Names and Meaning – First Names Girls & Boys with G – H

Girls names and boys names. First names with a G or an H and their meaning. Are you looking for a beautiful baby name, a nice first name for your child? Or are you curious about what your name exactly means? In this article an overview of names – old, classical and modern first names – of various origins (including Greek, Latin, Arabic, Celtic, Germanic, Hebrew). And also derivations of the names in English, Italian, German, Scandinavian, French, Frisian and more variants.




























First Names and Meaning – Boy Names and Girl Names – Names with the G and the H


Gabe – Giving, Hospitable (Germanic: gebhan)

Gabi, Gabie, Gabri, Gabriël, Gabriëla, Gabrië lla, Gabrielle, Gabry, Gabryella, Gaby Gavrel, Gavrie, Gavriel, Gravil – God has shown himself strong, Man/woman of God ( Hebrew)

Gaius, Caius, Gaius, Ciao, Kaj – The Rejoicing (Latin)

Galatea, Galathea – White as Milk (Greek: galateia)

Galv in – Mus

Gandalf, Gandulf, Gandolfo – Wolf of the Wolves (Germanic)

Garet, Gared, Garet, Gareth, Garett, Garnett, Garrad, Garrard, Garry, Garey – Strong or brave with the spear

Garin, Garion, Garison, Garrson – Warrior, guardian, protector, (Garrson) Son of Gar

Garlen, Garlyn – Chance or Prize

Garmon, Garmond, Garmund, Garman, Garmann, Garm – Spearman, Spear Protector

Gascon, Gaston – Host or resident of Gascony, France (French: gascon)

Gavan, Gaven, Gavin, Gavyn, Gawain, Gawen, Gawyn – White hawk (Gawain battle like a hawk)

Gaspar, Gaspard, Gaspare, Gasparo, Gasper, Gazsi – The Treasure


Gea, Geja, Geerke, Geert, Geertje, Geeske – The Powerful with the spear or Strong, brave with the spear (Germanic ger: spear)

Geert-Jan, Geertjan – Combination of Geert (strong, brave with the spear or ruler with the spear) and Johannes (God/Yahweh is gracious)

Geertruida, Geerdina, Geertrui, Gerrie, Gertje, Gertude, Gertrudes, Gertrudis, Trude, Trudi, Trudy, Trui, Truida, Truus, Gertrud – She who is trusted with the spear , The Powerful with the spear (Germanic ger: spear)

Gemma, Gemme – Jewel (Latin: gemma)

Genoveva, Geneveva, Génevieve, Gina, Veva – Daughter of the Just (Celtic)

Gennadas, Gennadas, Gennadi, Gennadios, Gennadius, Gennadiy – Nobel, gu l

Geo, Geoff, Geffry, Geoffry, Geoffroi, Georffry, Goffredo, Gofried – Peace of God

Geordy, Geordi. Geordie, George, Georgenus, Joris, Jurriaan, Jurrien, Sjors, Georg, Georges, Georgio, Georgo, Georgy, Giorgio, Göran, Jorge, Jorgen, Joeri, Georgea, Geor gina, Gina, Jurriana, Georgette, Georgia – Farmer, farmer (in), creator of the earth (Greek: geoorgos)

Gerben, Germ – Strong as a bear with the spear

Gerbrand, Gerbren, Gerbranda – Flaming or Splendid sword (spear) (Germanic ger: spear and fire: fire)

Gerbrig – Splendid with the Spear

Geremia, Geremiah, Geremy – God is great, God will glorify

Gerhard, Gart, Gé, Geerard, Geerhard, Geert, Gerald, Geraldo, Gerard, Gerardus, Geraud, Gerhardinus, Gert, Geurt, Gradus, Geerarda, Geerte, Geertje , Gera, Gerarda, Gerda, Gerdina, Gerdie, Gerdien, Gerhardina, Gerrie, Gérardine, Gerta – Brave or strong with the spear (Germanic ger: spear and hard: hard, strong)

