Making friends: the power of a smile

How do you make an excellent first impression on others? How do you make a good first impression on future friends? Does someone with many friends have a gruff personality or a radiant and smiling personality? Who would you like to be friends with, someone who laughs a lot or has a withdrawn personality?

First impression

Everyone knows: the first impression is important, very important! A person’s facial expression is much more important than his clothes. A radiant genuine smile makes an excellent first impression. A smiling first impression is what people will remember. Who wouldn’t want to have someone in their circle of friends who laughs?


What is the personality of someone who makes a lot of friends? What is the personality of someone who has many friends? Someone who makes friends easily possesses:

  • Lots of charm,
  • Warm personality and a
  • Heart-conquering smile.

Actions say so much more than words, a generous smile means: I’m happy to see you and I like you. Communication with a smile is positive.

For the hell of it

The power of laughter lies in its sincerity. Nothing and no one can compete with a radiant smile. A fake smile, an insincere laugh or laughing like a farmer with a toothache, everyone sees through that. No one can fool you with a smile that is not sincere and sincere. People are even annoyed by a smile that is not sincere.

Like to laugh

People who like to laugh achieve much more. People who like to laugh achieve much more in life. People who like to laugh often make good managers. Parents who like to laugh raise their children in a happy way. Teachers who like to laugh convey joy that makes children want to come to school to learn.

To succeed

People who like to laugh a lot succeed better in life. People who enjoy their profession and laugh a lot are more successful than people who laugh less or hardly at all. Laughter is contagious. People who no longer enjoy work or your daily tasks will ultimately not succeed. People who reluctantly go to work without smiling radiate their displeasure to those around them. Would you like to have contact with someone who never smiles? Both business and private?


Laugh, and the whole world laughs with you! Almost everyone will return your smile! A smile is so contagious. Listen to the complaints of others with a smile. Speak cheerfully to others. A friendly smile goes a long way, every day! Everyone is more human when he or she smiles and it gets noticed!


What is the message of a smile? The message of a smile is that you are of good will. A smile is invaluable: it makes friends, but it also creates joy at home and promotes goodwill in doing business. Laughter is the best antidote to difficulties.


Every time you go out, walk straight, strong, chest out and chin up and smile! Fill your lungs with air and feel the energy flowing through you! Laugh and the world laughs with you! Greet everyone with a sincere smile and shake hands with others warmly. Ask with a smile how the other person is doing. Listen to the answer with a smile and the first step towards friendship has been taken. Don’t be afraid that your behavior will be labeled as strange, someone who laughs always conveys the message that he or she is of good will. Provided it is a real, sincere smile!

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