Who called me?

Who called me: See who called. It is possible to call both anonymously and with caller ID. When someone calls with Caller ID, the recipient will see your phone number. How can you find out who called you?

See who called

When someone calls, his or her number will be automatically sent to the recipient. If the sender does not want this, he or she can call privately or anonymously: the number will then not be shown to the recipient. The sender can do this by entering #31# for the telephone number to be called via a mobile phone, but also by adjusting the settings in the mobile phone. On a landline telephone it is possible to adjust the settings via the provider, or to enter *31* for the number to be called. Please note, the use of #31# (mobile) or *31* (landline) is for one-time use. The blocking expires after the telephone call.

To see who called, the recipient needs a caller ID. A mobile phone displays the number on the screen. With a landline telephone, a separate number identifier is required that is connected to the telephone. Some landline telephones have a number identifier on the device itself. Hands-free phones display the number on the screen.

Who called me?

On a mobile phone, the sender’s name is displayed on the screen when the caller is in the contact list. Sometimes only the number is shown and not the name. This problem can be solved by saving a contact’s telephone number with the country code. This will be: +31612345678 for the Netherlands. The first 0 of the 06 number is not stored. The first 0 of an area code, such as 010, is also not stored but replaced by +31. For Belgium the country code is +32.

If a number has called that is unknown to the recipient, it is possible to call the number back. If the recipient does not want or does not dare to do this, it is also possible to look up the caller’s number. This is easy via the internet. The following websites offer the option to look up a landline or mobile number:

  • zoekopnummer.nl
  • belg.nl
  • zoekbel.nl
  • Telefoondetective.nl


Identify anonymous caller

Sometimes people want to find out the number of an anonymous caller. This is not always easy, and for a good reason: the caller wants to remain anonymous. Because the caller chooses this, the caller’s privacy must not be affected. It is therefore difficult for ordinary citizens to retrieve an anonymous number.

A mobile phone can sometimes be set so that it only rings when a known number calls. Anonymous numbers can be forwarded to voicemail.

If someone is being harassed by an anonymous caller, it is possible to report this. Often will; the provider must be informed of this. Make a note of the dates and times that anonymous calls are made. The provider will check this and give the caller a warning. If the unwanted calling continues, the police will be informed. This person will then see the caller’s number.

Harassment by telephone is undesirable. Yet it is difficult to determine when a caller is unwanted. Calling and hanging up several times a day, making threats or saying nothing, as well as panting, is undesirable. If this happens once, little can be done about it. When it keeps repeating itself, it becomes annoying and also threatening. Often it is children or a known adult who makes unwanted calls. Ignoring is often the best option.

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