Gerlach, Gerlachus – Who fights with the spear ( Germanic: ger)

Gerian, Gerianne, Gerja, Gerjan, Gerjanne – Combination of Gerard (Strong, brave with the spear) and Johannes (God/Yahweh is gracious)

Gerlinde – Wooden spear or shield (Germanic gêr: spear and lind: snake or shield made of lime wood)

Gerlof, Gerolf, Gerulf, Gerlofje – Brave as a wolf with the spear, brave spear warrior (Germanic ger: spear and olf: wolf)

Germ, German, Germanus, Germen, Germain, Germina, Germaine – Bear with the spear and the sword, Warrior with the spear, free man (Germanic ger: spear and man: man)

Gerold, Gerald, Gerhold, Gerold, Gérald, Géraud, Gerwald, Geraldina, Geraldine – Ruler with the spear (Germanic ger: spear and wald: rule)

Gertjan, Gaitjan, Getjan, Gerrit-Jan, Gert-Jan – Combination of Gert (Strong or brave with the spear) and Jan: Johannes (God/Yahweh is merciful) Gerrit

, Gert Sterk – Brave with the spear

Gervasus, Gervaas, Gervais, Gervase, Gervaise – Lansknecht (Germanic)

Gerwin – Friend with the Spear

Gesina, Gesine, Gezina, Gezinus – She who is skilled with the spear (Germanic ger: spear)


Giambattista, G iampaola, Giampiero – God is merciful (resp. Baptist, modest and stone)

Gian, Giancarlo, Gianfranco, Gianni, Giianluca, Gianluigi, Gianmarco, Gianmaria, Giannes, Gianpaolo, Gianpiero – Yahweh is merciful, God is merciful

Gideon, Gidéon, Gidion – Fells, the Destroyer, the crusher or with the wounded hand, woodcutter (Hebrew)

Gido – French derivation of Germanic Widu: forest, forest

Giel – Who is like God?

Gielijan – Combination name of Giel (Who is like God?) and Johannes (God/Yahweh is gracious)

Gijs, Gijsbert, Gijsbertus – From a distinguished family, Beautiful spear, clear promise

Gilbert, Gilberta, Gilberte – Beautiful by Merit or wealth (Germanic gild: value and brecht: beautiful)

Gillian, Gilian, Giel, Giliam, Guillain, L amme – The Youthful or dedicated to Jupiter (Derived from Guillaume, French variant of Wilhelm, see Wilhelm)

Gineke – Queen

Giovani, Giovanni, Giovanny, Givonni – Yahweh is merciful, God is propitiatory

Gisa, Gise, Gisela, Gisele, Giselle, Gisella – Of D eponymous Origin (Germanic)

Gislenus, Gelijn, Gilein, Lijn, Lein, Ghislain, Gislena, Ghislaine – Like an Arrow (Germanic gisil: arrow)

Githa, Gytha – Warrior (Old Norse)


Gladys, Gladusa – The Silent (Welsh)

Glen, Glendel, Glendon, Glenn, Gleyn, G lyn, Glynn – He who dwells in a valley, the man of the valley, valley (Gaelic)

Gloria, Gloriana, Gloriane – The Glorious ( Latin gloria: fame, glory)


God – God or Good (Germanic god: God or good)

Godart, Godert, Godhard, Gotthard – Through goodness strong , Strong in God (Germanic god: God or good and hard: strong)

Godefridus, Godfried, Gevert, Govaart, Govert , Gottfried, Götz, Godfrey, Geoffrey, Jeffry, Godafrid, Godefriede – Peace of God, Living under peace/protection of God, protected by God (Germanic go d : God or good and fried: peace)

Godewijn, Godwin, Gottwin, Godewina, Godwina , Godewine, Gowijn – Good friend or Friend of God (Germanic god: God or good and win: friend)

Godlef, Gottlieb, Godelieve, Godeliva, Gottliebe – Who is pleasing to God (Germoons )

