Another era, another approach

The change, whether or not emphasized by the Mayan era that signaled a different era, continues. Many people are in a kind of movement that is experienced more or less consciously, but which stimulates the thought process of why you do what you do. This process means that always wanting to have and be more slowly loses ground. Of course, not everyone is at the same stage in the process and it will certainly take decades for this process to trickle down to everyone. But a clear start has been made.


The change for the time being mainly lies in the fact that more and more people realize that merely collecting, which is at the expense of the environment and fellow human beings, is not an end but only a means. It is not an accusation but just an observation, because many people have gone along with the flow of collecting. Only some of these people realize that it is hollow and empty to just collect and that makes people think. Or to put it popularly, we are moving from just the head to a combination of heart and head.

When people start thinking, they, inventive as humans are, also start experimenting and that results in a kind of chaos. While it sounds like this isn’t good, it actually is. Because the better initiatives surface at some point and form the basis for the future.

Practical interpretation

What is the value of your service?

You increasingly see in the business circuit that no concrete price is determined in advance, but afterwards the client is asked what the client thought it was worth. A risk? Of course it is a risk, because there will always be profiteers who pay a much lower price for a job than it cost. It is true that those who are already doing it generally have positive experiences. You can also experiment with one of your customers who you know can estimate the value. It often gives you even more.

Not needed (anymore), give it away!

Obvious for some and not for others. There are more and more websites where you can give away something of value that you no longer use (but is in good condition) to another person who still uses it. But you can also give something away in another way, for example a service you provide. Result: good feeling and no waste.

Open source

Working with open source products is common practice on the internet. Programs that are made available for free to everyone. But why not make something centrally available in your own environment with friends or acquaintances?
Take your own neighborhood as an example. Collect all garden and building materials in the neighborhood and make them available to everyone in that neighborhood with rules about cleaning and conservation. Whether it’s rakes, hoes, stones, lawn mowers, wood or plants, it doesn’t matter.

Knowledge for knowledge

There is so much knowledge, but if everyone keeps it to themselves, it will remain what it is today. We will all be richer if we share this knowledge, skills and materials. Some examples:

  • Green from your own land is tasty, but if you have too much of something, exchange it for someone else who has too much of another vegetable on the land.
  • Collect different business disciplines/knowledge and make these people available for an x number of hours per month for, for example, starting entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in trouble.
  • Find different people or professions together and create a pool of jobs for each other. For example, a plumber might fix leaky taps for an IT specialist who fixes a crashed computer or a carpenter might assemble a garden shed for a marketing specialist who helps him/her with his marketing plan.
  • Gather like-minded people in different areas who make their homes available for a few weeks in the summer. If you take different areas you can rotate and go on holiday to a different place every year.

The examples are countless, you just have to dare to take the initiative somewhere. The forums on the internet could play a role here and in a small area an appeal in a local newspaper or letters in the mail could be thrown in.

In conclusion

There are plenty of initiatives and as long as people act honestly and openly, these types of systems can work. It is just important that people who are not yet ready for this, who are still in a different evolutionary phase, do not undermine good initiatives (boycott, conscious training). So if you set up something, you have to be strong, think it through and shape the initiative with a few other strong people.

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