Names and Meaning – First Names Girls & Boys with I – J

First names with their meaning for girls and boys, starting with the letter I or J. The choice of a name is very important, because you basically carry it with you all your life. There are many first names, classical names with an ancient or, for example, Biblical origin, new names or derivations and variants, such as an English, French, Russian, Italian, German and also Frisian name variant. An overview of beautiful, fun, original girls’ and boys’ names with the I and J and their meaning.




























First Names and Meaning – Boy Names and Girl Names – Names with an I and a J


Ian, Iain, Iancu, Ianto, Iefan, Ifan, Ioan, Ioann, Ioannis, Ionut – God/Jaweh is gracious, atoning Ibraheem,

Ibrahim – Father of Many (Hebrew)

Ida, Ietje, Itsje, Ijt sje, Ido, Nooite, Ijdo, Ijtse – The Diligent (Germanic id: change, active)

Idris – The fervently reading, taking lesson (prophet of Allah, dar or diraasah, Idries referring to a lesson)

Ieke – Sword (Frisian name, derived Germanic agi: sword)

Ies – Gift of Isis (Egyptian mythology: fertility goddess)


Iggy – Only child, Son of Igo (probably of Ige, Germanic agi: sword)

Ignatius, Ignaas, Naas, Ignaco, Ignacio, Ignado, Ignis, Inigo, Ignatia – The Fiery, the Inspired (Latin: ignis)

Igor – The Watchful (Germanic Ing: the tribe of the Ingweones and Warin: protect, preserve), Ior – Master

IJtje – The Divine, protected by God, the God’s protector

Iikka, Iisakki, Ike, Ikari, Ilar, Ilari – He who laughs

Ilaij, Ilay, Ikaika – Stronger

Ilana, Ilan, Ilona – Torch, the radiant, beautiful (Germanic)

Ilco – Nobility or noble (Shortened name from Germanic: adal)

Ileen – Pleasant, beautiful

Ilas, Ilies, Ilja, Illias, Ilva – The Lord, Jehovah/ Yahweh is my God

Ilke, Ijlke – The Zealous (Germanic id: change, active)

Ilse, Ilsa, Ilza – I swear by God


Immanuel, Imanol, Emanuel, Maan, Manuel, Mendel, Imanuela, Manuela, Manuelita God be with us (Hebrew)

Imke, Imme, Irmin – Great, great (Germanic)

Indi, Indira, Indy – Beautiful or beautiful

Indra – The Mighty ( Sanskrit), Rain or Thunder God

Ina, Ine, Ineke, Iny – (Derivation of women’s names ending in -ina and -ine such as Catharina, Klazina, Pauline)

Ines – The Chaste (Variant of Ina/Ine or Agnes: the chaste)

Inga, Inge, Ingeborg, Inger, Ingmar, Ingrid, Irma, Irmgard – (All abbreviations of names starting with Ing: Germanic tribal god of the Ingweons and Germanic borg: castle, gard: enclosed space, mar: famous and Ingrid – ridan: riding)

Ingeborg, Inge, Ingebarg – Probably : Protected by the Gods (Scandinavian origin)

Ingmar, Ingwar – Probably: Famous by the Gods or Protected by the Gods (Germanic)

Ingrid, Inger – Probably: Divine Horseman (Scandinavian)

Inis, Iniss, Innes, Innis, Inys – The island, From the river


Ireen, Irene, Irena, Irina, Irenea, Irinei, Rene, Ireneus, Iréné – Peace, the Peace-loving (Greek eirene: peace or eirenaios: the peace-loving)

Ira – observant, heir

Iris – Rainbow (Greek: iris) or also flower name

Irv and, Irvyn – White, Irving/Irwin, Irwyn – sea or friend


Isaac, Isaak, Isacc, Isaakios, Isahac, Isak, Ies, Izaäk, Izak, Sacco, Sakke, Sjaak – May God smile on the one who laughs, he who laughs (Hebrew)