Goedele, Goeleke – pleasing to God, Good

Golda, Gold, Golden – Glistening like Gold

Gomarus, Gommer, Kommer, Gottmar, Gommerina – Famous by God (Germanic god: God, good and mar: famous)

Gordie, Gorden, Gordon, Gordy – From the triangular hill or White ( witches) Circle (Originally a Scottish surname or name from Wales)

Gosbert, Gosbertus, Josbert, Joubert, Gosbertina – Beautiful among the Goths (Germanic Goths: common name and Brecht: shining, beautiful)

Goswijn, Goos, Gosewinus, Gos se, Gozewijn , Goswin, Gosewina, Gozewina – Friend of the Goths (Germanic Goths: common name and win: friend)

Gotislav – Famous Guest


Gracia, Gratia, Grace, Graziella, Graciano, Grady, Gratian, Gratianus, Gratien, Graziano – Gracefulness, charming (Latin : gratia)

Graham, Grahame, Graeham, Graeme, Gram (From a) Gray House (Derived from a Scottish family – boy’s name)

Greetje, Greta – Daughter of the sea, child of light or pearl

Greg, Greger, Gregor, Gregorio, Gregory, Greig, Grier, Grigor, Grigory , Grisha – The Watchful, watchful, observant

Griselda – Warrior with the gray hair

Guillaume – Strong-willed protector

Gunter, Gunther – Army, war army

Guus, Guusje – Struggle with the support of the people (Germanic Gaut: belonging to the people or Gund: struggle and Staff: stick, support)

Guy – French derivation of Germanic Widu : forest, forestGyan – Wisdom Gyon – Full of life

Gwen, Gwender, Gwendol, Gwyn – White, white or white bow, fair


First Names and Meaning – Boy Names and Girl Names – Names with the letter H


Habacuc, Habakkuk, Habib – Warm embrace (Habib: Beloved)

Hade, Hadewig, Hadewich, Hedwig, Hedi, Hedda, Hedwig – Warrior, the very Combative (Germanic hadu/hade: battle and wedge: battle, cognate: hadi, had and ade)

Hagan, Hagen, Haakon, Hakon – High or noble Son (Arabic)Hage, Haco, Hake – The Refugee (Arabic)

Haje, Haie, Haike, Hajo, Haye, Hayo, Heike, Haya, Heikje, Heye – Area, walled space (Germanic: hag)

Haldor, Halden – The Radiant Hero (Germanic hal: warrior, hero and brecht: radiant)

Hamed, Hamden, Hamdun, Hamdi – Praised, Praiseworthy, he who praises Allah

Hank, Hannah, Hanne, Hanneke, Hannes, Hannie, Hanno, Hanny, Hans – Yahweh is gracious, pleasing to God or the Lovely (Hebrew)

Hannelore – Combination of Hanne (Yahweh is gracious) and Eleonora (God is my light)

Harald, Harold, Herault, Araldo – Ruler over the army, Army commander (Germanic her: lord, army and wald: rule)

Harbrecht , Herbert, Herbertus, Herbrecht, Herper, Harbardina, Herbertine – Splendid warlord (Germanic her: lord, army and brecht: shining, splendid)

Harco, Harko , Haro, Heerco, Heere, Herko, Herke, Herkje – Strong, courageous (Germanic hard: strong, courageous )

Hardowin, Ardewijn, Hardewijn, Hardwin, Arduin, Hardouin, Ardino – Strong, courageous Friend (Germanic hard: strong, courageous and win: friend)

Harm, Harmke – Warrior, hero of the army

Harm-Jan, Harmjan – Combination of Harm (Warrior, hero of the army ) and Johannes (Yahweh is gracious)

Harrie, Harry, Hein, Heine – The mighty from the place of residence, of high descent

Hazel – De Bruinogige (English hazel: hazel)


