Names and Meaning – First names Boys & Girls with K – L

Name and Meaning. Girls names and boys names with the K and L. When choosing a name (a baby name), the sound is very important, but also the meaning. First names with a K, L plus the meanings can be found in this name overview. From Karim or Karel and Kirsten to Larissa, Lars, Lex, Lia or Levi. A list of names with old, classical names and also modern, unusual names of various origins, origins, derivations and variants. To look for a beautiful name or the meaning of your own name.




























First Names and Meaning – Boy Names and Girl Names – Names with a K and L


Kai, Kaj, Kay, Kaylen – Pet name derived from Cornelis: the horned one, Gerrit: the strong one with the spear or Nicholas: conqueror of the people

Kalan, Kallan, Kailen – Warrior (Irish , Celtic)

Kalijn, Karen, Karijne, Karin , Carin, Karina, Carina, Carine, Kate, Katelijne, Kathelijne, Kathryn, Katinka, Katja, Katrien, Katrijn, Kitty – Pure, pure (derivations, variants of Catharina, Greek: Katharos)

Karel, Kaarle, Kaarlo, Carel, Carl , Carlo, Carlos, Karoles, Karolis, Carol, Carole, Charles, Charley, Kalle, Karl, Karla, Carla, Carlina, Carolien, Karoly, Carry, Charlotte, Lien, Lotte, Carlota, Carolyn, Lotti, Karleen, Karlien, Karlijn , Karolien – Guy, man, free man/woman, not of nobility

Karim, Karimah – Giving, The Noble

Kars, Karst, Karsten – The anointed, blessed, appointed

Kas, Kasper – Treasurer

Kassander, Kassandra Cassandra – Guardian of victory

Kaya – Wise child or Elder sister (North American Indian name) Home (Zulu) Rock (Turkish), Quiet place (Japanese) Stay/don’t go back (Ghanaian)

Kaylee, Kayleigh – Variant of Kelly: battle, war Kayleigh

Kees, Kille , Knelis, Kors, Krelis, Nelis, Korneille, Kee, Keetje, Kete, Kornelia, Lia, Neel, Nelly – The horned, hardened, as hard as a horn (Latin, see Cornelis, Cees)


Keith – Forest (Welsh: coed)

Kelley, Kellij, Kelly – Emerging from the war

Kelsey – Island of the ships, victory of the ships

Kelvin – River in Scotland

Kenneth, Ken, Kenni th, Kenny – Handsome, beautiful, powerful (Gaelic)

Kenric, Kenrich, Kenriek, Kenrik, Kenryk – Leader, hero without fear, Royal ruler

Kevin, Kevinn, Kavan, Kaven, Keven, Keveon – Handsome at birth (handsome child), kind, beloved


Kick, Kiki – The Horned

Kilian – Man of the church

Kim – War Captain: Boy’s name, Forest Meadow of Cyneburg: Girl name

Kimberley, Kimberly – Forest Meadow of Cyneburg

Kirsten, Kirstin, Kirsty – The anointed

Kiske – The horned

Kjeld, Kjell – Offering bowl


Klaas, Klaske – Conqueror of the people

Klari, Klaar, Klaartje, Klara, Klair (see also Clara, Clair) – Bright, shining, radiant, shining (Latin: Clarus)

Kloris, Chloris, Cloris – Green, young and pale (Greek : chloros)

Kniertje, Kunera, Cunera, Cuinera – Gender or cow (Germanic: kun)

Knud, Knut – Child, race of noble family (Germanic: kint)


Ko, Koos (see Jakob) – He who grabbed the heel

Koen, Coen, Koenraad, Koert, Con, Connie, Conrad, Conradino, Corrado, Kuno, Kunz, Kurt, Koendertsje, Koertsje, Konrada – Counselor , Skilled in counseling (Germanic koen: brave and counsel)

Krijn – Lance wielder

Kris, Krista, Kriste, Kristel, Kristian, Kristianne, Kristie, Kristy – The anointed

Kristof, Kristopher – Bearer of Christ


Kumara – Prince

Kylie – Narrow passage , boomerang, wood

Kyra – Lord, Sun, Throne


First Names and Meaning – Boy Names and Girl Names – Names with the letter L


Ladislaus, Vladislav, Wladislaw, Lásló – Glorious ruler (Slavic)

Lalita Charming, charming (Sanskrit) Lani

Heaven (H awaiian)

Lara – Source nymph (Roman mythology Lara betrayed Jupiter)

Laetitia, Latisha, Letitia, Titia, Letizia, Lätitia, Lettice, Letty – The Joyful, joy (Latin)

Lakia – Found treasure {Arabic)

Lambert, Lambertus, Lambrecht, Lammert, Lam precht, Lampe, Lamy, Lamberdina, Lamberta, Lammertje – Beautiful, famous in its own country (Germanic land: land and bert : beautiful)

Lancelot, Lancelotto, Lance – Land (Germanic lanzo: land and French pet name endings -el, -ot)

Larissa, Larry, Lars, L aura, Laurence, Laurens, Laurent, Laurette, Laurie, Laurien, Laurine, Laury, Lauwrence – Originating from Laurentum (Roman), crowned with laurels

Latona, Lastonya – Mother of Apollo and Diana (Greek mythology)

