The childcare worker; Who is she? What is she doing?

Today, a childcare worker is a very important person. There is a lot of demand for childcare, including childcare workers. Which study allows one to become a childcare worker? What does the profession entail? What is the general daily schedule of a childcare worker? What key skills should a childcare worker possess? After reading this article, you may discover that this job is for you.

Qualification Requirements

The minimum qualification requirements for a childcare worker who wishes to work in a recognized daycare center are as follows:

  • a diploma or certificate from vocational secondary education: the ‘Child Care’ or ‘Childcare Supervisor’ training and the ‘Nursing’ training;
  • a diploma or certificate from technical secondary education: the ‘Youth and Disabled Care’ course; ‘Health and well being Sciences’; ‘Social and technical sciences’, ‘Living group activities’, or ‘Boarding school activities’;
  • a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or a final higher education certificate for social advancement


Daily schedule

I am a childcare worker and have been working for a year now. I therefore use my own daily schedule as an example. At all times of the day it is important that peace is maintained among the children and that is not always an easy task.


The childcare worker must open the classroom or manger and make sandwiches for the children who enter. She must receive the children and inform them about the child’s night with the parents. As follows, she should encourage the children to play freely and offer them toys. She must also note attendance.


In the meantime, one caregiver will prepare food. These are usually potatoes and vegetables, mixed for the little ones.

9:30 am

At half past ten they provide a supervised activity and possibly mopping. A supervised activity can range from crafts to reading books or dancing. These activities can be used to stimulate and observe certain skills in the child’s development.

10:30 am

The meal is now ready and now the nurseries and children are fed. Milk is provided for the babies. Toddlers can often eat independently, but still need help. Of course they also get something to drink.

11:30 am

Diapers are changed and toddlers are put on the potty. Then we sing another song or read a story in preparation for going to sleep.


The nurse puts the children to sleep in their beds. At this time of the day the caregiver has a lot of time and can therefore sort toys, disinfect toys, prepare activities, mop and do the administration.

2:00 PM

The children are taken out of bed and given free play again. The caregiver must ensure a variety of toys.

2:30 p.m

The nanny provides the fruit porridge and pieces of fruit for the older children.

3:30 p.m

The diapers are changed and they can be mopped if necessary.

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

The parents come to pick up their child again and communication is very important. That is why there is a good briefing about the child’s day. Payments can also be made if necessary.

5:00 PM

The cash register has been counted and everything is closed.

Key skills

I found the following list on the vdab website:

  • be assertive
  • being trustworthy
  • have contact skills
  • Being creative
  • be discreet
  • evaluate your own working method
  • be empathetic
  • to be flexible
  • be hygienic
  • customer-oriented
  • be eager to learn
  • dealing with diversity
  • to organize
  • to collaborate
  • social attitude
  • be stress-resistant
  • provide structure
  • possess a sense of responsibility
  • possess imagination
  • work independently
  • possess self-confidence


Key lock

So, now you know what a childcare worker does. If you have many of the above key skills, the job is definitely for you. Above all, you must love children and want to take care of them.

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