Hedwig, Hedy – Warrior

Heidi, Heidie, Heidy – Of noble descent

Heilke, Heile, Hei ltje – Healthy, bringing happiness (Germanic: heil)

Heleen, Helen, Helena, Hélène, Heleentje, Leentje, Lena, Lenie, Leny, Eileen, Hella , Lene, Ilona, Ilonka, Helenius – Torch, the Radiant, luminous (Greek)

Helma, Helmer, Helmert, Helmi, Hjalmar – Famous the protector, Protective battle, salvation, Strong-willed protector (Germanic helmet: protection and hild: battle or hail : salvation, health and Mâr: renowned, famous )

Hendricus, Henderikus, Hendri, Hendrik, Hendrika, Hendrike, Hendrikje, Henk, Henneke, Drikus, Endrik, Haino, Hein, Heino, Hennie, Heny, Henri, Henrico, Henry, Hins, Rik, Rikus, Heinrich, Heinz, Harry, Hinke, Jet, Rika, Riek, Riekje, Rina, Rini, Harriet, Henrietta, Henriette, Enrica Henriëtte, Hetty, Hindrik – The powerful of the hometown, of high descent, The first among equals (Germanic heim: residence and rik: powerful)

Herbert – Brilliant in the army

Herman, Harm, Harmanus, Harmen, Hermannus, Hermen, Manus, Hermann, Armand, Armando, Harmke, Herma, Hermana, Hermien, Hermina, Hermine – The Heroic, hero of the army (Germanic her: lord, army and man: man, hero)

Hermes, Mercury, Hermia, Hermione – The Talker (Greek Hermes: God of trade, thieves and messenger of the Gods, Roman: Mercurius )

Herta – The Brave (Germanic hard: ster k, brave)

Hester, Hestera – Variant of the name Esther: Star or myrtle or from Hedzer: warrior with the spear


Hidde, Hiddo, Hidske, Hidda, Hiddeke, Huild, Hilde, Hilda, Hille, Hielke, Hielko, Hilko, Hille, Hylko, Hielkje, Hil, Hilda, Hilla, Hilly, Hilt je, Hylke, Ilda, Elda, Hylke – De Combative, courageous struggle, hero/heroine (Germanic hilta, hild: struggle and the courageous heroine: Hielke)

Hieronymus, Heronimus, Jeroom, Jeroen, Jerôme, Jerome, Geronimo – The Sacred Name (Greek: hieroonumos)

Hildebran d, Hilbrand, Hilbren , Ildebrando, Hillebrandina, Hilbrantsje – Warrior with the fiery, shining sword (Germanic hild: battle and fire: fiery sword)

Hildegarde, Hilgard – Guardian in the Battle (Germanic hild: battle and gard: protection or enclosed space)

Hildegond, Gon, Gonda, Gonnie, Hildegonda, Hildegonde, Hilgonda, Hillegonda, Hilda, Hildegund, Hildegundis, Ildegonda – The Very Belligerent (Germanic hild: battle and gond: also battle)


Homer, Homer – The Collector (Greek)

Horace, Ho race, Horatio, Horatia – The Flowering (Greek)

Howard, Howardina – The Spirit-gifted (English genus name)


Hubrecht, Hubert, Hubrina, Hubertus, Huib, Huibert, Bert, Huub, Huibrecht, Berta, Huberdina, Huberta, Hubertina, Huiberta, Tina, Tini – With the Beautiful Spirit (Germanic hug: spirit and brecht: beautiful, radiant)

Hugo, Huig, Huug, Hugh, Hugues, Hugon, Huon, Hugolina, Huigje, Huguette – The Thinker (Germanic hug: spirit)

Humbrecht, Humbert, Umberto – The beautiful, brave Bear (Germanic hun: dark brown, bear or name of a tribe and brecht: radiant, beautiful)

Humfried, Humphrey, Unfredo – The powerful protector, bringer of peace (Germanic hun: dark brown, bear or name of a tribe and fred: peace)


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