Charity organization Soles4Souls

Small steps are needed to make the world a better place for all of us. People in need need everything, including shoes. Aid organization Soles4souls collects shoes for poor children, for people in need and for people in developing countries. This aid organization is not yet active in Europe. How can we from the Netherlands and Belgium help the charity to collect shoes for people in need?

Changing the world

Who doesn’t want to change the world into a better world? This also applies to the charity organization Soles4souls: step by step, the world can change into a better living environment for all of us. But where do you start? You can take a step forward with good shoes on. How often do we see images on TV of young children in third countries barefoot? Right, the first step for Soles4souls is donating shoes. Donate shoes.

People in need

Soles4souls started collecting shoes in Nashville America. These shoes come from private individuals, but also from shoe factory warehouses. Collecting shoes for people in need. For both adults and children in need.

New shoes

The shoes that Soles4souls collect are preferably shoes of good quality. They must be shoes that have barely been used or worn out. So that people in need can receive high-quality shoes. However, Soles4souls also receives used shoes: somewhere on earth someone in need will be happy with these used shoes!

To land

In which countries is the Soles4souls charity active? Soles4souls is active in around 127 different countries and in developing countries, including:

  • Thailand,
  • Kenya,
  • Nepal,

But is also active in America and provides help to people in need after Hurricane Irene.

To arise

How did the idea of donating shoes to people in need come about? The idea arose after the Asian tsunami in 2004 and after Hurricane Katrina. Several churches have started collecting shoes for people affected by Katrina. This organization has grown into the aid organization it is today: Soles4souls. Since 2005, they have donated 14 million shoes to people in need.


What is the mission of Soles4souls? Soles4souls collects shoes to alleviate the distress of disaster victims and people in need.


Soles4souls has two other divisions:

  • Clothes4souls and
  • Hope4souls.

They provide aid, clothing and support to people in need and to victims of natural disasters.


How can you support Soles4souls from Europe? How can you send shoes to Soles4souls? All information can be found via the Soles4souls website. The organization is not (yet) active within Europe, all collected shoes (or clothing) will first have to be sent to America.


Another way to support Soles4souls through Europe is to purchase BOBS. What is BOBS? Bobs are the new shoe line from Skechers. What does BOBS stand for? Benefitting Others By Shoes. For every BOBS sold, the Skechers brand donates two pairs of shoes to poor children. Skechers donate these shoes to the Soles4souls charity organization. Two poor children are made happy with new shoes when we buy a BOBS from Skechers here.

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