Children scream and shout in the street, is that normal?

Children play on the street, on the playground and in the neighborhood. According to several studies, children play outside less and less often, yet we hear them very often. Even into the late hours of the evening. Why do children shout and scream so loudly outside these days that it seems like something serious is being done to them, is that normal?

Location: public playground in the neighborhood.

The public playground in the neighborhood is open for the neighborhood children from early in the morning until late in the evening.
The playground and the community building are a good initiative to offer children the opportunity and space to entertain themselves and play outside. There should be room for such initiatives in every neighborhood.

In the early morning, young mothers with small children come to the playground for the see-saw and the small merry-go-round. The kids play around happily and safely, under the watchful eye of their mothers, who meanwhile chat happily with each other. In the afternoon the playground is for the slightly older children, who have just come from school. Without mothers, extensive romping around to get rid of the energy for dinner. In the evening the playground is for the young teenagers who hang out and discuss teenage matters.

Neighborhoods must frequently provide space for such initiatives, as it is important that children are given the space and opportunity to develop and enjoy together.

Education: a profession in itself.

Expectant mothers are often unsure about the question: Am I capable enough to successfully put parenting into practice?
Due to the stories, frustrations and complaints that we regularly hear from society, it seems that the level of parenting has fallen to a worryingly low level. Are these concerns and complaints justified? Do today’s parents pay less attention to their children? Has the method of raising children perhaps changed with the times and is parenting in 2007 simply based on self-study and free development? Even in politics, this issue is much discussed these days.

Children shout and scream in the street as if something serious is being done to them, is that normal?

If I shout ,FIRE!, three different times, but there is no fire at all, will the neighbors come and offer me help again the 4th time?
It is one of the lessons you should absolutely learn: Only shout for help if you actually need it. If you regularly scream for help or fire, without reason, you will no longer be taken seriously. If you really need help and call for it, people will think it is another false alarm and no help will be offered to you. An important science, you might say. Yet this message no longer seems to be included in education these days.

Every day one can hear the screams and shouts of children ‘playing’. Is the ,murder game, played a lot?
Local residents have regularly responded to the screams and shouts. Put on the shoes, grabbed the house key and went outside. It really sounded like a child had had a serious fall and seriously hurt himself . Nothing could be further from the truth; children playing, no need. People have also run outside after the screams and shouts sounded as if a child had been taken against the will by another. Another false alarm. Of course everyone is more happy with a false alarm than with a child in pain. However, the disappointment does not concern the state of the child.

The disappointment concerns the fact that several local residents now never go outside to see what is going on. After all, they have always just been ‘playing’ children. There is no asking for help with the screams and cries of children these days. Then one has to switch a switch in the head and leave the screams and cries of children for what they are. Shame, right? This destroys the last bit of social control. Parents? What do you think of this development?

When will I know whether my help is needed?

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