Clothing tips for tall women: how to look less tall

For tall women it is not always easy to dress according to the latest fashion. There is less clothing for sale in large sizes and clothing sometimes does not look as good. In this article, read clothing advice that will help you buy the nicest clothes and clothing tips that will help you appear smaller.

Buy clothes for tall women

The way that requires the least effort is to buy your clothes from stores or online stores that specialize in clothing for tall women. In every larger city you can often find a store that focuses specifically on larger women. When you buy your clothes in normal stores, it is important not to be blinded by the size of a garment. It is known that clothes of the same size are always exactly the same size. A certain item of clothing may be too small while another item of clothing of the same size is way too big. If your own size is not available, this does not mean that you have stopped shopping. It may be that a piece of clothing that is one size smaller just fits. A well-known example is the pants from Zara and Mango, which often run a bit larger.

Clothing tips for tall women

If you want to appear smaller, there are various tips to make it look like you are a little shorter.

Don’t make yourself bigger

Obviously you gain the most when you don’t wear heels. You literally gain centimeters when you wear shoes with a low flat sole.

Wear horizontal lines

Another well-known clothing tip for taller people is of course avoiding vertical lines. By choosing horizontal lines you appear smaller. Another horizontal trick is, for example, turning your trouser legs. You can optionally emphasize the horizontal lines extra with the help of jewelry or other accessories such as a belt or shoulder pads.

Make legs look shorter

If you mainly want to make your legs look shorter, you can opt for pants with a lower crotch or a low waist. This makes it appear as if your legs are shorter. Don’t choose tight trousers (stretch or slim fit), but go for wide trousers. Also wear a longer coat that falls partly over the legs. If you still want to wear a short jacket, you can still achieve a good effect if you wear a longer shirt, top or sweater.

Make the upper body appear shorter

If you mainly want to make your upper body appear shorter, you can again opt for looser clothing, so do not wear a super tight shirt.

Work with colors

What works well for tall people is using color separations. Using a different color for your top and pants will break up your height. Tall people best wear lighter clothing instead of dark clothing. Lighter clothing gives a fuller appearance.

Finally: shine!

What people often forget is that appearance is the most important thing. When you have a good appearance, it is especially noticeable. Try to appear confident and positive. Remember that most models are also tall themselves.

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