Cheerfulness decorates your day

It seems like a dead giveaway, but cheerfulness certainly brightens up your day and is actually not difficult at all. Even people with a negative attitude or real doomsayers can learn it. You have to be serious about learning it/being serious about it, otherwise it won’t do anything.

Start your day…

The start of the day is the most essential moment for the rest of the day, because the morning largely determines how you further organize and shape your day. Sudden meetings, unexpected moments and impulsive moments are also influenced by how you started your day. All in all, this means that your morning can largely shape the rest of the day, positively or negatively.

Long live positivity?

Assuming that no one (or almost no one) is looking for a mountain of negativity, you can conclude that everyone is open to showing more positivity. And yet that is not the case.

First of all, what matters is that you really want it. Your mind is extremely strong and can influence a lot, but that only works if you really want it. As a person you have to be ready, so to speak, to take that step, even if you are not naturally cheerful.


A hot item for many people, because if you have a lot of money you become happier. Well, that’s not true! People with a lot of money are not happier than people with a moderate or average income and besides, what is a lot? If you can buy the whole world, what makes you happy? The point is that the cheerfulness, the positivity comes from yourself or by literally or figuratively buying it.

Bring joy out of yourself

Just as self-esteem and confidence are something you have to get out of yourself before going public, this also applies to cheerfulness. Your environment can play a role in this, such as happy people around you, having an eye for details in life or just having enough money to live on, but the core is always within yourself. It’s positive that you can influence it yourself, but as mentioned, you have to be ready for it.

Steps to take…

What steps can you take to help you start the day cheerfully and let it continue throughout the day. A summary of a number of things you can get started with.

  • Start the day by remembering a fixed item for that day that made you happy at an earlier stage (an anecdote, an incident, pleasant attention, desired involvement in a cause… you name it). Remember this and let the corners of your mouth curl positively again. Then imagine that everything you will pass that day that could ruin your good mood, you will remember this for a moment… and keep doing it consistently.
  • Evaluate that evening or the next morning and repeat with another positive situation. Continue this until it becomes second nature. Your negativity, people trying to ruin your mood, etc. will make it increasingly difficult. Your cheerfulness predominates and that is good for your mood, but it also helps you to face obstacles in a different way than getting angry and acting from anger or perhaps fear.


  • Another way is to decide early in the morning that during the day, starting with the morning, you will recall 3 pleasant incidents from the past. It goes without saying that positive moments of that day also count.
  • If you cannot think of a ‘sufficient’ moment immediately, it helps you to take a moment of rest and think about it for a moment.
  • Besides evoking happiness in your mind, it also gives you a moment of peace. There is a good chance that you will not have time for ‘moments’ because of the hustle and bustle of the day. A moment of rest has several aspects that are good.


To persevere

Making a resolution is one thing, making a start is another, but sticking with it is the hardest thing there is. Because a setback that hits you for a moment quickly gives you the feeling of giving up. You know them, the See People as I call them. In fact, they are presented with what is somewhere in the mind. And if this continues to prevail, you are not (yet) ready to allow more positivity.

Growth process

It can also be a growing process and if you don’t succeed at first, even if you try for days on end. Don’t let it frustrate you, then this is not the time yet and you may need to give it a little more time and put it aside for a while. That may be a shame, but frustration is more likely to lead to not trying anymore than to postponement. Not at the moment and possibly in a few months.

The fact that you can engage in it in this way is already a good step towards cheerfulness, structurally allowing positivity.


Being structurally cheerful/positive should not be confused with passivity (as is sometimes the case). Positive people also have to act in a situation, but the approach is often different. Your way of thinking changes and therefore also your way of acting.

What you see many people do is approach everything with a smile, but this is not a must either. Someone with a positive attitude sometimes has a bad day. But the turning point comes sooner and on balance it becomes less and less or you experience it less. And that’s actually just as positive!

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