Isabel, Isabella, Isabelle, Bella, Belle, Izabella , Isabeau – God is my oath, I swear by God (Hebrew and probably Spanish and French derivation of Elisabeth)

Isai, Isaia, Isaiah, Isaias, Isaiha, Isayah, Issy, Izayah – He looks for God, salvation by God

Ischa, Isha, Iscah – Happy through the salvation of God (Choose form of Isaac: let him laugh or of Isaiah: Yahweh is salvation)

Isidore, Door, Isidor, Isidore, Isedoor, Isidore, Isadora – Given by Isis (Egyptian goddess of fertility, Greek: Isis)

Isolde, Isolda, Iseult, Iseut, Isott a – Rule with a steady hand (Germanic eis: iron and iiald: rule)

Ismael, Ismail – God will hear (Hebrew)

Israel, Israel – Prince of God, may God reign (prince) of God) (Hebrew)

Ivan, Ivanka, Iwan – Yahweh is gracious

Ivana, Ivane – Gift of God

Ivo, Ive, Ives, IJf, Iefje, Ijfke, Ivon, Ivonne, Yvonne, Yvette – The Flexible, the bow, the willow branch or yew, bow of yew wood (Germanic)


First Names and Meaning – Boy Names and Girl Names – Names with the letter J


Jacob, Jacobus, Jacques, Jaap, Jacco, Jack, Japik, Jop, Ko, Kobus, Koos, Sjaak, James, Jim, Jaime, Diego, Giacomo, Coos, Coba, Cobie, Jacoba, Jacqueline, Jakoba, Jackeline, Jackie, Jacklien, Jacky, Jacoba, Jacobi, Jacolien, Jacqueline – He/she who grabbed the heel, occupier, representative (Hebrew)

Jaeneke, Jan, Jannetje, Jana, Janco, Jane, Janet, Janette, Janie, Janine, Janita, Janne, Janneke, Jannes, Jannick, Janine, Janka, Janna, Jannegien, Jannine, Janny, Jansien, Janske, Jantien, Jantine, Janny, Jeanet, Jeanette, Jeanine, Jeanne, Jeannine, Jenneke, Jennet, Jens , Jente – Yahweh is gracious ( Hebrew)

Jai, Jaime, Jaimy, Jamie, Jamy, Jim, Jimmy – The charmer, Charming Trickster

Jairo – God enlightens

Jamilla – Handsome, beautiful

Jari, Jaro – Yahweh founds

Jarl – Great man, ed elman

Jaron – The sacred, sacred gift

Jasmine, Jasmin – Flower name, symbol for the Virgin Mary (In China symbol for femininity and attractiveness

Jason – Bringing healing (Greek iasis: healing)

Jasper, Jasperien, Jasperiene, Jasperin e, Jesper – Treasurer


Jeffrey – Peace of God, Living under the peace, protection of God

Jeichien, Jelcke, Jelle, Jelke, Jelte, Jelto, Jeltse, Jelkje, Jelina, Jelske, Yeltske – Value, retribution

Jelmer – Renowned by nobility

Jenda – The mighty of the place of residence , of high birth

Jennefer, Jennie, Jennifer, Jenny – White, soft fertility (Welsh Gwen: white, white and Hwyfar: soft, fertile)

Jeremi, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Jeremias, Jérémie, Jerry, Jeremine Jeremy – Yahweh establishes, through the Loving Lord (Hebrew)

Jerk – Ruler of the law

Jeroen, Jerom, Jerome – With a holy name

Jerre – Shortened name (from Germanic heri: army)

Jeske – Of God (Coffin name of Ese: God)

Jesse, Jessie, Jessy, Jessica – Yahweh exists, looking for God ( Hebrews)

Jet, Jetske, Jetta – Mighty of the place of residence, of high descent

Jetze – Law, justice


Jildou – The Retaliator, avenger

Jill, Jillian – The youth or value, retaliation

Jip – Giving, hospitable (Germanic gebhan: to give, to be hospitable)

