With balance you get the most out of your life

Actually having the rhythm of life and life balance in balance is not as easy as we often want those around us to believe. Lots of boasting or letting the outside world know that we have everything under control. We have the balance in life with work, private life and social life under control and in the meantime we have to work hard to get everything arranged. And why? For someone else and with that you start fooling yourself and denying yourself things.

The balance is lost

Many adults lack balance. It’s nothing new and being honest about a busy, possibly too busy, life is not weak. We need so much, but from whom? We often impose it on ourselves, because we have to get a lot out of life in a short time . But due to the pressure and speed, we often miss beautiful moments or things that we don’t even notice in our environment. And before we know it, beautiful moments are over. After all, how often do you hear that people don’t see enough of the children’s growing up.

Such moments will not come back again and parents sometimes want to compensate for it when grandchildren come. What a shame it is that at some point we set ourselves a very high bar. There is no one to blame for that but yourself. Yet there are also simple aids that help us gain space in our heads and also allow the body to relax.

Choose what suits you

Here is what suits you best, but you may have to give yourself time to investigate this first.

Into the sauna

For many people, the sauna is the place to leave everything behind. With or without all kinds of treatments, the sauna can give the mind space and allow the body to follow suit. Moreover, the sauna is good for the body anyway. Visit a few saunas, find out what temperature feels comfortable, salt baths and/or Turkish steam baths, there is plenty to relax. If desired, combine it with a good massage. If you have some difficulty taking off all your clothes, look at the sauna to see which days you can wear swimwear. Almost all saunas have a fixed day per month when you can wear swimwear. There are also sauna complexes that have special days for men or women.


You can meditate at home in your own environment. It does require some concentration, but works immediately in a busy life and also when you do not have a busy life, but you need a moment for yourself. If you can concentrate, you immediately take the step of putting everyday life aside. It often helps if you find a quiet environment. It doesn’t matter whether this is the guest room, the bedroom or the living room. The space just shouldn’t be distracting. No children or pets that require attention, loud noises that distract or a bell that rings regularly.

Think of something pleasant and whether this is a holiday environment, the beach in full sun or the green of the forest with its associated scents, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you feel comfortable and calm about what you have in mind.
Then slowly let your other thoughts float by like clouds. Don’t forcibly banish your thoughts, but let them drift by quietly and focus again on that pleasant environment.

Meditation is about clearing things out and not doing anything for a while, but it can also be about letting the day pass in peace and reviewing situations from the third person. See the seriousness with which you approach matters or are absorbed in matters and, as it were, smile at yourself. So put the situation into perspective and let it last as long as you want. A moment of meditation can take a few minutes, but if you need half an hour to play that film again and give it the right place, that is fine too.

Yoga for peace of mind

Exercise is good, but it does not have to be extremely intensive. Doing some exercises in peace can also relax your mind and body. You can also put together your own exercises. Always experience what you feel comfortable with, how your body relaxes.

Always pay close attention to your breathing. In the beginning, focus on your breathing, with a deep inhalation and a slightly calmer exhalation. Feel the oxygen flowing into your body and the carbon dioxide slowly leaving. If you put together your own series of exercises, it is good to maintain the same rhythm. A good start is a lying down exercise. Lie comfortably on your back with your arms away from your body and your legs slightly spread. In this position, focus on your breathing and feel yourself slowly sinking. Your body becomes heavy. You can continue this exercise for a few minutes until you are completely relaxed.

Exercises to give your organs space are also pleasant. In the same lying position, raising your legs as far as possible towards your buttocks and placing them to the left while moving your upper body and head to the right, gives you space. Alternate left and right for a few minutes and pay close attention to your breathing again. You can also do the sun salutation, which opens your body, and the sitting position in which your upper body bends towards your extended legs in front of you. Bend as far as possible, pay attention to your breathing and come back. You can also continue with this for a while.

Pay attention to what feels good for your body, don’t force anything. If you have put together the right series , which can be from fifteen minutes to an hour a day, you will be so busy with your exercises and your breathing that you shut out the rest for a while and your body comes back into balance.

To walk

Walking in an inspiring environment can also be very soothing and can help you regain balance. If an environment is inspiring, you naturally focus on what you see, smell and feel. Make optimal use of your senses during the walk. Besides giving the mind space, it is also good for your body. Also do this in the colder months. Great for peace of mind.


Search for what brings balance to your life and, in addition to making it last a long time, really enjoying life, it will also provide you with inspiration. You can also use this in your work. It is not weak, vague or pathetic, but rather strong that you seek balance in your life. After all, you work to live and that’s what you have to do!

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