Getting married, what should you think about?

Getting married: one of the most beautiful events in your life. Many things need to be arranged, but where should you start now? Are you also afraid of forgetting something or have no idea where to start? Then read this article carefully first.

The beginning

Set the date

Once you have decided to get married, it is important to set a date as soon as possible. The more time you have to arrange everything, the more calmly you can step into this wonderful process. A process of thinking, searching, making choices and, above all, getting to know each other even better.

Arrange as quickly as possible

Questions from witnesses and masters of ceremonies

  • The sooner, the easier

The bridal couple may request a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 witnesses at the wedding. In special circumstances, 6 witnesses are sometimes required. The witnesses must be of age and the distribution of the witnesses is a personal choice for each bridal couple.
Masters of ceremonies at a wedding take away worries and provide peace of mind. They actually ensure that the day runs smoothly and keep an eye on the time and appointments, among other things.

Discuss town hall

  • As quickly as possible. The sooner, the better the chance. So it depends on your wishes.

If you want to get married during a busy wedding period, setting a date as early as possible is a must. It may also be that the town hall is not quite what you had in mind. Then getting married at another location is often an option. Please consider the additional costs. Ceremony duration: 45 minutes.

Discussing church

  • As quickly as possible. The sooner, the better the chance. So it depends on your wishes.

Discussing the church on time is also important. The church often works with fixed times when a marriage can be solemnized. Duration of church blessing: more than 1 hour.

Discuss room

  • As quickly as possible. The sooner, the better the chance. So it depends on your wishes.

When discussing the venue, also think about how you want to organize the evening. Of course, this can be done after discussing the date. Months or weeks after you have set the date, you usually visit the venue to discuss all your wishes.

Discuss band

  • As quickly as possible. The sooner, the better the chance. So it depends on your wishes.

Discussing a band as early as possible is really important. Taste and money play an important role here. A ‘normal band’ easily costs more than 1,000 euros for about 4 hours of playing. Because taste is certainly up for debate, a varied choice of music is also important for a successful party.

Please note: the congregation, church, venue and band should all be discussed at approximately the same time. First put everything ‘in option’ until you are sure that everyone can attend on the desired date.

Discussing the pastor

  • As quickly as possible. The sooner, the better the chance. So it depends on your wishes.

Make an appointment with the pastor to get to know each other better and prepare for the service. Please clearly indicate your wishes in terms of ‘style’, stories and music.

Arrange this more than six months in advance

Photographer and/or cameraman

  • More than six months in advance. The sooner, the better the chance. So it depends on your wishes.

Photos are important to many people. That is why it is good to inquire in advance about good and not too expensive photographers. This part is also a significant expense on such a wonderful wedding day.
Tip: ask family and friends for good photographers. Nowadays there are many hobby photographers who can practice this way and earn some extra money.

Arrange wedding clothes

  • More than six months in advance. The sooner, the better the chance. So it depends on your wishes.

It is important for the woman to arrange this as quickly as possible. The woman often wants to go to several shops and a dress may have to come from China by ship. A man can take things a little easier with this part. Of course it is also possible to get a nice dress one month in advance, but then you can no longer be so critical (or have a difficult figure).

Select rings

  • More than six months in advance. The sooner, the better the chance. So it depends on your wishes.

Special wishes and therefore difficulties for the jeweler can cause an error in the manufacturing. That is why it is important that if you want something special, you start looking and browsing in time to leave enough time for the production and delivery time.

Arrange this approximately 3 months in advance

Get married

  • 3 months in advance

At the betrothal you will arrange the preconditions of the marriage. You submit forms and indicate your wishes.

Arrange tickets

  • 3 months in advance
  • Posted 6 weeks in advance

This part also applies if you want something special; then be on time. Because there is also a lot of choice in the field of cards, you can browse through books months in advance, but I would definitely order the printer to print at least 2 months in advance.

Composing liturgy

  • 3 months in advance

After consultation with the pastor about the layout of the church blessing, the bridal couple often prepares the liturgy themselves.

Wedding cake

  • 3 months in advance

Do you want a real wedding cake or do you think petit fours with a photo are nice enough? Another choice you have to make.

Bridal bouquet and corsages

  • 3 months in advance

Bridal bouquets come in different shapes and sizes. Just think of the classic bridal bouquet with pink roses and a border of greenery around it. Or are you going for a modern bouquet with iron wire? What is especially important is that you pass on your favorite flowers and colors to the florist. And be sure to say what you absolutely don’t like.
Tip: For the whole it is nice that the man’s tie is matched to a part of the bridal bouquet. Any corsages must of course also match.

Wedding day transportation

  • 3 months in advance

What will it be? A bicycle, mini, carriage, limo or a pleasant Jan Plezier. This also applies to this part, if you want something special: be on time!

What you need to arrange in the last 2 months


  • 2 months in advance

This includes decorating the house where the bride is picked up, the town hall, the church and the hall. You can also consider decorations for the cars traveling along or part of the road to the party location.
Tip: Balloons with helium on sand bags are not too expensive, when you see how they add atmosphere and coziness to the room.

Farewell gift

  • 2 months in advance

The bridal couple often gives a gift to the guests at the end of the wedding day. Photos, candles, candy hearts, lucky dolls: you can go in any direction with this.

Bridal night

  • 2 months in advance

Perhaps a honeymoon isn’t in everyone’s budget. It is very nice to go away for a night with your partner.
Tip: First stay at home for one or two nights to relax, relax and put away gifts.

The countdown can start


  • 3 weeks in advance

People often place an advertisement in the newspaper or local weekly. Consider carefully what information you want to reveal. And where you would and would not want to have uninvited guests.

Finishing touches

Pick up everything, call and have it delivered

  • 1 week in advance

In the week before the wedding it is really necessary to take a few days off. All kinds of things need to be picked up and because many things were agreed months ago, it is often nice to make a few quick reminder telephone calls for your own reassurance.

What else can you think about:

  • Planning for day guests.
  • Music in the church and the town hall.
  • List of wanted (group) photos for photographer.
  • Would the master of ceremonies want to put another letter in the envelope?
  • Your own touch in terms of layout in the form of a photo, picture or symbol. This can then occur anywhere during the day. Consider a caricature of the bridal couple used on the card, cake, liturgy, and so on.

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