Names and Meaning – First Names Girls & Boys with E – F

First names with the letters E and F. Names such as Ebe, Edmar (famous), Eileen (friendly), Fieke (wisdom) and Filomon (kiss). An extensive list of names for girls and boys with their meanings. Are you looking for a beautiful, fun or original baby name? Would you like to know the meaning of your own name? Here you will find many more and less well-known first names of various origins, cultural origins and also several derivations. Classic, modern and special names that start with E and F.




























First Names and Meanings – Boys Names and Girls Names with an E and an F


Ebe, Aibel, Ebben, Ebel, Epco, Epke, Eppo, Ebeltje, Epkje, Eppe – Strength and Courage, Wild boar (Germanic ebar, ebur: ever, symbol of strength and courage)

Edgar, Eduard, Edward, Ned, Ted, Teddy , Ward, Edwardin e – Protector of the property, Defender of the heritage, possession with the spear (Germanic od: possession and ger: spear)

Edith – Warrior for the heritage, possession (Germanic rid: possession and gond: fighter)

Edmar – Heritage, renowned, famous

Edmond, Edmund, Edm undus, Edmon, Edemonda, Edmonda – Protector of property (Germanic od: possession and mouth: protect)

Edo, Eelco – Noble (Germanic Adal: noble)

Edsart, Edser, Esdert, Idsart , Idzerdina – Strong by the sword (Germanic)

Edwin – Friend of the heritage

Edw in, Ed, Eddie, Eddy, Adwina, Edwina, Edwine – Faithful friend (Germanic od: possession and win: friend)

Eef, Eefje, Eefke, Aike , Iefke – Probably Wild boar or variant of Aaf (supernatural being): Life-giving

Eekhard, Eckhard, Eekart, Eggert, Ekhard – Strong by the sword (Germanic eg: sword and hard: strong, courageous)


Egbert, Eg, Egbertus, Egbrecht, Egberdina, Egberta, Egbertina, Egbertje – Beautiful sword (Germanic eg: sword and bert: beautiful)

Eggerik – Mighty by the sword (Germanic e eg: sword and rik: mighty)

Eileen, Aileen – The Friendly (Gaelic)

Eimert – Famous Warrior (Germanic eg: sword and mar: famous)

Elaine, Elien, Eline, Ellen – Torch, the Radiant, beautiful

Elegast – Noble Visitor (Germanic nobility: nobility, e del and guest: guest, visitor )

Elektra – Amber (Greek: electron)

Eleonora, Elenora, Lenora, Lenore, Noor, Noortje, Nora, Norina, Elinor -Probably a derivative of the Greek Eleos: Mercy, Merciful, the compassionate, or an Arabic origin of Ellinor: my God is my light

Elfried, Elfred, Elfride, Elfriede, Elfie, Elfreda – Noble Peace (Germanic nobility: noble and fried: peace) or counselor of the elves

Eli, Elia, Elias, Elija, Élie, Ellis, Ilja, Eline – Yahweh is my God, Exaltation, on high (Hebrew)

Elian, Elianne – Yahweh is my God

Elisha, Elise, Elisaüs, Eliza, Elisée – God is powerful or God has helped (Hebrew)

Elisabeth, Bet, Betje, Betsy, Elisa, Elise , Elizabetha, Elizabeth, Ella, Elle, Elly, Els, Elsa, Elsbeth, Else, El seline, Elsina, Elza, Lies, Liesbeth, Lisa, Lisetta, Lizetta, Babette, Bettine, Isabella, Bess, Liss(y), Lizz (y), Elizabertus, Lysbertus – I swear by God, on God is my testimony (Hebrew: Eliseba)

Elja – Yahweh is my God

Elke, Elkie, Elleke – Of Noble descent

Ellen – Derived from Eleonora and Helena (see Eleanora)

Elles, Ellis – Of Noble descent or I swear to God

Elma, Elmi, Elmy – Strong-willed Protector

Elodie – All wealth, all wealth

Eloy – Chosen (Latin eligere: to choose )

