Save on your wedding: it is possible with simple tricks!

Of course you want that dream wedding. You just don’t want to go bankrupt because of the costs. It seems as if wedding and nuptials are magic words that instantly triple the price of cake, banquet halls and dresses. Time to read the tips from this article and ensure that you stay within budget for your dream wedding – and preferably slightly below it.

Budget for your wedding

The first step to controlling your wedding costs is to make a list of supplies. You also need to know what your budget is. You can use programs such as Excel to keep an overview. Make a list that includes bridal wear for women, bridal wear for men, gifts for the guests, the wedding location and the wedding car. Let Excel automatically calculate the total amount you have spent at the bottom of the document. Adjust each amount slightly upwards, leaving room to enter additional charges. There is always something you forget.

Saving on your wedding: your network

You can save on your dream wedding by searching endlessly. This can be done online, but also in your circle of friends and acquaintances. Does anyone know an affordable wedding location? Do you happen to know someone who is willing to make their garden available for little money? Doesn’t the friend of your great-niece’s brother have a luxury convertible to borrow that would be ideal as a wedding car? In short: make full use of your network.

Modern saving

Are you on Twitter, Facebook or other social media? Welcome to the world of modern savings on your wedding. On Twitter, put the hashtag (a pound sign: #) with dare questions or dtv behind a question you want to ask. This is how you can post this:

Looking for an affordable photographer for our wedding. Who helps? #dtv #daretoask

Companies that are in the wedding business will respond quickly. You can also get personal tips from people you do not know personally, but who see your message and happen to know someone who can take good photos for a nice price. On Facebook you can post a similar request and ask if people would like to click ‘share’. This way they will also ask your question in their network and you will have a better chance of success.

Hobbyists through your network

Baking is becoming increasingly hip. Many people can make the most beautiful cakes and do this as a hobby. Sometimes they start a business in it, sometimes they bake a cake upon request for a fee. What applies to these people is that they are certainly cheaper than that luxury bakery. In addition, the wedding cakes are often on par with the ‘real thing’. So check whether someone in your area has a hobby of baking cakes, taking photos or perhaps designing clothing. Your wedding cake, wedding dress, bridal suit and bridal photos can cost you hundreds of euros less.

Do your own hobby for your wedding

Another way to save on your wedding is to be creative yourself. For example, you can make gifts for the guests yourself. Are you good with photo editing programs? Then try to make your invitation yourself, then you don’t need a design agency at all. You can also search online for wedding invitations that suit you exactly. You change the text on the website and then order the cards. Easy, fast, and a lot cheaper! What else are you good at? Use it to your advantage – literally and figuratively.

Save on the wedding dress

A major expense for your wedding is often the dress. Of course, that is not necessary at all. There are many bridal shops online that offer the most beautiful dresses for little money. They often imitate the shape and appearance of expensive brand dresses. The material is often slightly different than the brand variant, but you won’t notice much of that. However, you do save money with it. For those who think it is a shame that the dress can only be worn once, there is another option. Search online for second-hand wedding dresses. Pay a fraction of the new price, have the dress altered for a small amount and you will save hundreds of euros.

Saving on your wedding: keep it simple

A dream wedding is idealized by many people. Everything has to be perfect. Yet it is often most important that the people you love are present. There must be opportunities to talk, dance, drink and eat with each other. Therefore, take a look at the basis for your wedding. What do you think is most important? What wouldn’t your dream wedding be without? Stick to those basics as much as possible. This way you can be sure that your wedding does not get out of hand just because you think certain extras are ‘just the way it should be’. It’s your day and you only have to take into account what you want most.

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