How to conquer a woman

Some men have no idea how to approach a woman, let alone master the timing and strategy that are so important to actually conquering a woman. The internet is teeming with dating tips and the number of single men is increasing. Seducing, flirting and seducing are now skills that have been refined into an art. Yet any man can be a successful conqueror if he simply follows some basic rules!

Eye contact starts with the woman

Many men think that they have to be tough and take the initiative in a conquest. The joke is that it isn’t. In reality, it is almost always the woman who indicates whether she would like to be conquered. It is fundamental to know that it works this way, because it reduces the risk of getting blue.

Don’t approach a woman who hasn’t looked at you at least twice for more than a few seconds. If she averts her gaze and looks for your eyes again , you are in the right place and you can approach her. The timing here is important. If she has the feeling that you don’t notice her or that you don’t dare, her initial interest will diminish. So it comes down to ‘feeling’ the woman in question.

The right opening line

The opening sentence is never the most important thing, but it does give a first impression. You don’t have to come up with clever sentences, but it is best to simply introduce yourself or say something about the environment you are in. So never resort to rude comments such as: ‘Nice legs, what time do they open?’, or ‘Is it that hot in here, or is that you?’, or ‘Is that a ladder in your tights or the stairway to heaven?’ , etc., because that will almost certainly lead to nothing and you will only make a fool of yourself. Furthermore, a woman can only talk to you confidentially if your circle of friends is away, so make sure she doesn’t feel like she has to talk to multiple men.

Keep the conversation going

Don’t make her interested in your stories, but in YOU. Talking about things is always good, but at some point let her subtly know that you appreciate her. You have to be careful about this because if you do it too quickly it will be counterproductive. So never sit around and do nothing, but don’t do the opposite either. The woman in question had better not be confused about how she comes across to you. So always hint at some point that you like her smile, or her humor, or her eyes. Don’t say anything about her breasts, buttocks and legs! Staring at her and studying her is also out of the question and comes across as creepy. You should also be careful with compliments about clothing. In any case, wrap your compliment in different text, so don’t emphasize the compliment. Make sure it suits you to simply show that you appreciate someone. Never give her the idea that there is more to it. Furthermore, it goes without saying that you keep her attention and therefore don’t use your cell phone. If you receive a call, ask the caller to call back at another time. This shows respect for the woman you are talking to and she will certainly appreciate that.

Make yourself attractive

Your appearance, the contents of your wallet and your age are not what it’s all about when it comes to winning over a woman. What matters is how you present yourself. Your character and personality determine your level of attractiveness. Women consciously or unconsciously seek protection, safety and security. If, as a man, you can demonstrate that you have your own life in order, you automatically become more attractive to women. This doesn’t mean that your life has to run smoothly before you can conquer a woman, but it does mean that if you trust yourself and are also able to overcome difficulties, not through words but through actions, it makes you more attractive .

Her reaction

Now that you have shown your best side and have engaged in a conversation, there are a few points that indicate whether you are on the right track. Body language is very important. A woman always tests the man in question, even if she is not even aware of it. She watches you with every comment and movement you make. She looks at details such as your nails and your shoes, but she also tries to get a total picture of you, to gauge you and place you. Don’t let this distract you and try to remain yourself. Don’t try to pretend to be her prince charming or her lover-to-be because you will be engaging in deliberate deception that could cost you dearly later.

During this phase of getting to know each other, it is ideal if about half of the contribution to the conversation comes from her. So: If a conversation is just an ‘interview’, you ask her things but she rarely or never asks a counter question, then that is a bad sign. Another bad sign is if you make jokes and she doesn’t appreciate them. Quick clues are when she looks at her watch or asks you what time it is, when she yawns or when she looks bored. A woman who is interested in you is an active participant in the conversation and will respond to your compliment and perhaps give one herself!

To transport? Don’t rush too fast

Runners are dead runners, that also applies in love. Men are not seriously interested in a woman who puts herself out there for the simple reason that a man wants to feel like he is on the hunt himself. The opposite also applies more or less, although the psychology behind it is slightly different: In a first conversation you prefer to avoid touching her and attempts to kiss her. This comes across as far too eager and will probably not have the desired effect. Here again it is the woman who indicates whether she is willing to be kissed. Don’t put your arm around her because you think you literally have to protect her. There is a chance that she will experience it as bossy and annoying. So hold back and remember that if you really have the right person for you, these things will happen naturally. And: just as you probably don’t want to talk to a ‘slut’, a woman would also prefer not to talk to a ‘sex maniac’.