Jiska – Looking out for God

Jitske – Noble (Shortened name of Germanic adal: noble)

Jitte – Belonging to the people


Joachim, Jochem, Achim, Jochen, Kim, Jochemina – Yahweh raises up (Hebrew)

Job, Jobbe, Giobbe, Hiob, Joba, Jobina, Joppa – The Persecuted (Hebrew yours)

Jodocus, Do, Docus, Joost, Judocus, Jobst, Jodoc, Josse, Jodoca, Joosje, Joostje, Jocelin – Warrior (Breton)

Jody – Warrior, holding arrows or woman from Judea

Joël, Joëlla, Joëlle – Yahweh is God

Joep, Joup – The persecuted or Yahweh gives increase Yuri

– Editor of the earth

Joey – Yahweh grant increase

Johan, Johanna, Johannes, Hans, Hansje, Hannes, Jan, Janke, Janko, Jannes, Janus, Jenke, Jens, Jo, Joan, Johan, Joop, Giovanni, Hasse, Ian, Iwan, János , Jean, John, John, Johnie, Joh nnie, Johnny, Joke, Jolein Jolien, Jolijn, Jonna, Jonnie, Jons, Jovanni, Juan, Sean, Jaantje, Jans, Jansina, Jenske, Jhon, Jo, Joan, Joanne – Yahweh is gracious (Hebrew)

Jolanda, Jolande – Pansy

Jolie – Beautiful, charming

Jolijn – Yahweh is gracious

Jonas, Joni, Jony, Jonathan – Gift of God, Gift of God (Hebrew)

Joop, Joost – Yahweh grant increase or righteousness

Jop, Jopke – De Persecuted

Joran, Yoran – Yahweh is exalted

Jordan, Jorden, Jordi, Jordie, Jordy, Jori, Jorian, Jorianne, J orien, Joris, Jory, Joury – Cultivator of the earth

Jorik, Jorn, Jorny – Friend of the boar (boar)

Jorinde – Combination of George (cultivator of the earth) and Linda, Germanic Lind: shield of lime wood or snake)

Jorrit, Jorryt, Jort – Strong or brave as a wild boar (Germanic symbol of strength, courage and fertility)

Jos, José, Josephine , Josette, Josine, Josje, Joske – Yahweh grant increase

Jozef, Jef, Jeu, Joep, Jos, Sjef, Giuseppe, José, Joseph, Ossip, Pepe, Sepp, Fien, Fine, Josefa, Josje, Joske, Jozefien, Josina, Josephine, Josette, Phine, Sina, Fif, Joséphine – Yahweh grant increase, The added (Hebrew)

Joshua – Yahweh helps

Josse – Warrior, containing arrows, woman from Judea or Yahweh grant increase

Jossie – Pet name derived from Germanic Gaut: from the tribe of the Goths or God/Yahweh grant increase

Jou, Jauke, Jouke, Jouwe, Jaukje, Joukje, Jouktsje (Shortened pet names) – Flexible, Bow of yew wood

Joy, Joyce – Joy, The Joyful


Juanita – Yahweh is gracious

Judit, Judith, Judica, Jutta, Judy – Woman from Judea (Hebrew: jehudit)

Jule, Jules, Julia, Julian, Juliana, Juliaan, Julianne, Julie, Julien, Juliën, Juliët, Juliette Juliëtte, Jiliska, Julius, Juul, Juult, Jill, Liane, Lianne, Lil i – The youth, the youth, dedicated to Jupiter (Greek ioulios)

Jurgen, Jurian, Jurjan, Jurrian – Cultivator of the earth

Jurre – Strong or brave like a wild boar (Germanic symbol of strength, courage and fertility)

Justin, Justine, Justinian, Just us, Justinianus, Justinus, Joost, Giusto, Stien – The Just, the righteous (Latin)


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