What is a trend?

You hear it everywhere “something is a trend”. What actually is a trend, how does it arise and what should we do with it?


It is sometimes said that trends determine the future. But trends manifest themselves at some point, die out and new ones emerge. Of course, commerce also plays an important role in this. As long as you as a company can get enough momentum going through advertising (to convince). That brings other companies along and this is a way in which the trendsetter and the trend follower arise. The entire process can be completed in 2 years, but can also be maintained for much longer. You often see this in combination with variations on the originally started trend (over time).

In addition to the companies, there are also other ways in which trends arise. We are talking here about people consciously or unconsciously breaking away from what commerce puts in front of us and following their own course. Because of this attitude they manifest themselves in a way that makes people wonder. Trend watchers all over the world pick up on this and in this way something can also become a trend. Either because the trend watcher works for a specific company, but can also be an independent trend watcher who publishes.

What should we do with it?

Strictly speaking, nothing. That may sound strange, because if something is a trend, you will almost be killed with it in the relevant stores. There is no escape. Take furniture for example, your taste may change over time and at some point you may be looking for more seating comfort. This is separate from a trend, but if you let yourself be fed, and this can also happen unconsciously, a trend can take you far to purchase. And that is precisely what commerce wants to achieve. The high frequency of trend changes is therefore good for commerce.

Combining your own creativity with a trendy piece of furniture or clothing can create your own image. It is a pity in this context that people are often creative enough to make a nice combination themselves, but do not dare to do anything with it. Is it beautiful, I’m not crazy, is it trendy enough, enough uncertainty affects people in this context.

Trends actually take away some of your own creativity. A shame really, because it could have become so much more colorful.

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