The missing years of Jesus

A number of years of Jesus are missing from the Bible. He was born, had an education but then left and only came back when he was an adult. 18 years of the most famous man in Christianity are missing. There is no information about his life in the Bible between the ages of 12 and 30. Three years before his crucifixion, his life is described again. That begs the question: where was Jesus during the missing years? NB! This article is written from the personal view of the author and may contain information that is not scientifically substantiated and/or in line with the general view.

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  • Jesus in Nazareth
  • Jesus in Cornwall
  • Jesus, the Essene
  • Was Jesus a child of Caesar and Cleopatra?
  • A born Essene
  • Buddhism and Christianity go hand in hand


Jesus in Nazareth

There are several theories about what Jesus would have done between the ages of 12 and 30. The Roman Catholic Church adheres to the theory that Jesus worked as a carpenter in Nazareth, with his father Joseph, who was also said to have been a carpenter. The problem with this theory is that Jesus, at the age of 30, proclaimed spiritual wisdom that is not explained by having practiced the profession of carpenter, although a noble profession. How did Jesus suddenly know so much that he mobilized crowds in every city he visited? Had he learned that while making furniture?

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Jesus in Cornwall

In Cornwall it is maintained to this day that Jesus visited there with Joseph in his early years. Josef is said to have been given the right to trade in tin by the Romans. There are many tin mines in Cornwall and other parts of southern England. Since the only evidence is oral tradition, it is not certain that Jesus was there, but it is possible. However, 18 years are missing from the Bible. A trip to England didn’t take 18 years even 2,000 years ago. Besides the possibility that Jesus visited southern England, he must have had more activities.

Jesus, the Essene

A common theory to explain Jesus’ missing years is that he, like John the Baptist, was a member of the Essenes. The Essenes were a group of Jewish-Christian people who held a gnostic view of Christianity. Gnosticism involves knowledge, wisdom. Members of the Essenes knew from first-hand knowledge and connection with the divine field of life what the truth was about the divine mysteries. Such firsthand knowledge makes churches and priests redundant, which is why the Roman Catholic Church portrayed the Essenes as fanatical cultists who adhered to extreme precepts such as vegetarianism. The problem with this is that there is a very good chance that Jesus Christ was a member of the Essenes for at least a few years and perhaps longer. There is several evidence for this.

Dead Sea Scroll / Source: Government Press Office, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

The Essenes isolated themselves in the then restless Israel near Kumran, the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea Scrolls found there appear to be Gnostic or Essene writings. The Essenes were interested in the development of the mind to ultimately reach a state of enlightenment, deification. Therefore, the texts of the Essenes can be misinterpreted by people who interpret them earthly. An example from the Bible is that Jesus said that he came with the sword. That is not a call for war, as has often been explained, but a call for everyone to fight the negative in man, his ego, his own earthly nature, which happens through negation – not fight. In this way, space is made for aspects of the heavenly man, the man with divine qualities. The texts of the Essenes found include the Gospel of Thomas. This book, which, like the Gospel of Mark, Luke, John and Matthew, describes the life of Jesus, should not be seen as a truthful text according to the scribes of the Roman Catholic Church. This is because it is a scripture from Gnostic Christianity, a movement that was widely adhered to in the first centuries of the Christian era, but which was banned by the church so that they had to continue ‘underground’, in anonymity.

Was Jesus a child of Caesar and Cleopatra?

One theory says that Jesus was the child of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, emperor of ancient Rome, called Caesarion or lesser Caesar. Jesus Christ and Julius Caesar have the same initials, JC That would be an indication. Cleopatra later had a love affair with Mark Antony. With him she had three children, Cleopatra Selena (Mary Magdalene), Alexander Helios (Apostle Thomas) and Ptoelemeus Philadelphus (Jacob). These were thus the half-sister and half-brothers of Jesus. The four of them went to India and Tibet. They stayed in some monasteries to learn Buddha’s teachings. However, the most important reason for you is to have a safe place to stay in India. His father was in Rome

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Julius Caesar was murdered and the emperor after him, Octavian would have given little Caesar the same fate if he ever laid claim to the throne.

A born Essene

Another theory says that Jesus did not become an Essene at a later age, but was born into the Christian gnostic faith group the Essenes. He is said to have gained a lot of knowledge there. Later he attended the mystery school in Alexandria, where many famous people from antiquity studied. He is said to have left for India when he was 13 with Mary, Thomas and Jacob to acquire even more wisdom. In principle, there were already trade routes with India and China in Jesus’ time. So it is not a complete impossibility that Jesus traveled to India. Did this really happen?

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Buddhism and Christianity go hand in hand

Some people say that Buddhism and Christianity are two completely different religions. However, that is not entirely true. Jesus says, among other things: what you sow, you will reap. In fact, that is the law of karma. In addition, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of sentences and statements from the Bible that apply to both Buddhism and Christianity. Simplicity in life, love your neighbors and share your food with poor people are ideas shared by Buddha and Jesus. Buddha and Jesus both walked on water, fed a large number of people with a few loaves of bread, and miraculously healed sick people. Buddha lived 500 years before Jesus. Could Jesus have been inspired by Buddhism? The first Westerner to translate Buddhist scriptures into English was Nicolas Notovich.

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