Food bank: conditions

Poverty is an increasing problem in the Netherlands. The food bank offers help. Not everyone qualifies for a food package from the food bank. Certain conditions apply, such as an income limit. What are the conditions to receive a food package from the food bank? In addition, more information about the food bank in general. How can you register for the food bank?

Who gets help from the food bank?

There are plenty of prejudices surrounding the food bank. This would concern people with high debts, which they have built up by taking out loans. They are poorly educated, do not work, but do have a widescreen television in the living room. However, this image does not correspond in reality. Not all clients who receive help from the food bank have problematic debts. Part of the target group has a secondary to high education.

Yes, even normal people can end up at the food bank. What about a self-employed person who can no longer keep his business profitable, a dismissed employee who is no longer entitled to unemployment benefits, an elderly person with an AOW benefit and without a supplementary pension, who no longer has any money left over? the end of the month.

Food bank: conditions and criteria

When is someone eligible for a food package from the food bank?
The nationally established criterion for food bank assistance is based on a certain maximum living allowance per month, which remains after the deduction of fixed costs, such as rent, gas, electricity, water, insurance, health insurance, etc. That amount is intended for the variable household costs, such as food, drinks, clothing and other items.

In addition, the condition is often that a food package can only be received if it has been requested by an aid organization.

Food bank income limit

The food banks impose strict income requirements to prevent abuse of the scheme. The following amounts are used as the limiting amount for subsistence allowance (variable costs of living, such as food, clothing, etc.):

  • Single household 175
  • More adults from 18 years to 60
  • Children up to 12 years 25
  • Children 13-18 years 50


Maximum duration of food bank assistance

Help from the food bank is offered for a maximum of three years, the duration of any debt restructuring. After six months, the food bank that is active in your place of residence will check via the professional care provider whether food aid is still necessary.

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