Elroy – The King

Els, Elsbeth, Else, Elisabeth , Elske, Elselien, Elza, Elze, Elzeline – I swear to God

Elsemieke – Combination of Elisabeth (I swear to God) and Maria (sea, bitter, sad)

Elva – Friend of the elf, air spirit

Elvera – Noble (Germanic Adal: Noble)

Elvira, Elvire, Elvis – The Exalted or the Protected One (Spanish: alvaro: exalted or Germanic alvar: the protected)

Elwin – Noble friend


Emerentius, Rens, Amanenthia, Renske – The Breadwinner (Latin)

Emiel, Emile, Emilie , Emily, Emmelie, Emmelien – Gentle, friendly, competitor

Emke, Emma, Emmeline, Emmie, Emmy, Emy – Great, great, the Tireless (Germanic : irmin or Old French amal: the tireless)

Emmerik, Emmericus, Emmerich, Emeny, Imre – The Very Powerful (Germanic ermena: the mighty and rik: mighty)

Engelien, Engel, Engela, Engele, Engelina, Engelinus, Enith – Emissary , Angelic or woodlark (Greek angelos is emissary)

Engelbert, Engelbertus, Engelbrecht, Engelberta, Engelbertina – The Radiant e, Shining (Germanic brecht: shining, radiant)

Enzo – Sword (Germanic: Agi)


Eran – Watchful

Erasmus, Elmo, Rasmus, Ermo, Erasma – Loveable (Greek: erasmios)

Eric, Erica, Erich, Erik, Erika, Erikje – The Only power, Sole Ruler, ruler of the law (Germanic er: honor, famous or ein: one, alone and rik: mighty) (German variant Erica: heath plant)

Erlijn – Free man, nobleman (Germanic: Erl)

Ernst Ernest, Ernestus, Ernie, Ernesto, Erna, Ernesta, Erneste, Ernestine – Determination , serious (Germanic seriousness)

Ernst-Jan – Combination of Ernst (seriousness, determination) and Johannes (Yahweh is gracious)

Erwin, Erwijn, Harrewijn, Herwin, Erwina, Erwine – Friend of the army (Germanic her: army and win: friend)


Esmaralda, Esmiralda, Esmeralda, Meraud, Smeralda, Smaragdus – Emerald (Spanish esmeralda: emerald)

Esmee, Esmée – Beloved, Emerald

Ester, Esther, Hester, Hestera – Star, lovely maiden (Probably Old Persian or Istar: Mesopotamian goddess of fertility)

Estr ella – Star

Ethel – Noble (Anglo-Saxon ethelu: noble)

Etiënne – Wreath or Victory Wreath


Eugen, Eugenie, Eugenia, Eugiëne, Egénie, Eugenius – Well-born, of good birth/noble birth (Greek)

Eulalia, Eulalie – The Eloquent (Greek eulaleoo)

E usebius, Eusébie, Eusebio, Eusebia – The Pious (Greek)

Eva, Eef , Eefje, Eve, Evelien, Eveline, Evelyn, Evi, Evie, Evita, Evy The Life Bringing (Evelyn possibly from Gaelic eitlin: pleasant)

Evert, Everhard, Eppo, Everard, Everardus, Everhard, Ebert, Eve raldo, Ewart, Everarda , Everdien, Everdina – Strong, brave, strong as a wild boar (Germanic eber: ever, symbol of strength, courage and hard: strong)

Ewoud, Ewald, Ewout, Wald, Ewalda, Ewouda – Ruler according to the law, Legal ruler (Germanic ee: law and wald: ruler)

Ezra – The Helper (Hebrew)


Meaning of First Names – Boy names and Girl names with the letter F


Faas – Benefactor, with a good future, Belonging to the elderly/who will grow old or He who saves

Fabian, Fabianus, Fabia , Fabiana, Fabien, Fabiënne, Fabiola – Grower of beans, from the city of Fabiae (Latin faba: bean )

