Face tells character

What does your face say about you? According to the Chinese, facial features all have a meaning for personality. They look at the face shape, eyes and nose, among other things. The face shape says more about how you think. The eyes are seen as the mirror of your soul and the nose is the meter of wealth, knowledge and wealth. Here I give the meaning of various features of the face.

Face shape

Big, round

People with this head shape are often slow and passive. They find satisfaction in food and are therefore often overweight. In addition, they are very smart and can argue well.

The bucket face, also called water face

Characteristic: a wide forehead and accentuated eyes. This person has many friends and stormy affairs, but often feels lonely. He is a person who needs variety and is very creative. They have a lot of energy and want to know a lot.


Characteristic: has a broad forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow, tapering chin. Wrong friends and a difficult love life are what this person can expect. They work hard for success, but their careers are short-lived. They have good observation skills, are intelligent, can exaggerate enormously and will bring ideas to life.


Characteristic: the pear head has a narrow forehead and widens at the chin. In general, these people are not career-hungry, but they are self-centered and have a desire for power. They often had a difficult childhood and therefore have difficulty making friends. They are chaotic and can react very strongly to problems.


This face shape represents beauty and aesthetics. They are mysterious and irresistible. They have a good social life and are very goal-oriented in their careers. They often had a difficult childhood and therefore set high standards in their relationship.


This face shape is generally considered an aesthetic ideal. A person with a heart face has leadership qualities and does not allow anyone to participate in his success. This person is surrounded by yes-men, butt kissers and will unfortunately never know true friendship. According to this person, love and loyalty do not belong together.


Big eyes

Big eyes are considered the beauty ideal par excellence. They have the appearance of cordiality, eroticism, but also vulnerability. The qualities of strength, sincerity, intelligence and full of ideas are associated with it. They are outgoing and can enjoy themselves. They will also do anything to be the center of attention when it comes to their work.

Small eyes

They give a sign of envy and distrust. It seems like they have something to hide. Yet they are very loyal and very precise. They are self-confident and very goal-oriented, unfortunately they have no patience. They suffer a lot from pedantry and jealousy, which are real relationship breakers. However, they will first completely pamper their partner before that happens.

Eyes placed obliquely upwards

The ideal of beauty. They achieve honestly deserved highlights in their careers, are flexible, but prefer not to do physically demanding work. They are emotional and can suffer from tantrums. They are also easy to influence.

Eyes set down on the outside

They represent great happiness and wealth, listen and remain silent. They are very caring, helpful, incredibly reliable and loyal. They give themselves completely in a relationship and are very good parents.

Closely set eyes

They are the sign of temperament, contact skills, recognizing opportunities. Women often do not dare to take risks, but are curious. Men achieve enormous success, often in politics or economics. They are both introverted and very narrow-minded.

Widely spaced eyes

These people are often mentally unstable and suffer from mood swings. They have great hopes and expect happiness in relationships, which they believe will last forever. So they are very naive, but also very open.

Deep-set eyes

Despite the romantic personality and concentration problems, these persons do not lose touch with reality. They are also very introverted.

Bulging eyes

Beware of these individuals, they are unreliable and selfish. They are strong-willed and stick to their guns. They have chronic problems and rarely have long-term friendships.


Straight nose with straight top

This one is vain, which is very annoying in relationships. Men are snobs and women are narcissistic. They have few worries and we often encounter them at the top of a company or as a model. They love art and attach great importance to appearance. They are very tolerant and can think clearly.

Roma nose

Characteristic: long and has a downward curved top.
He symbolizes courage and clear thinking. They love challenges, especially in relationships, and are very ambitious. They occupy positions in economics or science and sometimes in the military.

Hook nose

These are people with a nose for money matters. They are completely absorbed in their profession and like to brag. Women have pedagogical abilities and would also do well as teachers or advisors.

Turn-up nose

When they are young they already manage to earn a lot. They have temperament, are fickle and lack perseverance. They have a high sensitivity and are psychologically immature.

Crooked nose

They like to let others do their work. They are unbalanced, spiteful and unstable. They often received little attention in their youth, which means that they do not quickly become intimate with others as adults.

Stubby nose

You can find reliability and poise in this person. They can keep even the deepest secrets. They get far in their careers and finish what they start. They want a solid relationship.

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