Request a disabled parking space or disabled parking card

Anyone who has a disability in the Netherlands and has difficulty walking or who, due to a medical condition, always needs to be able to get to the car quickly to go to the hospital, may be entitled to a disabled parking card or a special parking space for the disabled in front of the door. Municipalities impose different requirements when it comes to requesting a disabled parking space. To be allowed to park in a general disabled parking space in the city, you must be in possession of a European Disabled Parking Card.

Disabled parking card

  • The use of the European Disabled Parking Card
  • How do I apply for a European Disabled Parking Card?
  • The passenger card
  • Disabled parking card from the municipality


The use of the European Disabled Parking Card

If you want to park your car in the city, there are two types of parking spaces: those for which you have to pay and general disabled parking spaces. You have to pay for the former in the city center and nowadays also in many residential areas. The latter parking spaces are in principle free everywhere, provided you have a European Disabled Parking Card and it is visibly present in the car. This sometimes also allows you to park in places where parking is normally prohibited. More information about this can usually be found on the municipality’s website. Different rules apply for this per municipality . You can also find an overview of general disabled parking spaces in the municipality here. It is necessary

to always have the original disabled parking card or disabled parking card in the car . Using a copy of the card will result in a fine.

How do I apply for a European Disabled Parking Card?

You can apply for a disabled parking card at the municipality where you are registered. You can request an interview via Regelhulp. You can then discuss your needs with an employee. When you apply for a card for the first time, you must undergo a medical examination which must show that it is necessary for you to use a parking space intended for the disabled. If you already have a card and want to renew it, a new medical examination is often not necessary, unless something has changed in your health situation.

The medical examination is carried out by a doctor from the GGD. This must determine that you would experience problems as a result of a medical condition or a long-term walking disability if you were dependent on available regular parking spaces. This is the case when you are unable to cover more than 100 meters on foot. Doctors are trained to detect when someone is trying to fake a disability in order to obtain a parking ticket.

If you are assigned a disabled parking card, this is not completely free . The municipality usually charges fees for this, just like when applying for an identity card or passport.

The passenger card

You can also apply for a passenger card. This is a card that can be assigned if you, as a disabled person, are dependent on the assistance of another driver. You must then demonstrate during an inspection that you are actually dependent on this assistance. It is often more difficult to be ‘approved’ for a passenger card than for a driver card.

Disabled parking card from the municipality

The European Disabled Parking Card is not valid in paid parking spaces. However, you can use the card to apply for a free parking permit for the disabled, but you must take action yourself. If you park in a place for which you normally have to pay, you will still receive a fine in the event of an inspection, despite showing your pass. Anyone in possession of a valid European Disabled Parking Card can apply for a parking permit for disabled residents from their own municipality. If you have such a permit, you no longer have to visibly display your GPK in the car.

If you are visiting someone in another city and want to be assured that you can park nearby as a disabled person, it is possible in many cities to request a digital parking card and park with it for free. If you often visit the municipality in question, it is also possible to apply for an annual card that is linked to your license plate. You must therefore ensure that you always come with the same vehicle and report it if you have a new car with a new license plate, otherwise you still run the risk of receiving a fine upon your return.

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