Loverboys & lovergirls

It is of course wonderful to be in love, especially when it comes from both sides. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that it is abused by people who present themselves as something other than what they actually are and who have very unpleasant ulterior motives.

What are lover boys?

Loverboys are boys who are not looking for love but for money. In the beginning they are often very attentive, they win your heart, buy you presents, always have time for you, etc. The lover boy looks for girls, in places where girls hang out. This is currently also happening via the internet. A boy pretends to be a sweet, attentive boy who is in love with you and would like to go on a date with you.

What do lover boys do?

It often all starts as a fairy tale, but it often ends with a nightmare. A lover boy only wants to make money. Sex sells well, so he will try to do everything he can to persuade the girl to have paid sex.

First of all, he makes the girl dependent:

  • He gives the girl many expensive gifts that she later has to pay back in kind.
  • He goes to bed with the girl; everything went perfectly well and he was so sweet and tender to her. She really wants to stay with him forever and of course he also wants to stay with her. The lover boy encourages the girl to leave home so that they can be ‘happy’ together.
  • For example, with Islamic girls, where it is very important to maintain virginity until marriage, he can deflower or even rape the girl, cutting her off from the family. (after all, family honor is very important) and blackmail her with this later.

Once she becomes dependent, the lover boy’s behavior changes completely and the girl will be put under pressure. The lover boy will come up with numerous reasons to let the girl have paid sex:

  • He is short of money, and has a huge debt due to all the presents he bought for the girl. The girl will feel guilty and will have to do something in return to get the money. The lover boy has an idea for that…: paid sex.
  • He or one of his best friends is being threatened because he is in debt. The girl can pay off the debt in one fell swoop in ‘kind’ and then they can be happy together again.
  • He will slowly introduce the girl to the world of prostitution by bringing her into contact with other girls who are already working in prostitution (previous preys) to convince her that he is a good boy.



There are also ‘lover girls’. These are girls who actually work in the same way as a lover boy. However, this often happens on behalf of a lover boy. They are often popular girls who try to attract other girls, girls who have no friends of their own and are therefore vulnerable.


It is very difficult for a girl to report the crime, often out of fear that the lover boy will do something to her or her family. However, it is and remains very important that a report is made. It is a criminal offense to incite or force a minor to have (paid) sex. Too often the lover boys go out freely! Friends/family/etc. can also report it if they suspect the practices of a lover boy.

Shelter for victims of lover boys

There are shelters throughout the country for girls who have been abused by a lover boy. This should prevent the girls from falling back into the hands of their former ‘boyfriends’. my view on

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