Important at the wedding: the master of ceremonies

A wedding is exciting for many people, and certainly also for the master of ceremonies. What exactly is expected of you when you are master of ceremonies? And what about masters of ceremonies in other cultures? Whether you are getting married and are looking for a master of ceremonies or are a master of ceremonies yourself, you will certainly benefit from some more information.

The master of ceremonies’ task list

The most important task of the master of ceremonies can actually be summarized in one sentence: you ensure that the wedding goes as planned. However, this includes dozens of small and large tasks.

Consultation with the bridal couple

The most important thing for any master of ceremonies is consultation with the bridal couple. What do they expect you to do? Do you have to help send cards and wrap presents for the guests or do they just want you to take care of a few things on the big day? Make a list together of everything that needs to be done and divide the tasks.

A year before the wedding

  • You’ve just been asked: what an honor! Thank the bridal couple.
  • Seriously consider whether you are up to the task. Don’t you get caught up in your obligations?
  • Let the bridal couple officially know whether you want to be their master of ceremonies or not.


Six months to a year before the wedding

  • Start planning a bachelorette party.
  • Speak with the bride and groom again to see if their plans are clearer. Make an overview yourself.


A few months before the wedding

  • Maintain contact with the bridal couple and complete your tasks on time.
  • Be available in advance for bridal guests who have questions for you.


Shortly before the wedding

  • Discuss the day in detail with the bridal couple. Make a script.
  • Check at the wedding location whether everything is in order.
  • Answer questions from guests who contact you.
  • Plan ‘parts’ of guests in such a way that it fits into the program of the bridal couple.


On the day itself

  • You are the point of contact for problems. Always keep your phone and the script/program at hand!
  • Are there any problems? If possible, do not let the bride and groom know this. Only ask them for a solution if you have tried everything else.
  • Is there a guestbook? Make sure that guests have signed this upon arrival, and certainly before departure.
  • At multiple locations: guide anyone who has difficulty walking to the next location.
  • At the end of the day, call taxis for anyone who wants to get home – make sure you have the number of a taxi company in your phone beforehand.


After the party

Just before the couple returns from the honeymoon, you can decorate their house with balloons and streamers saying ‘just married’. That’s a nice way to come home!

Will the couple sleep at home on their wedding night? Then make sure you have decorated the house (or had it decorated) during the day.

The master of ceremonies abroad

If you try to explain what a master of ceremonies does abroad, the word ‘wedding planner’ immediately comes up. It is almost exclusively the case within Dutch culture that the master of ceremonies performs his or her duties as a favor to friends. Being a wedding planner is quite a profession for which professionals are paid handsomely. A thank you to the master of ceremonies should definitely be included in the bridal budget.

Back in the Netherlands

If you are the master of ceremonies yourself, remember that what you do is truly a service to friends. You want to do your very best for the couple getting married, but you may need to get help. Therefore, ask friends of the expectant couple to help if you cannot reach an agreement.

Who is the master of ceremonies?

Women, men, couples… anyone can be asked to be master of ceremonies. Indeed, also as a couple. If you are planning a wedding yourself, definitely consider asking a couple. Two can do more than one! It is not advisable to ask groups of friends to act as masters of ceremonies, unless you are sure that they can work together without any problems.

Additional duties as master of ceremonies

In addition to being the master of ceremonies, you are probably also a friend of the expectant couple. Therefore, organize a nice surprise for the bridal couple together with others. Hand out bubbles just before the couple arrives, let everyone release a balloon or come up with something else that you know the bridal couple will appreciate.

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