Wanderer Bracelets; creating employment with bracelets

Are you looking for a gift that is not standard? A gift that has a special meaning for the recipient and also contributes to a better standard of living for the makers? Then the Wanderer Bracelets are the ideal gift. By purchasing a bracelet you support a village in Bali, whose income can provide, among other things, better education and better care. In addition, with the personalized editions you can process coordinates in the bracelet to make precious memories tangible and to continue to cherish them.

The origins of Wanderer Bracelets

A then 21-year-old boy, Ben, got lost in 2014 during a motorcycle ride through the jungle in Bali. He then arrived at a village where artistic people had difficulty making ends meet. He asked them to make him a bracelet so that he would have a memento of his adventure. Tolkien’s famous quote Not all those who wander are lost made him think. Perhaps he wasn’t lost, but ended up exactly where he was supposed to be. If he could sell these bracelets, it would provide a stable income for the village.

The impact on the village

Ben befriended the villager Made and together they brought the idea to life. The production is done by the village in Bali and the designs for the bracelets are made in the United States. 80% of the people who make the bracelets do so from home. This way they remain involved in the daily lives of their family and friends. About 70% of them are women with young children that they care for. Through the employment and income created, the village can provide education, care and good nutrition. Wanderer Bracelets strives to work fair trade. This means that employees receive a fair wage and are not exploited. The employees now earn three to five times what they did before Wanderer Bracelets came into the picture. They earn about three times as much as the local average. This has given them financial security and allows them to save for the first time and put money aside for the future. There are no machines or factories involved in making the bracelets, everything is handmade. This also applies to the gift boxes and packaging in which it is shipped. Everything is made by hand in Bali.

The mission of Wanderer Bracelets

Wanderer Bracelets’ mission is to inspire their customers with unique bracelets, creating employment for a village in Bali. In addition, we want each bracelet to be a reminder to cherish what matters most: the people and places that have crossed your path. Wanderer Bracelets also believes it is important to experience everything life has to offer and to be open to a new view on life. It is important to look at the world from a different perspective every now and then. Adventure, inspiration and creativity are important components. This is reflected in their logo.

The material of the bracelets

All the materials used to make the bracelets are natural materials that are ethically sourced. Nature and animals are not harmed by this. The bracelets are made from the bones of water buffalo, which would otherwise rot as waste. The water buffalo are never killed for their bones. Most have lived all their lives on a small family farm where they were valued and well cared for. The animals were used in agriculture. The bones have been used for various creative purposes for generations. In this way, some of these special animals are given a second life. To make the bracelets, the makers use artistic traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Personalized editions

There are various bracelets with different figures and colors. One of the special aspects of the Wanderer Bracelets is that certain versions can be personalized. For example, there is a bracelet in which you can engrave the initials of yourself and your loved one. There is also a bracelet on which you can have coordinates engraved. This way you can make beautiful memories of certain places in the world tangible. You can also cherish the place of your birth or the place where you grew up in this way. You don’t even have to look up the coordinates yourself. If you enter a location on the website, the coordinates will appear automatically. The bracelets are a unique gift with special meanings, perfect to give to loved ones or close friends. It will always start a good conversation when people ask what the numbers or letters stand for.

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