Change: what works or doesn’t work in your life?

What needs to be different in your life? What needs to change in your life? How do you start learning to deal with change well? Why should you take care of yourself first? Who is responsible for your life? Do you realize that if something needs to change, it is your own behavior that needs to change? What works in your life and what doesn’t? What do you regret and wish you had never started? What stupid things from the past no longer work in your life?

Your life

You have reached a point in your life where you realize that something has to change:

  • You have to change or
  • A situation has to change.


Get started

How do you start to change? By first making sure that you feel good about yourself. Why? Big or small changes in your life can be quite drastic. Not everyone is resistant to change. By ensuring that you feel good about yourself, you are more resistant to change. During difficult moments you are better able to persevere and persevere, because you have taken good care of yourself. How do you start taking good care of yourself?

  • By eating and drinking healthy,
  • By laughing a lot and often,
  • By hugging others often and often,
  • By exercising a lot and often,
  • By breathing evenly and mindfully,
  • By letting things go,
  • By putting things into perspective.



Then we will see who is responsible for your life. You, or someone else? Should someone else change or should you change? Do you always blame others or do you realize that because of your behavior your life is not going as planned? It’s your life, it’s your responsibility so you have to change. That means: you have to change your behavior if you want to get the life you want. Your behavior must change if you want to change a situation.

What do you want to change?

Do you already have some insight into what things need to change? What are you not satisfied with? What shoe pinches in your life? Are all the shoes tight or just 1? Make a list for yourself of things you want to change. You have to wake up: what works and what doesn’t work in your life?


Some people know immediately what needs to change in life, others have more difficulty with it. Take a moment to investigate, which shoe is pinching in your life?

  • Are you capable of more than you do?
  • Do you lack self-confidence?
  • Are you too lonely?
  • Do you live a life without passion?
  • Do you have a life with too few things that you want?
  • Are you silently enduring an emotionally fruitless life, relationship or marriage?
  • Does your life consist of one big rut?
  • Do you carry financial burdens that you do not know how to deal with?
  • Do you have a lack of appreciation, friendship and love in your life?
  • Do you suffer from feelings of guilt and frustration?


To much problems

Do you have too many things that need to change? But can you actually no longer see the forest for the trees? Take a piece of paper and write down the following:

  • If you had known then what you know now, you would never have done what you did. What did you do then that you now regret? Take your time, think about everything calmly and write them down.
  • All those things that you later say were incredibly stupid. What stupid things did you do then that you now regret? Which things from then no longer work in your life?



If all goes well, you should now have a nice list of things that need to change. This is the beginning of your change.

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