The different roles of neighbors

Everyone has neighbors, one does not know the other, one has an intensive bond with them and the other does not, one has arguments with them and the other does not. Many roles, but it continues to concern people if you follow the media in this regard. When I read columns in newspapers or weekly/monthly magazines or watch TV programs, I see them regularly. Sometimes solving and sometimes just the problem definition, but always fascinating.

The overzealous neighbor

This neighbor is always willing to help anyone in the neighborhood who asks for it. Willingness shines through when this neighbor also offers unsolicited help. What can this be traced back to? One professional indicates that it is purely a matter of people’s curiosity, but genuine help if you think someone really needs it, but does not dare to ask, for example. There was recently a documentary on Belgian TV about a man who had no family or friends, retired and all the time in the world. He wanted to use this for his immediate environment. Definitely not a bad intention, but not equally appreciated by all neighbors.

The shy neighbor

This can be recognized by the neighbor who anxiously tries to avoid contact with the neighbors. With the greatest effort, a greeting can be avoided if contact cannot be avoided. This can be traced back to a possibly contact-impaired person or seriously shy person. Although some neighbors will be more bothered by it than others, it is not always a malicious intent. Frantically seeking contact with this shy neighbor will lead to nothing. He or she will not feel any better about this.

The noisy neighbor

The noisy neighbor may be noisy by raising his or her voice or by using equipment. The raiser is someone who likes to seek attention. By posting certain comments (to roommates or pets, for example), people will hear him or her and possibly post a comment back, start a chat (ask what’s going on) or otherwise. That’s what it’s all about, so attention. If it is equipment that leaves your own home, this may have various reasons. Antisocial behavior of the neighbor in question is one of them, but the program Man Bites Dog had someone a while ago who was half deaf himself and was not aware of it. The problem can often be solved, but contacting the neighbor is useful. Not everyone does this, especially if you hardly know the neighbor.

The “leave me alone” neighbor

Fortunately, you have different types of people everywhere, including different types of neighbors. The leave me alone person is not interested in the neighbors and is often busy with work and/or social life. It may come across as disinterested behavior, but it is certainly not the case. If asked, help will also be provided, but it is still the neighbor who is more focused on himself/her own life.

The nosy neighbor

The neighbor often has too little to do and follows what the neighbor is doing. When the front door opens and closes, someone can enter or exit. Who is it and what is he/she going to do? If the back door opens and remains open, someone might sit in the garden and if so, what will he/she do? This is often clearly visible from the other floor. All recognizable and less pleasant, but unfortunately little can be done about it. As long as it doesn’t bother you personally, it is often doable, but as soon as it bothers you, it is no longer pleasant. In a TV program, the neighboring children were ruining things by pelting the pets walking in the garden with eaten sandwiches, secretly throwing empty plastic drinking bottles over the fence, etc. If the parents don’t do anything about this, it is often difficult. to solve problem. Calling the police is a last resort, but in the TV program it is ultimately the solution.

And there are many more different types of neighbors and apparently they provide enough conversation material to regularly fill columns, books or TV programs with them. Interested in delving more into it? TV programs on Dutch and Belgian channels such as Man bijt hond often show them. Fascinating!

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