited. Also recognize the woman’s non-verbal communication so that you know what your chances are. This way you also have a good start to building a lasting relationship.

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