Indian Medicine Wheel

Indian astrology is centuries old and yet not as well known as Chinese astrology, for example. Yet there are clearly recognizable things in Indian astrology.


According to the Indians, everything has power to some extent, which can be good or bad. The earth, Mother Earth as the Indians call it, also has a strong medicine and we are on earth to learn.
According to the Indians, this can also mean that if you do not learn or do not learn sufficiently during your life on earth, you will have to do so in the next life (a number of tribes believe in reincarnation). Balance is very important and that is what we strive for.

Round shapes are assumed. The sacred often has a round shape, such as the sun, the moon or the earth and therefore also the Medicine Wheel.

The medicine wheel

The medicine wheel contains the earth, people and all beings. The year is divided into 12 moons, each of which has an associated animal, this is called a totem. The moon you were born in determines where you start on the medicine wheel.
After birth, which is always central to astrology, new possibilities and challenges arise.

How does it work

The explanation goes a long way to explain in a few lines, but the broad outline can be given.
The Medicine Wheel has the cardinal directions as its starting point and symbolizes the journey of the path of life that each individual must make. It can help you on your life path.

The cardinal directions form the basis and are then associated with animals and human characteristics.

  • east = spring and morning, eagle, youth, renewal and the color yellow
  • south = summer and afternoon, mouse, adult, change and color green
  • west = autumn and evening, bear, strength (midlife), reflection and the color black
  • north = winter and night, buffalo, old age, wisdom and the color white


Detailed explanation

Detailed explanation is needed for specific application. A good readable book about this is the book by Kenneth Meadows called Mother Earth Astrology. Publisher Becht published the book.

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