Why writing is good

Writing is a basic principle of communication. After all, we all first start by speaking and listening. Then we start writing, or at least that’s what we learn at school. A means of communication that has already served us well. However, because most people are visual and value seeing the person you are communicating with, written communication in its current form is not quite where it could be. This does not alter the fact that it is gaining strength and is being applied more and more. We have been working on it for some time, but you see more and more therapists applying writing is beneficial. When we talk about writing, we may think of actually writing with a ball or fountain pen, but writing also includes the computer. Writing, in whatever form, is shaped and bundled in different ways.

Basic principle


Yet it was no different in the past and when people had to live far away from each other, there was paper and the dip pen or, rather, the quill. The letter was an extremely effective means of communicating with each other and lovers, for example, deeply cherished the periodically delivered letters from their loved one. During this period, people had no choice but to take up paper and pen when looking at each other was not possible. The imagination was considerably broader for many people during that period.


Back in the present, things are significantly different, because technological developments have made us increasingly visual and photos or moving images are part of the overall picture. So if you can’t be together, an internet connection is enough to still be able to look each other in the eye. Skype is an example of a downloadable program that allows you to not only exchange words with each other via chat, but also to look each other in the eye (it goes without saying that you have a webcam on your computer/laptop). ) and speak to each other.

Such a development could push writing to a secondary level and then only the diehards from a romantic point of view would be left to pick up the pen and write a letter. Besides the fact that there will always be a group of people who actually do it this way, there has been an addition to writing. The blog is a good example of writing, as we have used it in the diary in the past. Yet the blog cannot be completely compared to the diary.

Keep writing

Continuing to write in the form of a diary, which can of course also be done via a separate file in the computer, is something that has been shown to help people in various processes. While the blog is still public or can at least be read by a larger group, the diary or the private file on the computer (for example with a password) is a bit more nuanced. After all, it is self-evident here that you actually write down or can write down what you want to say, because no one other than you reads what you write and so you can get the words out in your head by putting them on paper. Write the so-called thing off.

Write from you

Writing from scratch is good in processing processes where many people remain stuck in their heads for a long time with what concerns them. The loss of a loved one, for example, can occupy people for years when it comes to the why, pain or last thoughts of the deceased or missing person. In addition, and this often gnaws at people, there is what they could or should have done themselves, where they fell short, etc.

If these thoughts linger in their heads , it can have serious consequences and people cannot understand what happened. leave it behind (you never forget it, but you can give it a place at some point with or without help). What is often advised is to write down what questions and other thoughts arise in your mind regarding the loss or other event. for which one visits a therapist.


In addition, writing, and by that we mean the ball or fountain pen, gives the body peace. In addition, a fountain pen or, for some, a rollerball pen is a pleasant way to write, because you do not have to apply pressure. The ink flows from the pen, as it were, and you can write down whatever you want to say, and it doesn’t matter whether they are nice full sentences or whether they rhyme or not. They may also just be individual words that come to mind. Working in this way for fifteen minutes every day is a strange sensation for many people (we are no longer used to it!), but for some people it is part of therapy and for others it is a daily routine that they do on their own. Simply because they discovered that it feels very pleasant.

Drawing also applies to this form of therapy. You don’t have to be a talented draftsman to put pen or pencil to paper and start sketching without any specific thoughts. You can also apply this during completely different thoughts and it is soothing for many people. For others, it helps them focus during a conversation.


So writing is not boring or corny, writing can be very useful, just for fun or from a therapeutic point of view. In the United States (University of Los Angeles), two studies have recently been conducted with, among other things, these results. Writing has not yet been replaced by the computer!

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