How do you get the best ideas?

The best ideas come from the creative brain, but how do you develop the best ideas? How do you get the best ideas? Which method is excellent for developing good ideas? Scientists and creative people rely on their good ideas. How did the famous scientist and inventor Dr. Elmer R. Gates’ brilliant ideas? How do many women get good ideas?

Dr. Elmer R Gates

Dr. Elmer R. Gates is a famous scientist and inventor. Many consider him a genius because he managed to obtain more than 200 practical patents. He published less than other scientists, but his method for developing brilliant ideas is special. What method did Dr. use? Elmer R. Gates to get brilliant ideas?

Communications room

In Dr.’s laboratory Elmer R. Gates was a communications room, as he called it. This room was almost completely soundproof and lightproof. If Dr. Gates wants to tap into his creative brain, he goes to his communications room. He sits down in the dark at a table with a writing pad and a pen on it. He doesn’t do anything. He concentrates on the invention he is working on. He focuses on the problem he encountered. He sat there, doing nothing. He stayed in the room until his head was overflowing with good ideas.

Good ideas

The light switch was within reach. Once the good ideas started spinning in his head, Dr. Gates turned on the light and wrote down on his notepad all the ideas that were running through his head. The story goes that Dr. Gates once stayed in the room writing for up to 3 hours: he had gotten so many ideas in his dark and silent communications room. Many of the notes contained a solution to a problem, some were even brilliant.

Develop ideas

How do you develop good ideas? Many people were impressed by the good, ingenious and brilliant ideas that Dr. Gates got into his communications room. Dr. Gates regularly sat in his communications room to get good ideas for private individuals and (large) companies. This was his livelihood.

How is that possible?

How can someone come up with creative ideas in a dark and quiet room? Someone in a dark and quiet room is not distracted by outside influences. By being quiet for a while and doing nothing, creative forces can develop. Creative forces that are always there but cannot be expressed due to the blockage of external stimuli. By cutting yourself off from the outside world and working on solving the problem, sooner or later the best ideas will emerge.


A study found that women get their best ideas from being in bed. This method can be compared to the method that Dr. Gates uses in his communications room: these women’s bedrooms are all dark and quiet. By focusing on the problem, ideas will flow naturally. However, many women do not have a writing pad next to the bed, so they often forget most of their ideas the next morning.

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