Dr. Phil McGraw TV psychologist

The American psychologist and television presenter Dr. Phil became famous for a guest appearance on the Oprah show. Direct, involved, with humor and self-mockery and solution-oriented without whining are some of the characteristics of Dr. Phil. Thanks to Dr. Phil has made psychology more accessible and understandable to millions of people. Dr. Phil uses TV as therapy.


Dr. Phil (Phillip Calvin McGraw, Oklahoma, September 1, 1950) studied:

  • Psychology at MID western State University (BA) in 1975,
  • Experimental psychology at the University of North Texas (MA) in 1976 and
  • Received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of North Texas in 1979.



What is Dr.’s private life like? Phil out? Before Dr. Phil married his Robin, he was married to his high school sweetheart for a few years in 1970. Since 1976, Dr. Phil married Robin, with whom he has two sons: Jay and Jordan.


The dr. Phil Show (the TV psychologist) has attracted millions of viewers every week since it started in 2002. The show covers a new topic every time that Dr. Phil gives advice and consultation hours on TV. Guests are often invited who have experienced the subject being discussed. No subject concerns Dr. Phil out of the way: he discusses everything. Dr. Phil gives advice to his guests, is direct but also involved and his method is mainly solution-oriented, using your common sense and confrontational. The show Dr. Phil falls under the category: entertainment and not under psychology. In the Netherlands, the Dr. Phil Show broadcast by RTL. The dedication of Dr. Phil to children and to families is striking but sincere.

Oprah Winfrey

Dr. Phil became known for his guest appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show. The combination of entertainment and clear insights into psychological problems made Dr. Phil a celebrity. Since Dr. Phil started his own show in 2002 and has the highest viewing figures since Oprah Winfrey started her show. In record time, the American TV psychologist has become extremely popular and has fans all over the world.


Dr. Phil will continue to provide therapy to viewers as a TV psychologist until at least the 2013/2014 TV season.


The dr. Phil show has received nominations and awards over the years such as:

  • 21 nominations for the Emmy award,
  • Won the PRISM award 5 times for being able to describe very accurately what a drug and/or alcohol addiction can do to you.



Once the show Dr. Phil comes on and Dr. Phil is (world) famous and well deserved, criticism erupts on Dr. Phil. It would be too simplistic, the method that Dr. Phil used in his show would be too simple and not valid. Even worse, Dr.’s advice Phil don’t work and are ineffective. Traditional one-on-one therapy, Dr. Indeed, Phil was never spoken to.


In addition to the very successful TV show, Dr. Phil also advices. Topics where Dr. Phil’s advice on giving are:

  • Health,
  • Relationships and sex,
  • Weight (Dr. Phil’s Diet),
  • About yourself and your world (Live for yourself!),
  • Parents and parenting (family and children),
  • Money and about
  • Life strategies.



In addition to being a TV psychologist, Dr. Phil also writes through life. He has written several bestsellers, such as:

  • Feel good in your body,
  • Live for yourself,
  • Learn to live,
  • Be smart in love,
  • Family first,
  • Save your relationship,
  • Dr. Phil knows what to do.

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