Children’s party: SpongeBob water party theme

Birthday in the summer? What could be more fun than playing with water on a hot summer day. With the cheerful SpongeBob you can create a fun party for girls and boys.


For the invitation you can think of a picture of, for example, SpongeBob, who invites the children to come to Bikini Bottom. Please state on the invitation that the children wear old clothes that may get wet or bring swimwear. A towel is also useful.


Of course you’re having this party outside, so the garden needs to be decorated. A garden sprinkler, swimming pool, water pistols, buckets with sponges, water balloons and beach balls should not be missing. To make it look like you are in Bikini Bottom, you can stick enlarged pictures of Spongebob, Patrick and their houses on the fence or garden shed. Of course you can’t forget the Krusty Krab. It is best to stick this image on the terrace where the children can make crab burgers. You can cut waves from blue cardboard and stick them on the fence, so that it looks like they are under water.


Upon arrival, give all children a yellow homemade sun visor. On sturdy yellow cardboard, draw the shape of a sun visor at the top and draw two large half circles. You cut out the shape and cover the circles with white paper. Draw two black circles for the pupils on this. You bend the eyes upwards and attach the elastic band to the sides. Make SpongeBob’s nose from a piece of cotton wool painted yellow and stick it between the eyes. On the flap itself you draw the smiling mouth and two teeth. Make sure that the sun visors are taken off at the water games so that they stay dry.


There are many games to think of. Below are some examples.

Crafting a fish chain

You cut out fish in advance from 3 colors of cardboard. Stick a googly eye on this and draw the mouth. The children make small balls from matching crepe paper and stick them in rows on the tail and part of the fish. For example, a blue fish using dark blue and light blue crepe paper. Connect the three different fish with a nylon thread so that they hang underneath each other.

Catching fish

Make 4 high waves from blue cardboard. Place these waves in a circle and attach them to each other. You can possibly put it on the table. The point is that the children cannot see where the fish are. Make fish in various sizes and colors and write the points on them. Attach a paper clip to each fish. Make a fishing rod from a stick and a piece of rope or fishing line. Attach a magnet to the end of the string. You can have everyone cast a fishing rod three times. Who will collect the most points?

Water relay

You make two groups. The group has a bucket with water and a sponge in it. The first child takes the full sponge and runs as quickly as possible to the empty bucket, which is about 5 meters away. Squeezes the sponge empty here and runs back. The sponge is given to number 2 and he also tries to transfer as much water as possible. After two minutes or after everyone has run twice, you can measure which team has transferred the most water.


Tag game. For example, the tagger is Squidward who does not want SpongeBob and Patrick to play in his garden with their friends. If a child has been tagged, he has become seaweed and must remain where he was tagged. However, he can now wave his arms and try to tick off other children. As soon as there is one child left, he can be the tagger.

Circle game

The children sit in a circle and are the fish. One child is a fisherman, walks around the circle and taps everyone on the shoulder and says FISH. However, with one child he says SHARK, this child tries to get up as quickly as possible and tap the fisherman. The fisherman runs around the circle as quickly as possible and tries to take the shark’s spot. The shark is the fisherman next.

Candy bites

Children naturally want a sweet in between meals. Candy snacking is very appropriate for this water party. A bowl with water and a wrapped candy in it. The children have to go around the area with their faces in the water to get the candy out with their mouths.

Water fun

Fill some sturdy garbage bags with water and hang them outside in the sun. The water heats up this way. When the children need to cool down, poke holes in the bottom of the garbage bag. The water flows down like a shower. For a cold shower, simply turn on a garden sprinkler.

Treasure hunt for the secret crab burger recipe

Mr. Krabs always takes great care to ensure that the crab burger recipe is stored safely. However, he is going away for a day, together with his daughter Parel. SpongeBob and Squidward must ensure that the recipe is not stolen. Plankton sees his opportunity and tries to find the recipe. Where could Mr. Krabs have hidden it? Plankton has a suspicion, because he has clues. He goes on a search with the children.

Set up a scavenger hunt and form groups. Each group receives a piece of plankton paper with some instructions on it. They have to look for the box in which the recipe is hidden. First they find a box containing a picture of SpongeBob. SpongeBob doesn’t make it easy for them to find the recipe and gives them an assignment. He often catches jellyfish together with Patrick. Cut out some jellyfish from cardboard and hang them with a loop around a branch of a tree. Each child has to catch a jellyfish from the tree with a stick. After this assignment they can continue. After this they find a second chest with a picture of Squidward. He loves making music and his assignment is that the children have to sing a song or that everyone has to play music on a whistle.

Finally, they find another box, this time with a picture of Mr. Krabs in it. This note contains a message from Mr. Krabs. He was already afraid that Plankton would try to steal the recipe while he was away. He knew that Plankton wouldn’t give up, even if SpongeBob and Squidward made things difficult for Plankton, so he took the recipe with him and hid this fake box. Plankton (and the children) were again unable to find the recipe. They should try to recreate the recipe themselves. Finally, the children can make their own crab burgers, see under food/drink.

Water fight

Of course, a water fight with water pistols and water balloons should not be missed.

Eat Drink:

Cake/Cake: You can decorate a straight piece of cake or pie with an image of SpongeBob. You can remove this when cutting. But if you are really creative you can also decorate it with fondant.

Popsicles and orange juice

Of course they should not be missing at a water party. But a piece of watermelon is also tasty.

SpongeBob candies

You can wrap a box of raisins in yellow paper. Then stick SpongeBob’s face on one side. If you choose a bag of candy, you can decorate it with a SpongeBob pick. Cut a sanding sponge in half and stick SpongeBob’s face on it. Insert a skewer into it and attach your candy bag to it.

Krabby Patties

Make sure the buns are cut and fry the burgers. The children can make their own crab burger. SpongeBob uses lettuce, cheese, onions, tomatoes and pickles. It also contains mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and a secret sauce. Unfortunately, like Plankton, we don’t have the recipe for the secret sauce, but maybe you can fool the kids with a bowl of joppie sauce. Of course, the children may leave out the lettuce and pickles, for example, but they will probably like the idea of making their own crab burger.

Hand-out gifts

Often a candy bag or a present is given to the children at the end. Spongebob and Patrick love blowing bubbles, so this makes a great gift. The water pistol they played with and the sun visor can also be given.


Remember the sunscreen. It’s not fun (or good) for the kids to be sunburned at the end of the party.

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