Superstitions, actions and signals

Believing that something can be caused by supernatural powers or forces is also called superstition. However, according to superstitions, these powers and forces can be influenced by doing or not doing certain actions and can therefore be neutralized, evoked or adjusted.

Superstition and luck

Sometimes, however, superstition has to do with actions or the consequences of actions that are not performed by people and cannot be influenced by them. Unfortunately, in those cases it remains only signals. It is a pity that positive influence cannot be exerted in all cases, because many superstitions have to do with luck, so it would be nice to be able to enforce this.

Actions and signals


  • Putting shoes on the table is not an everyday habit for many. If it does happen, it must be taken into account that the magical power of the shoes on the table can cause bad luck or lead to an argument. In the Middle Ages, shoes were even set on fire to keep ghosts and demons at bay.
  • But shoes can also lead to fun things, especially shoelaces. If you make a wish while tying someone else’s shoes, that wish will come true.



  • Keep the garden hose at hand and the number of the fire brigade as soon as a redstart is singing on the roof, because then a fire is coming.
  • There is also a fire risk if the stork leaves its nest early, because that is even a sign that the entire house will soon burn down.



  • Sneezing is not only annoying because sneezing three times before breakfast means that the weather will be nice the next day.



  • You can expect bad news if your left ear rings.
  • While ringing the left ear means bad news is coming, ringing the right ear actually indicates that good news is coming.


Argument and quarrel

  • Another thing about sneezing. Try to avoid sneezing on Sunday, because that heralds a whole week of trouble.
  • If two people light their cigarettes with the same flame, it will cause a fight between the two smokers.
  • Also, two friends drying their hands on the same towel will lead to a fight between them.


Witches, ghosts, devils and vampires

  • A broomstick should be placed with the stem down against a door to block the way for witches.
  • But never open the front door while the back door is also open because then evil spirits will enter the house.
  • Whistling before going to sleep invokes the devil.
  • The idea that stepping out of the bath with the left leg does not bode well comes from an ancient belief that the left side of the body was considered unclean and was the devil’s side of the body because the devil sat on the left side of God before his banishment.
  • Garlic above the door would keep vampires out, but perhaps also visitors, because who would want to go inside through that smell?



  • Anyone who realizes too late that he clipped his nails on Sunday can expect to get sick the following Sunday.
  • And don’t wipe a table or bench with a broom because that brings illness into the house.



  • Do you always want to look young? Then keep an acorn with you and always carry it with you.
  • To prevent hair loss, someone should certainly not count their money often because that actually stimulates hair loss.


Sleeping and nightmares

  • Poor sleep can be prevented by not leaving pans without lids overnight.
  • Suffering from nightmares will be a thing of the past if you now place your socks with a pin through them at the foot of the bed.


All kinds of

  • A rich harvest awaits farmers when there are many fat and cheerful sparrows.
  • After causing a break while washing dishes, there is a good chance that two more things will break.
  • A collapsed grave indicates that the deceased has gone to hell.
  • If you see a cat licking its tail, you can expect unpleasant visitors.
  • A nice signal is the sudden tickle in the palm of the hand because that means that money is on its way.
  • Tickling often means something nice because a tickling nose means that you will receive a gift in the short term.
  • A sure sign that a boy and a girl are in love with each other is if they yawn at the same time.

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