Latosha, Latoya, Latrice, Latricia (American )

Lau, Lauw, Louw, Louke, Lou, Lauwske, Laukje, Lauwke, Loukje – Originating from Laurentum (see laurentius) (Latin)


Lea, Leah, Liea – Antelope, strong or brave like a lion, strong by grace or brave among the people (Hebrew: Antilope)

Lean , Leander, Leandra – Man/woman of the people, lion, strong or brave like a lion, strong by grace or the brave among the people

Leendert – Strong or brave like a lion, strong by grace

Leila, Laila, Leilah – Dark of hair (Persian)

Lennard, Lenn art, Lenny – Strong or brave like a lion, strong by grace

Lena – Torch, the radiant, beautiful, Mary from Magdala, Strong or brave as a lion or strong by grace

Lenna, Lenne, Lenneke, Leo, Lei, Leon, Leonard, Leonardo, Léonhard, Leonid, Lee ndert, Leen, Leentje, Lenard, Lennart, Leone, Lionel, Lena, Leni, Leny, Leonarda, Narda, Leonie, Léonore, Leontien, Leontina, Leontine, Leontine – Lion, as strong as a lion, strong by grace (Latin leo: lion, Germanic hard: strong)

Leopold, Pol, Léopold, Leupold, Luitpold, Poldi, Leopolda, Leopoldine – The Brave among the people (Germanic leud: people and bald: brave)

Lesley – The court with the holly bushes

Levi, Lev – The Faithful, Affection or die companion (Hebrew: faithful, Levi, father of the Levites, son of Jacob and Leah)

Levina – Beloved friend (Roman mythology: Lavinia daughter of Latinus, king of Latium)

Lex – Protector

Leyla – Of noble stature


Lia, Lian, Lianna, Lianne – The youth, dedicated to Jupiter

Libo rius, Bor, Boris, Liboire – The free man (Latin: liber)

Lida – Of noble descent or loved by the people

Lidewij – Holy struggle, people (Germanic liud : people, wi/wih: holy and wich: struggle)

Lidwina – Friend of the people

Lieke – The Carefree

Lie sbeth, Liesje, Lieske – I swear to God

Lieselot, Lieselotte – Combination of Elisabeth: I swear to God and Charlotte: guy , man, free man

Lieve, Lieveke, Lieven, Lebuinus, Levien, Levinus, Livinus, Vien – Beloved by God, Dear friend (Germanic li af: sweet and win: friend)

Lilian – Lily or combination of Lili: lily and Anna: gracious

Lily, Lelie, Linda, Linde – Short name Germanic Lind: shield of lime wood or snake

Lindsay, Lindsey – Island in Lindon

Lindy – Short name Germanic Lind: shield of lime wood or snake

Lionne – Strong as a lion

Lis, Lisa, Lise , Lissy, Lies, Lisette, Liza, Lize, Lizet, Lizette, Lizzy – I swear to God

Lisan, Lisanne – Combination of Lies: I swear to God and Anna: gracious

Liselot, Liselotte – Combination of Elisabeth: I swear to God and Charlotte: guy, man, free man

Lisha – Mysterious

Liv – Defense, protection, life

Livine – Dear friend

Lizanne – Combination of Lies: I swear to God and Anna: merciful


Lloyd – Gray man (Welsh llwyd: gray)e

Lobke – The Beloved (girlfriend), the beautiful one through fame

Lodewijk, Lode, Lodevicus, Lodewiek, Loek, Loes, Loïc, Louis, Lowie, Ludovicus, Wieke, Wies, Ludovic, Ludwig , Lewis, Luigi, Luis, Lajos, Lodewica, Loeki, Loes, L ouise, Wiesje, Luise – Glorious warrior, war hero (Germanic)

Lola – Mother of the Sorrowful

Lonneke – Belonging to Apollo

Loraine – Originally the French name for Lorraine

Lore, Lorena, Lorenz, Lorenzo, Lorna – From Laurentum, wreathed with laurel

Loretta, Lorette – From Loreto (Maria pilgrimage site in Northern Italy)

Lotje, Lotte – Guy, man, free person

Louelle – Combination of Louise: glorious warrior, fighter for a booty or wise in all respects and Ella: I swear by God

Loui s, Louise, Louk – Glorious warrior, fighter for a booty

Louran – From Laurentum, crowned with laurels


Luana – Combination of Louise: Glorious warrior, fighter for loot or wise in all respects and Anna: gracious, lovely

Luc, Luc a, Lucani, Lucas, Lukas, Luka, Luke, Luuk – The Luminous One, Originating from Lucani, Light ( Latin)

Lucius, Lucianus, Lucien, Luci, Lucia, Lucienne, Lucette, Luciana, Lucilla, Luzia, Lucetta, Lucy – The Luminous, Shining, Born at Dawn (Latin)

Ludmil la, Lida, Ludmila, Mila, Milina, Loudomille – Loved by the people (Slavic lind: people and mila: loved)

Ludo – Glorious warrior, fighter for loot

Lydia, Lidia, Liddy, Lydie – Woman from Lidia, Asia Minor (Semitic)

Lylyiana – Lily

Ly nn – Short name Germanic Lind: shield made of lime wood or snake


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