Learning new behavior

What is better? Unlearn old behavior or learn new behavior? What reasons are there for learning new behavior? Can you also approach the change process by trying something completely different? Do you want to know if you are really capable of change? Can you change despite the many setbacks during the change process? Is it difficult to add new habits into your life? Is it easy to open up to positive behavior?


What could be the reasons for learning new behavior?

  • Wanting to get the best out of yourself,
  • Achieving better results,
  • Developing yourself,
  • Wanting to change.


Best of yourself

Why do you want to change? Why do you want to learn new behavior? Because you want to get the best out of yourself? Getting the best out of yourself does not always mean that you have to do things differently or that you have to approach things differently. However, if you want to get the best out of yourself, learning new behavior can help you achieve (much) better results!

To develop

Why do you want to make a change? Why are you so eager to learn new behavior? Because you are willing to develop yourself? Wanting to develop yourself is a very good goal. However, you must be very aware of one thing: going through a change process because you want to develop yourself is often difficult as well as difficult.

Can I do it?

Can you change? Do you want to know if you can really change? Change is difficult, it takes time and energy and it takes blood, sweat and tears. If you manage to change, it will be one of the most valuable things in your life: because it took so much effort. It was a real achievement! Undergoing the change process happens with trial and error, but falling back into the old behavior does not mean that you are not able to change!

Fall and rise

The change process happens through trial and error. Every step you take in the process of change brings you closer to your end goal: change! You can see every fall as a failure, but you can also see every failure as a step closer to success: your success!

Different approach

Is there a way to carry out the change process in a completely different way? Can you approach the process of change in a different way? Naturally! You can add new habits, instead of trying to fight old behavior. Hmm, that simple right? In all honesty: this flyer holds up with the smaller changes. For example: you would like to lose some kilos, but changing behavior by following a diet is a bridge too far for you. No problem: then you add a new habit: exercise more and more often (for example in the gym!)


Doing, executing a habit that has been added to your life is always much more fun than stopping something. Would you like to stop snacking? Is quitting smoking fun? Would you like to stop spending money? No not really. Therefore: It is simply more fun to do something than to have to stop doing something. Try it! Again: this rule only works when making small changes in your life! With major and drastic changes, you (almost) cannot avoid behavioral changes.

Positive behavior

Is it difficult to add new habits into your life? No, not when you really open yourself up to choosing new behavior instead of unlearning old behavior. Once you have opened up, you will immediately notice that you prefer to choose positive behavior and not the old behavior that prevents you from getting the best out of yourself or from developing yourself.

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