Faith – faith, trust (English: faith)

Falco, Falk, Falke, Fulco, Falkje – Falcon, Claw (Latin falco crooked and Falcon (Germanic s: falk)

Fatima, Fatma, Fatimah – The Luminous, enlightened (Arabic, also Portuguese)

Fanny – Victory Wreath or Wreath (Derived from Stefanie: Victory Wreath)

Fay, Faye – Faith, trust, fairy


Fedde, Feddo, Fetske – Peace (Germanic fred: peace)

Fedor – Gift of God

Feike, Feiko, Fecco, Feiko, Fyke, Feia, Feikje, Fekje, Feija, Fijkje – Peace (Germanic Fred: peace and shortened form: frithu)

Feline – The Lord heals or Fruitful, Bringing good luck, happy

F elix, Felician, Félicien, Felicia, Fee, Félicité – Faithful friend, Bringing good luck, happy

Femke, Femma, Femme, Femmy – Renowned for peace, Famous protector (Germanic fred: peace and mar: famous or renowned)

Fenna, Fenne, Fenneke, Ferdi, Ferdinand , Ferdy, Ferrie, Ferdy – Brave Protector

Ferdinand, Ferdinandus, Fernand, Nandus, Dinant, Fernando, Ferrand, Hernando, Ferdinanda, Nanda, Fernande – The Brave Protector ( Germanic fred: peace and nand: wading)

Ferre – Peaceful mind (Germanic frithu : peace and ferhdh: spirit, mind)


Fieke – (Life) Wisdom

Philemon, Philemon – Kiss (Greek: philema)

Filibert, Fulbert, Philibert, Filiberta – The Very Famous, Beautiful (Germanic fil: much and brecht: radiant, shining)

Fillipus, Filip, Fli p, Philip, Philippus, Felipe, Filippo, Phillip, Filippa, Philippa, Philippine, Pippa – Horse Friend (Greek)

Filomena, Folomela, Philomela, Philomena, Filomeen – The Beloved (Greek: philoemene)

Fiona – White, blond

Flavius, Flavia – Blonde, golden yellow ( Latin : flavus)

Fleur, Floor, Flor, Floortje, Floeriene – Flower (Roman mythology: Flora Goddess of flowering crops and spring)

Floran, Florian, Floris, Florentius, Florens, Florence, Florentin, Flora, Florence, Florentina, Fiorella , Floss – Blooming , charming (Latin florens: blooming)


Foeke, Foekje, Fouke – Military people (Germanic: folk)

Folke, Fokke, Focco, Fokko, Foke, Fokkeltje, Volko, Fulk, Folkje – Military people (Germanic: folk)

Folker, Folkert, Folgert, Folkje, Volker, Volkertje – Strong under the People (Germanic folk: fighting people and hard: courageous, strong)

Folmer, Volkmar, Volmar – Famous among the People (Germanic folk: fighting people and mar: famous, renowned)

Fons, Funske – He who is ready for everything, Ready for the conflict


Franca, Franc ien, Francine, Francis, Franciska, Frances, Françoise, Frank, Frans, Franky, Fransy, Frenky, Sies, Suske, François, Franz, Francesco, Ferenc, Ciska, Cissy, Fransine, Sien, Siena, Cissi, Frances , Paquita – The Frenchman/woman

Fraukje, Frauk, Frouke, Froukje, Wife – Mistress, Grand Woman (Germanic)

Fred, Freddy, Frederik, Fréderique, Fredi, Fredy, Freek, Frits Frederik, Drikus, Fredrik, Fred, Freddy, Fredericus , Freek, Frerik, Frits, Friedrich, Fritz, Frederick, Frédérique, Frederico, Freda, Frederica , Frederika, Fredi, Fredy, Freekje, Frida, Frieda, Riek, Riekje, Rika – Mighty through peace (Germanic fred: peace and rik: powerful)

Freya – Ruler (Greek)

Friso – The Frisian

Fritjof – Servant of peace


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