The Amish, back in time

The Amish faith community is a separate community that lives far from the “modern world”. They can provide their own resources, build their own houses, educate their children and live frugally. What kind of community is this anyway?

Who and where

The Amish live in North America. In the past, these religious communities also existed in South America, Europe and Russia, but eventually most emigrated to North America. Another part is attracted to another community such as the Baptists.

The Amish are followers of the Swiss Jakob Amman, who lived from 1644 to 1730. The followers live largely in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana and there are about 200,000 Amish followers registered.

Way of life

The Amish live frugally, have close family ties, live spiritually far from the modern world and want to be left alone. They take care of their own community and do not rely on the government. They also have their own language, Bibel Deitsch.
The way of life can be compared with our way of life and clothing from the early 19th century. Sober, black, without jewelry and the women’s hair is tucked under white caps and the children wear the same black, sober clothing.

With greatly improved health care and an average number of 7 children per family (they do not practice birth control), the community is doing more than well.


They are mainly arable farmers who partly work with the resources of that time. Another part goes a little further with the technical resources of our time.
The group that rejects all this is called the Old Order Amish and still uses horse-and-buggy to this day.

It is strange to find that one is not allowed to drive a car, but if someone else is behind the wheel, one is allowed to ride along. A washing machine that runs on normal electricity is not allowed unless it is powered by a generator.

Young people and adolescents

People go to school until the age of 14 and are only taught a limited number of subjects.

  • Reading-writing-arithmetic
  • Geography history
  • Bible knowledge

So people only partly learn what is going on in the world and combined with no TV, radio, internet or newspapers, it gives a limited picture. Connecting to regular education if one wants to leave the community can therefore lead to problems.

Between the ages of 16 and 20, one may explore the world for a few months and may decide to leave the Amish community. This period is called Rumspringa. Due to educational disadvantages and unfamiliarity with the modern world (technology, making new friends, etc.), it is not an option for many and they feel safer in the closed and safe Amish community.
When people return to the community, they must stay there. Almost 90% of young adults choose this.

The Amish, a separate but prosperous community.

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