Modern women, busy women

They do nothing but multitask and mind map. A day is a challenge with hundreds of tasks. As if nothing is too much, they combine work and children, husband and hobby, love life and study, relaxation and deadlines. Women of this time are a thousand legs!

Multitasking or switchtasking?

We speak of multitasking when we perform previous actions or processes at the same time. When we talk about multitasking, we quickly think of the rush of business, where everything runs up-tempo and efficiently. The term multitasking originally comes from the computer world and refers to the double activity that the processor undergoes when multiple computer programs are active at the same time. Many women today are real multitaskers. They have become aware of their own opportunities on the labor market, but often do not want to miss out on motherhood and a relationship in their lives. As a result, they do a lot, and everything at the same time. According to research, women also master this multitasking better than men. Professor Keith Laws, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, conducted a study comparing the abilities of men and women to perform multiple tasks. This research showed that women are much better able to perform the tasks simultaneously. This is because they have a better overview, which arises from their thoughtfulness before they take action. The question remains, however, whether the women really do all these tasks at the same time, or whether they know how to combine tasks very quickly, the so-called switch tasks!

Ambition of the modern woman

Women have come a long way when it comes to ambition, and they’re probably still not where they want to be. Because is the life of the modern busy woman full of ambition, or is that not so bad? The time when women jumped on the barricades and spread slogans such as Boss in their own stomach seem to be long behind us. This was in the 1960s, when women expressed the belief that it was necessary to act on an equal footing with men. But how is it possible that nowadays in our country the average woman often does not work more than twenty hours a week? However, she also does all sorts of things while multitasking! To stay informed of what is going on in the world, she will take courses in her field of expertise, or those for personal development. In addition to the children, she does the administration and regularly visits the gym to stay toned and attractive. She also practices yoga and diligently keeps track of her Facebook. And then there remains her family, friends and love life, of course. Quite a responsibility, all together.

The modern bubble

This multitasking that the woman does is not done to pursue her own career, because that requires more than twenty hours a week. She doesn’t do it because she believes in the traditional values of motherhood alone, because then she would stay home with the children every day. The modern woman exhibits this behavior because she feels that this is the ideal image of her time, that this is the only way to do it right. In essence, she is still busy, just now in a different way, trying to make and keep everyone happy. Not only her husband and children, but also the image that society presents of women, as sexy mothers who have all the energy to take mountain hiking holidays in addition to their work, which ensures that they stay slim in the bargain. In short, she still has to learn to be one hundred percent her own woman. The fact that women are good at combining things is only to their advantage. But that doesn’t mean they have to continue taking on responsibilities endlessly in the hope of portraying the ideal woman. This not only exhausts them, but also makes them susceptible to ideas that are poured over them through the media and commerce, and in which their happiness cannot be found.

Be your own woman

So a bit of rebellion as a woman is still necessary, even in this day and age. If you want to be free and achieve your true ambition, it is necessary to select, instead of just looking for it in multitasking. Learn to close yourself off to the expectations of others and get to know your own true passions. If you like writing, don’t write occasionally, write a lot. Tell your friends that you can’t come to that barbecue that weekend because you are busy with an important task. Take yourself seriously and implement yourself. If you want to combine less, you will see that you cannot do everything and that you no longer meet the image of the ideal modern woman. But at the same time the world will open up for you; your own world!

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