High sensitivity

An HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) is someone who is more sensitive to impressions than most people. These people are often very caring but also often live in their own world. HSPs are often sensitive to environmental factors such as moods, smells, tastes, bright lights and loud sounds. 15 to 20% of people are highly sensitive to a greater or lesser extent. You are born with it, so there is nothing you can do about it. High sensitivity is hereditary.

High sensitivity is becoming increasingly known, HSPs used to be often labeled as very shy, inhibited or anxious, but nowadays almost everyone has heard of this.

The advantages

If you are highly sensitive, you often experience things more intensely than someone else. So you have the ability to enjoy life more. Naturally, if something negative happens, you experience it more intensely. You also have the ability to sense people well, which makes people more likely to engage with you and open up to you. HSPs can also be alone well. Many HSPs also have a high IQ.

The cons

Because you are so sensitive, you are less able to deal with negative impulses. Because you are so sensitive to moods, a negative mood can quickly change for you. You are also more likely to become stressed than others, so the risk of burnout is greater. HSPs are often shy, which can make it difficult to enter into a relationship or make friends.

What can I do about it?

There is nothing you can do about high sensitivity itself, but it is something you can learn to deal with. Make sure you have enough moments of rest to process all the impressions. Make sure you have a hobby that relaxes you, this can be a sport, but also something creative such as painting.

There are also various agencies that can help you with your high sensitivity, below you will find a few:

  • The Practice – Alkmaar
  • Institute Eszenzz – Amsterdam
  • Springlicht – Amsterdam
  • Suus and Co – Utrecht
  • OSC – Utrecht


Am I highly sensitive?

There are various tests that can show whether you are highly sensitive or not. There are various tests on www.hoogveilig.nl. These are not recognized tests, but do give an indication of your degree of high sensitivity.

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