Children’s party: Magic Party theme

A magical party in which magic and magic are central. With the right spell and a little magic, this will be a perfect party.


For the boys, make rolls of black cardboard. Close the back with black cardboard. After this, make a circle from a narrower white strip that you tape closed on one side and that fits over the black staff. This way you can open the magic wand and put your invitation in it. For the girls you make a pink magic wand in the same way. You can attach white and pink strips of crepe paper to the white piece. Of course they have to bring the magic wand or magic wand to the magic party!


You can cut out and decorate colored pointed hats for the birthday boy or girl in advance. By tying them together you make your own garland. Cut a top hat from black cardboard and stick a part of a white bunny on it. Pink and yellow fairies brighten things up nicely.


To craft

At the start of the party, everyone makes their own magic hat. Make pointy hats from colored cardboard that the children can decorate with glitter, stickers, felt-tip pens, strings of paper, etc.


If you can do a trick yourself, you can show it to the children. It’s also fun to teach the kids a trick. If you have a larger budget, you can of course also have a magician come.

Magic spell

On the table, face down, are several cards with animals. To conjure up the animals in real life, each child says a spell of their own making and then points to a card with their staff. Oops, the spell is wrong and the magic child has turned into the animal shown on the card. To return to normal, the magic child portrays this animal and the other children have to guess which animal it is.

Spell Tour

There is a large frog in the house, which has been enchanted by a wizard. Map out a route where the children have to look for letters or words of a magic spell along the way, using clues. At the end of the trip they return to the party location and have to return the frog to its origin. If they get the spell right, you can remove the frog and the children will find a treat, such as bags of chips or boxes of raisins. You can make the frog from sturdy green cardboard. Bend the cardboard and secure it. Close the front and back. You can hide the treat in or under it. On another piece of cardboard, draw the face of a frog. Cut this out and stick it on the front. You also cut four feet that you attach to green strips, which you have folded in a zig-zag manner. Of course, you stick these legs to the sides.

Eat Drink

Making magic potions

You prepare various colors of orange juice and a jug of water. The children can now mix their own orange juice.

Making candy bars

Place different types of candy in bowls and give the children a long skewer. The children can now make their own candy wand and of course eat it afterwards.

Fairy cupcakes

You can make this by covering regular cakes with white fondant or icing and decorating them with speckles or smarties if necessary. You can also let the children decorate their own cakes.

Hand-out gifts

You can make a fairy or a witch from an empty toilet roll or something bigger with an empty paper towel roll. Cover this with colored paper. At the top, stick a white strip of paper on which you draw the face. You can complete the basics of this gift with a pointed hat and a cape. You can put sweets or a small gift in the roll. You can also package a roll of Smarties as a magic wand and give it away. Of course they can also bring their homemade magic wands and magic hats.

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