Weird names list – Shame names 3FM 2012

The strange names or shame names of the year 2012. Sander and Koen of 3FM recently awarded the shame name of the year for the fifth time. In 2011, Louwe Pruim can join the list of foreign names. In 2012 it became Hendy Keppy. The boys discovered five years ago that combining first and last names sometimes resulted in the most absurd, strange and funny names. The shameful name is now a household name among the Dutch public.

Public name of the year election – the weirdest names in 2012

What originally started as a nice collection list among the editors of 3fm has now grown into a national concept. The Shame is now known to everyone and it is a source of much laughter and chuckles. Certain combinations of first names and last names can provide hours of entertainment. Even more fun is the fact that the name in question is actually worn by people. Actually, it’s something that could make the loyal Donald Duck reader burst into fits of laughter for decades. Here, however, it was often just names with initials that, in combination with a surname, had the strangest and funny meaning. That’s why it’s nice that such names also exist in the normal non-comic world. Often the people themselves are not even aware of it. For example, this year’s winner never actually saw being ‘Louwe Pruim’ as a strange shameful name. The shame names of 2012 and 2011 were also very funny with many very strange names. Here you can find not only the winner and the numbers two and three, but also all other nominees.

How are the strange names collected and found – research into the pubic name

All viewers are called upon to submit the weird and strange names they know to the Koen and Sander show. The editors then check whether the names in question are indeed real. A condition is that the names correspond to existing people. What first starts with a super long list of strange names is slowly reduced to a few, after which only one can be the nicest. This year, as many as 100,000 3FM listeners cast their votes. Here the results. First the numbers 1,2 and 3. And then a top 30. Enjoy reading!

The weird shame names of 2012 – complete list

Here are all the shameful names chosen at the show in 2012. This year’s new weirdest names

  1. Hendy Keppy
  2. Ben and Wil Niks (a family)
  3. Throw from the Mountain
  4. IC – Notting (ophthalmologist)
  5. Cock Ringing
  6. Ron the Marble
  7. Loekie de Leeuw
  8. Josieke Borsten
  9. Ko de Kraker
  10. Will the Goose
  11. Wilma Krikken
  12. Fat Cross
  13. Urly Coffee
  14. Ivan Ho
  15. Frank Ehren
  16. Bente Bollmann
  17. Elvis the King
  18. Drs. F. Oops
  19. Cas Straatman
  20. Ton van Hout
  21. Andy Winkels–Luijten
  22. Han Stoffer


Shame of the year 2011 – number 1: the weirdest name

With a very clear preponderance of votes, the following nomination ultimately won the dubious honor of shame name of the year. He can rightly call himself the strangest name of 2011:

  1. Louwe Pruim
  2. Bennie Death
  3. Annabelle Blaas


The latest top 5 nominations of the weirdest names – Shameful Names 2011

  • Robin Hoedjes
  • Annebelle Blaas
  • Mrs. Plu- in ‘t Hol
  • Louwe Pruim
  • Bennie Death


The top 30 Shameful Names 2011 – weird names in alphabetical order

  • Aart Bol
  • Annebelle Blaas
  • Annewil Hokken
  • Ans Mooi-Monster
  • Baudia Ree
  • Ben Nitrauw
  • Bennie Death
  • Bing Go
  • Bob Bell
  • Bob Sleeman
  • Chris Musch
  • Dave Filet
  • Douwe Kwak
  • Ellis Tieke
  • France
  • Jo de Jong
  • Kin Ki Jim
  • Ko Mies
  • Louwe Pruim
  • Mette Bus
  • Panda De Haan
  • Mrs. Plu- in ‘t Hol
  • Ralf Pakbier
  • Robin Hoedjes
  • Queeny de Koning
  • Ron Things
  • Sam Bal
  • Storm ‘t Hart
  • Teddy Baer
  • Tom Maatman


Next year: the 2012 shame election

The next election will take place again next year around October 2012. It has now become such a great success that Koen and Sander can’t get enough of it. So keep your ears open and be alert for strange names. Even names that seem normal at first glance can be very strange on closer inspection. Good luck!

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