Shyness is positive

Nothing melts a woman’s heart as quickly as a man showing his weak side(s). If you show a little uncertainty in the conversation and adopt a slightly shy attitude, know that this is actually attractive to many women. In short, appropriate shyness will get you much further than a macho attitude. If a conversation goes well, you become much less aware of your insecurities and you will also dare to say more.

Make her laugh

Nothing is as important as humor and many women appreciate it very much when the man shows that he has a sense of humor and thus automatically creates a good atmosphere. Of course you shouldn’t start telling jokes, you should never make fun of her and you shouldn’t use non-stop self-mockery. A sense of humor cannot be taught, it is ingrained in you and if you have the right partner in front of you, your humor will naturally emerge. A man who smiles has an advantage because he indicates that he feels good about himself, which a woman experiences as positive. Showing humor doesn’t mean you can’t be serious, on the contrary, it shows that you also have a serious side.

Don’t discuss serious problems

Avoid putting your entire past and any problems on the table in a first conversation. To a woman that would seem like your life is dominated by problems and that is repulsive. After all, she could become your next problem! Moreover, it goes against the positive image you want to convey to her. Problems can be better addressed in subsequent conversations, if your ‘conquest’ has shown that she has a genuine interest in you and, conversely, you also have the same interest in her. In a first conversation, do not adopt the opposite attitude, namely that of introvert, because that will frustrate a woman very much. Open yourself up to talking about feelings and you’ve already done half the job.

Drop her name sometime

Once you find out her first name, it is smart to mention her name once or twice in the conversation. This comes across as very personal and gives the woman the feeling that your words are only meant for her. It immediately creates an atmosphere of trust, which is an excellent foundation for moving forward.

Always talk neutrally about an ex

If you have one or more exes and the conversation turns to that topic, always show her that the ex no longer plays a significant role. The second point is that you should not speak negatively about your ex, because this is an indication for the woman that if the relationship goes wrong, you will be just as negative about her, after all, the best proof of what someone will do in the future. will do is in his past. Don’t talk too positively about your ex, because this indicates that you may still have feelings for her. The woman sitting opposite you will feel like she has to compete with this ex and will therefore not get the ‘exclusivity feeling’ that women find very important.

Don’t pursue a one-night stand

If you get excited, your thoughts may run wild and in a weak moment you can screw everything up. If you want a serious relationship, avoid the subject of sex and obviously don’t ask her to come to your house after an initial conversation. If you do it right, this will at least give the woman the important assurance that you are interested in her as a person and have no ulterior motives. Conquering a woman is a game of strategy. One wrong move and you could start all over again or lose her. A woman will not be able to appreciate a man who is after her ‘sex’. It is always assumed that a woman wants to be respected and that is certainly the case, but it is just as important that a woman is enabled by her conqueror to respect him in return.

Ask for a follow-up meeting

If the interest is mutual and you are sure of it, you can ask her how you can speak to her again. So don’t put a note with a phone number in her hand, or ask for her number. Always leave it entirely up to the woman in question how she sees the continuation of the contact. This gives her the freedom to make her own decision. Don’t be afraid that you will no longer see or speak to her because if she really feels conquered by you, she will definitely reveal some of her private information, and in that case you will not call her until after six weeks, or within a few hours. , but after which you will contact her within a few days.

What you should never do under any circumstances

  • Asking her if she ,already has a boyfriend, or quizzing her about previous friends. This will reveal your intentions, irritate her, and portray you as a swindler.
  • Pretend you are doing her a favor when she interacts with you. This is arrogant behavior that is counterproductive. Always do the opposite and feel honored that she spends her time with you.
  • Playing tricks with alcohol. This adolescent attitude repels women who have even remotely serious intentions.
  • Showering her with gifts and drinks. You conquer a woman, you never bribe her!
  • Follow her everywhere. You avoid stalking a woman, you always take her no as no.
  • Playing hard to get. This cheerless attitude is the best basis for a nasty love-hate relationship, it breeds distance and uncertainty and makes the woman insecure. So don’t play games.
  • Asking for permission to kiss her. A man will make a fool of himself when asked a question about this, and he also unconsciously indicates that the kissing moment is inappropriate.
  • Only talking about yourself and bragging. This behavior will make the woman feel completely unnecessary.
  • Taking her for granted and not thanking her for the pleasant hours. This shows little empathy and bluntness.
  • Building a confidential friendship that stagnates the road to a relationship. It becomes clear from the beginning whether it is about friendship or a relationship and if you want a relationship, do not be fobbed off with the position of ‘confidant’.

Good luck on your love path!

“The next time you try to seduce anyone, don’t do it with talk, with words. Women know more about words than men ever want. And they know how little they can ever possibly mean.” ~ William Faulkner

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