Why does baby cry: recognize the cause

It makes many parents feel powerless when their baby is crying. What is going on and why is your baby crying? You really want to find a solution to help your little one and to give yourself peace again. And what about those bystanders who are often visibly irritated by a crying baby? Read in this article what the cause or reason could be for your baby to cry. Please note, the reasons in this article mainly apply to newborn babies.


In most cases, there is a simple cause for newborn babies: your baby is simply hungry. The cry is usually high pitched. The crying starts softly and gradually increases in volume. The solution to stop these types of crying fits is very simple. When you give your baby a bottle of milk or put it to the breast, it often stops immediately. If you don’t have the opportunity to feed, the crying won’t just stop. A good tip for mothers is to always have enough food with them, such as bottle food. When you breastfeed you always have enough food. However, it can be difficult in some cases, for example when you are in company or in public. Then try to find a quiet place and feed your baby. Fortunately, many public buildings and larger shops also have special baby areas, so make use of them!


The least pleasant thing for parents is when your child is in pain. However, newborn babies often suffer from this, for example when they have colic or something similar. Realize that your baby’s body must slowly get used to the new environment (outside the womb) and to different foods. When a baby is in pain you will hear it very clearly. The crying is in full force. What can make it extra heartbreaking for parents is that the crying can often start very suddenly. Your child may be sleeping peacefully and suddenly burst out crying at full force. Try to calm your baby down. When you know that there are cramps, you can gently massage the intestines with your fingers.

Your baby is not comfortable

There are many reasons why your baby may be uncomfortable. Think of a dirty diaper or when your child is too cold. You can recognize such a situation by a low-pitched cry. The crying is also generally less forceful. If the diaper is dirty, you will of course have to change the diaper, after which your child will usually fall asleep peacefully again. You can easily feel whether your child is cold. Especially when the neck feels cold, you know that your child will need to be dressed more warmly.


Unfortunately, children are sick more often than adults. So you don’t have to be alarmed by this because in most cases it can do little harm. Being ill occasionally is an important trigger for your child’s stronger resistance. When your child is sick, it is often accompanied by crying. The crying is characterized by a plaintive tone. It also often sounds a bit more lifeless than usual. Compare it to yourself when you are ill, adults are usually a bit lethargic and complaining. Try to comfort your child a bit. If your child is very ill, you can always consult the doctor.


Small babies need a lot of sleep and sleep a lot. When they get some sleep they often fall asleep on their own. Sometimes this does not go well, for example because there is a busy environment, music that is too loud, a television that is on, and so on. Your child will then show that he or she is asleep by crying. When a baby is tired, the crying will be somewhat whiny. It will also yawn regularly. Try to find a quiet environment so that your child will usually fall asleep quickly. Otherwise, walk around a bit making light rocking movements or walk around with the stroller.

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